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LeAnn Rimes

Unstable on Stage

at 'X Factor?'

12/20/2012 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes took the stage on "X Factor" last night, and delivered a weird performance that has a lot of people wondering if she hit the bottle before taking the mic.

LeAnn joined finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar for a duet. The good news -- Carly Rose did great. But when LeAnn chimed in, she looked wobbly and seemed to meander as the song went along.

At one point, LeAnn clutched Carly Rose, arguably to maintain her balance.

Check out the video, and then, we gotta ask ....


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Carly Rose? There's a name everyone will forget about in a few weeks.

618 days ago


LeAnn's a has-been with issues, but that doesn't make her drunk in this clip. Just another stupid article from TMZ trying to paint someone's problems into something bigger than they really are.

618 days ago

Duck Duck Gray Duck    

Even Britney was like "WTF, girl.."

618 days ago


Carly was looking at her like "who the eff is this biotch who can't sing?!" Leann, if you want ppl to respect you then you've gotta have respect for yourself.

618 days ago


I watched this last night and honestly my first thought was Leann was trying to look like the better singer. She was going OVERBOARD in attempts not to be outdone on her own song. There was even a part in there where her timing with the lyrics was way off from the music. To me it ended up making her look a little desperate...Carly did a fab job though and was a pro at not letting Leann throw her off!

618 days ago


Well... LeAnn has had her "WHITNEY MOMENT"... by the looks of it it gave ol' BRIT BRIT some flashbacks...

I HOPE little CARLY ROSE is not as bad as SHE sounded... and was just effected by LeAnn's antics...

618 days ago


She is one enormously hellacious HOT MESS. I'm glad that she totally destroyed Carly Rose's performance! I can't believe that the X Factor honchos decided that it would be a bright idea for her crazy-ass to be on the show!

She should be really embarrassed, that train wreck of a performance catapulted her right on up to "raving lunatic" status. The pained expression on Britney Spears' face was PRICELESS : )

Congratulations Leanne Rimes, you absolutely SLAUGHTERED your OWN song. I don't know if she was drunk - but I do know that she's 10 kinds of crazy.

618 days ago


She's already known for getting drunk before interviews. Why does this surprise anybody?
More importantly, why does anyone still give a damn about this has-been skank cheater?

618 days ago


I just think lack of rehershing the song....real clumsy on her part yes....

618 days ago


They BOTH sounded horrible. Those two voices should not be put together, they don't sync.

618 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

She might have had a little something but she looks more tired and nervous than drunk. I have questions. Like, how cold was it on the set? It's not uncommon for performers to tap a little vine before they perform. I don't prefer it or approve, but it happens.

I wouldn't recommend that if lots of dance and movement are involved.

I would also recommend she bring a stage guest to hold her hand and escort her into her position until she can get going if she's spiritually occupied but nerves, fear or substance. Just make it part of the act. But I think theres too much performing under the influence in the industry in general.

Too much of anything is obviously too much. Don't over consume during business.

She has been emotionally terrorized and demonized publicly for pursuing what she felt she needed to be satisfied personally. She's still fearful about that. And the press makes it haunt her.

I honestly think we need to take a closer look at how we are handling women. We can't just let them go wild in negative ways, nor allow them to just self destruct.

I didn't rally like the chemistry between those two singing together, but the young girl is kind of interesting even though I don't know who she is.

618 days ago


I felt badly for Carly.. she was clearly uncomfortable.. but handled it like a little trooper. Sale LeAnn's career peaked while she was still a teenage... things have gone downhill for her ever since. On the bright side, it showed that Carly has such a fantastic voice, that even LeAnn's vocals could not ruin the duet. The cynical side of me thinks this was Simon's attempt at sabotaging Carly in order to keep her from taking the stop spot.. which he later declared should belong to his 'girl group'. He is still trying to make up for rejecting the Spice Girls before they made it big & missing out on all that $$$.

618 days ago


To the 20% voting 'No'. Are you blind or just stupid?

618 days ago


awful screeching from both, anyway most people drink when they do karaoke

618 days ago


The mobile version of the site doesn't show the voting thing anymore

618 days ago
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