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Katt Williams

I Slapped Target Employee

For Calling Me the N-Word

12/20/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Williams claims the reason he pimp-slapped a Target employee in the face last month is because the guy called him the n-word ... and TMZ has video of Katt's explanation.

Katt was performing last night at the Comedy Store in Hollywood when he described what went down immediately before the November 25th attack in Sacramento -- telling the audience, "This is what the dude at Target said ... 'Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er."

The jab is a reference to this lawsuit -- in which Katt's former assistant is suing him for $5 million, claiming the comic punched her.

Katt said he flipped when he heard the slur and asked the employee, "Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?" -- to which the employee answered, "You say it all the time." 

Katt says he shot back, "Say it again and see what happens" -- and that's when he knocked the guy upside the head.

Katt then compared his racism plight to that of Dave Chappelle, explaining, "That's the same sh*t that drove [Chappelle] out of the f***ing business."

Katt seems to be alluding to Chappelle's claim that he quit his Comedy Central show and went into seclusion over an argument with producers about a sketch that he believed was racist.

As we reported, the Target employee -- a guy named Forrest Liebenberg -- was fired from his job shortly after the incident. Target wouldn't explain why. Multiple calls to Liebenberg weren't returned.



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Freaking LIAR!!!
Its now a "go-to" defense for anyone of color.
Also, you can't OWN a word. if your music and culture is filled with people calling each other the "N" word then in no way can you expect everyone else to NOT say it(even though i would never use such an ugly word). RIDICULOUS!!! GROW UP AMERICA!!!!!

650 days ago


Seems to be a convenient answer when you sober up. Use to love Katt, but he's gone too far.

650 days ago


Truth hurts

650 days ago


Why would ANYBODY be scared of Katt's bitch ass...if he is unarmed. Thats funny ****. Call it the Hollywood bluff. Lmfao

650 days ago


Playing the race card is old

650 days ago


Mr. Williams thinks far, far, too highly of himself.

650 days ago


@Melissa: The point in your post about BLACKS NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their life choices is NOT my issue of objection to your initial post.
It is your seemingly CLEAR blatant disregard to the sht that black on black Ni99A to white on black Ni99ER each hold two totally different CONCEPTS in meaning – which makes yo ass SUSPCIOUSLY BLACK or an uncle tom type mthfkr. AND even though I may agree with you that blacks are responsible for their life choices, the blacks WHO have made good life choices, and even the ones who want to, continue to face adversities and challenges OVERREACHING those of non-blacks – simply because of their race. YOU on the other-hand have received lots of thumbs up on your post – because read around that sht – the MAJORITY of these posters on this board ARE RACISTS and the sht you bark’n IS reflective to excusing that racist sht - THUMBS UP and support from the MAJORITY – LMAO!!!

650 days ago


If the store wasnt down south, the white boy is living like its the 90's. Katt was probably tore up too.

650 days ago


He said it was a slap. The truth is that was all he had. The Target employee should have worn his butt out.

650 days ago


Why is it that black people call everyone ******s, all day long but the minute a white person says it, it's some sort of insult. Talk about double standard!

650 days ago


Of course he's going to play the race card. We don't know what was said. But until there is, which they isn't any audio for this video, he needs to go to jail for assault.

650 days ago


What a sad, sad little man. Get help, sir. There is no way I believe that kid working called you anything. You are a sad excuse for what our world calls "celebrity".

650 days ago


Who knows, there's no audio.
I don't even know who is this Katt Williams but talking about Target, their employees think they're a bag of chips and all that. And forget Best Buy empleyees ugh...

650 days ago


he said he was retiring from comedy weeks ago just do it please your comedy is nothing more than racists rantings

650 days ago


his auto-biography will be titled the diary of mad crazy little black turd box

650 days ago
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