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I Bought a Condo ... In L.A.

12/20/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Psy's on a mission to prove he doesn't hate America ... by snatching up a $1.25 million condo in the heart of L.A. -- TMZ has learned.

The Korean video sensation used his "Gangnam Style" money to purchase a 2,700 sq. ft. pad in the famous Blair House -- an exclusive 29-story hot spot located near Beverly Hills.

We're told Psy wanted to keep the deal super secret -- and even had security around him at all times during the massive transaction ... which he made entirely in CASH, wired directly from Korea.

The cash payment isn't surprising, considering Psy raked in a reported $7.9 million for "Gangnam Style" in the last few months alone.

While the 2-bedroom condo is ridiculously nice ... we're told Psy still plans to remodel the place.

Consider the purchase Psy's second official apology to the US of A ... you know, after he sang that song about killing Americans.



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This guy and his whole deal give me the creeps. Something is a little off

636 days ago


Westwood is hardly the "heart of L.A."

636 days ago


I don't give a **** what PSY buys, he can go **** himself all the way pack to Korea.

636 days ago


I hope this annoying douche loses all of his money in about five years.

636 days ago


Americans ignorant and disrespectful as usual.

Two junior high school girls were walking on the road when the American Tank drivers knowingly crushed the scool girls under the tank.

In 2003, it was such a big thing, and the whole country of Korea erupted when those two soldiers were found not guilty.

Psy was angry about it and delivered the message toward those soldiers, not the whole Americans.

Psy was young and since, aplogized.

Americans always ignorant and disrespectful as usual withough any full knowledge.

636 days ago


Perhaps he had to pay in cash because he is not a US citizen, has no credit history, and therefore cannot get a mortgage? Pls drop the hatred people. He apologized for what he said when he was young and unmarried and immature. He had every reason to be mad at those people who tortured and killed the war prisoners, just as we here in the US were mad over the Bush administration. Besides, he is from a very wealthy family and he could totally afford a million dollar condo even if he didn't make a lot of money from youtube. Even many Korean dry cleaning business owners and nail salon owners here in the US have over a million dollar houses.

635 days ago


TMZ enough with this Psy bash already... He apologized, and besides, if you have any ethics as a true journalist, you will research and look into the root of the whole issue and have found out that it was a big mistake caused by mis-translation of the original lyrics. Everybody from CNN to TMZ rely to an immature Korean-American iReporter and his poor English translating (or Korean comprehension?) skills and his hatred against Psy. Psy is not anti-US or anti-US soldiers, he is against those who violate the humanity!!!

635 days ago



635 days ago


Who writes this garbage? Just because he is buying an overpriced condo in America doesn't mean he doesn't hate America. What a stupid observation. People can "hate" America, regardless of what kind of abode they are capable of affording. Gimme a break!

635 days ago
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