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I Bought a Condo ... In L.A.

12/20/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Psy's on a mission to prove he doesn't hate America ... by snatching up a $1.25 million condo in the heart of L.A. -- TMZ has learned.

The Korean video sensation used his "Gangnam Style" money to purchase a 2,700 sq. ft. pad in the famous Blair House -- an exclusive 29-story hot spot located near Beverly Hills.

We're told Psy wanted to keep the deal super secret -- and even had security around him at all times during the massive transaction ... which he made entirely in CASH, wired directly from Korea.

The cash payment isn't surprising, considering Psy raked in a reported $7.9 million for "Gangnam Style" in the last few months alone.

While the 2-bedroom condo is ridiculously nice ... we're told Psy still plans to remodel the place.

Consider the purchase Psy's second official apology to the US of A ... you know, after he sang that song about killing Americans.



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written by YONGSANMP7 days ago
@Bonzai: I was an MP in Seoul in 2002. It was not secret that those guys ran those girls over on purpose. They had a bs excuse that the track Sgt saw the girls in the track of the vehicle and that he tried to notify the driver but there was a radio issue so the driver didn't hear. That is a sad and baseless excuse. Anyone who knows anything about being a soldier in Korea understood this was bs. I personally had to deal with the riots that ensued due to the killings. Not sure if you are aware of this, but many US basis in Korea are integrated with Korean farmlands. I have fired weapons into active rice patties, since the rice patty was in the same location as our range. I have also fired automatic grenade guns down a valley which is lined with Korean graves. Now what we do there is a necessary mission. Deterring the North. But do not be ignorant to the tensions between Koreans and GIs. I had Katusas (Korean nationals serving in the US army) of my own platoon fight me, and I mean fisticuffs not just saying mean things, of which there were plenty. My point is there is friction between US and Koreans on that peninsula. And when those Sgts ran those girls over (14 year old girls) that was just sad. So go ahead an read you article of "details". But I suggest you take from someone who was there.

675 days ago

BB not bb    

How do we know that Psy isn't an anagram for Spy? He could be a Korean spy trying to get revenge for the Korean war. The Koreans are not happy about the split, even though some get to live in freedom and some get to live in a slave dictatorship.

I don't trust this guy and I never did, even before hearing the kill Americans song. I don't like the Gangnam song either. That sounds like it is about a gang in Nam, maybe due to anger over the Viet Nam war also.

I am not saying these wars were justified. I am just saying that Psy probably is out for revenge and wants to destroy America. Can anyone even translate that Gangnam Style song? The visuals that go with it are disgusting.

A German journalist who went to North Korea said the labor camps there are worse than what the Nazis had in Germany, yet the world looks the other way. Women run for their lives from there and then get sold into the sex slave trade in China and would still rather not go back. It is a kind of hell on earth.

The Koreans are a very rough and mean people on one side. There used to be big fights in NYC between the blacks and the Korean grocers. I think they were the first group to really intimidate the blacks after the race rioting happened and blacks were the big terror.

675 days ago


His 15min are just about up. Can't wait until he has to go back home because no one will pay attention to him.

674 days ago


He dresses like a James Bond movie villain and looks a bit slow.

674 days ago

BB not bb    

If you have never had to deal with an angry Korean, they are extremely hard to deal with. They are very rigid and unrelenting. They wlll try to get at you in subtle ways then flip out when you say anything. They have a seething fiery hate but don't even let you know what provoked them, cause it is probably nothing.

You can meet some who are as nice as can be because they probably know what it is like dealing with the bad ones.

674 days ago


Who the **** is that and why would I care

674 days ago


**** psy. He said some screwed up crap about our troops and country now he wants to live here. What a piece of ****.

674 days ago


I cannot stand this guy. Obviously, having a brother away in Afghanistan this Christmas makes me a little more sensitive to his remark, but honestly this guy does not deserve to be forgiven. Our soldiers are real hero's and they make me really proud to be an American. This little sequined douche needs to go home to Korea.

674 days ago


Deport Him...

674 days ago


1 hit wonder

674 days ago

ignorant fools    

you stupid ignorant fools. do you even know why he sang that song in the first place? do some research before spitting out dumb remarks. you racist ppl make me sick. if you don't know the behind story of that performance stfu.

674 days ago


Nobody caaaarrrrreeessssss, hey....

674 days ago


PSY....go ahead and hate America.....I won't pee on you if you were on fire. Your "song" sucks, and so
does your stupid gay pony dance "moves". Go back to Korea and eat a dog

674 days ago


How could this not have the headline "open condo style"

674 days ago


Who gives a s$ht

674 days ago
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