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LeAnn Rimes


12/20/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes tells TMZ ... she was NOT drunk when she performed on "X Factor" Wednesday night, contrary to LOTS of speculation.
LeAnn says she was in no way impaired, and any awkwardness was because "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."

LeAnn believes Carly Rose Sonenclar was very nervous and had difficulty with some of the notes and she was doing her best to help her get through it. 

LeAnn's lawyer, Larry Stein, who spoke with LeAnn a few minutes ago, tells TMZ "LeAnn was not performing the way she would normally perform, because she was on stage with a young girl."

LeAnn says she does not understand why people believe she was drunk. Stein has a theory:  "There have been a lot of untrue things said by others and it feeds into this sort of thing."

One mystery remains -- we found out LeAnn made a plate of food backstage and spilled it everywhere. Stein told us he didn't know anything about that, but LeAnn insists she was stone cold sober.


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nee nee    

well obviously Leann and Carly Rose didn't reherse the song long enough, so it was a bit off

680 days ago


I think the girl was the bad one. Seemed Leann tried to let her set the pace but just couldn't suck that bad. Sorry.

680 days ago


Tis the season for butt chugging tequila and adderall enemas! realizes Leeann right before her appearance on x factor....

680 days ago


I didn't see the show, only the clip here, and LeAnn sucked BAD. Yes, the little girl was a bit off key and obviously nervous, but LeAnn in no way helped. She couldn't even remember the words to her own song, one she's performed 1000's of times! I think it threw the girl off worse. She's too young to know how to think on her feet in a situation like that. What could she do anyway, except smile and try to get through it. Something was really wrong with LeAnn. You know you're rock bottom when you blame a child. Heck, even Lindsay hasn't stooped that low!

680 days ago


So she blames it on the poor girl. Selfish pig. She gets uglier inside and out every time she speaks. OK, you weren't drunk, you just haven't eaten in days (or pooped it all out), drank a glass of wine, and popped some Xanax, same result, a hot mess. She will never accept people may like her as a singer, but she STINKS as a person.

680 days ago


The 13yr old didn't need any help with the song, LeAnne didn't need to be on stage. She messed up the song. If Carly doesn't win, blame LeAnne, she messed it up for her.

680 days ago


Bull**it huge liar was definitely drinking booze before she went on. I did research online. She staggered back stage and lost her balance also.

680 days ago


I have only watched x factor a couple times but when ever i've seen carly she does an amazing job. The fact that she's only 13 with a voice like that is crazy. I dont think she needed any help from the drunk home wrecker. Leann has a good voice but Carly could outsing her any day. Shame on leann for blameing her screw up on a little girl.

680 days ago


DENIAL. DENIAL. DENIAL! She MUST be hanging around with Lindsay Lohan! How can she deny it when it's on TAPE!

680 days ago


this trashy woman wants to blame this poor girl?! how dare she? Her toxic ass was wobbling around and holding on to Carly while making those horrible sounds like she was in pain or constipated! She just lost the little consideration I might thought of having for her, The girl Carly was trying to go with the flow.

680 days ago


lol her performance was god awful! Pool Carly Rose, who did fantastic by the way. LeAnn has gone down hill so fasttttttttttt in her life. Karma.

680 days ago


i watch X Factor religiously an Carly Rose has NEVER sounded like she needed help with anything. i thought that there was some mic problems last night and it was obvious that something as up because at one point Carly looked at Leann like wtf is going on with you

680 days ago


Looked like Leanne was the one having the issue singing HER OWN song.

680 days ago


Who cares! Carly will do fine. She is very talented. Stop hating on famous women. Ashton cheated on and dumped Demi, and she wound up an "addict" and crazy. Lohan was partying it up, but Chalie Sheen is "winning" and Lohan is black listed. So sick of the sexist views on celebrities. What's good for the goose, people!

680 days ago


LeAnn is trying to explaine her unstable behavior by placing the blame on the shoulders of a 13-year old child. Unforgivable. Carly Rose started the song in her usual clear, pristine tone and clearly outsang Rimes. Rimes, you should be ashamed of yourself. Carly is an up and comer and you are a has been.

680 days ago
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