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Carly Rose's Family

LeAnn Rimes Threw This

Little Girl Under the Bus!

12/21/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carly Rose Sonenclar's family is royally pissed off at LeAnn Rimes for -- as they put it -- trashing their daughter's "X Factor" performance Wednesday night.

Sources connected with the family tell us ... the 13-year-old girl's mother is livid that Rimes would dare say Carly Rose was "nervous and had trouble hitting the right notes" when she sang "How Do I Live."
As you know ... Carly Rose did a duet of the song with Rimes on the show. People on social media went crazy after the performance, claiming Rimes was drunk.

TMZ broke the story ... Rimes insists she was sober, but says if things were awkward, it was only because, "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."  Rimes later claimed she never gave a quote, but we can tell you ... her rep specifically gave us the quote and told us we could use it.

Carly Rose's mother and other relatives are telling people they can't believe LeAnn threw their daughter under the bus, and that it was clear -- Carly Rose was a pro and even out-performed LeAnn at her own song.


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Leeann go eat a cheeseburger and stop telling this "13 year old girl" how to sing. She sh*ts more talent out of her azz than you do out of your mouth.

671 days ago

John Wood    

Fact good as Carly is......she cannot match the talent of Leann......Leann is more gifted vocally.

671 days ago


I thought Carly was doing a terrific rendition of the song - her own way, hitting all the notes just fine. Then out came LeAnn and ruined it all. LeAnn should be embarassed and Carly's family is right to be angry.

671 days ago


Carly missed the ENTIRE first line of the song. That's a big no no. Also she never recovered from it struggling from the second she started singing. LeAnn didn't come out until a minute in and Carly had already screwed up. Congrats to Tate Stevens!

671 days ago


I don't think little CARLY was THAT great of a singer... and WAY too young fo the show... THAT BEING SAID... she DID NOT "deserve" to be subjected to LEANN'S very public "WHITNEY MOMENT"... you can/could see on CARLY'S face that she KNEW something was not right ("Um... this isn't how we practiced it in rehearsals Ms. RIMES")... I can understand her parents being upset... TOTALLY LeAnn's fault... bet this will drive her back to "TWIHAB"

671 days ago

BB in CA    

Anyone blaming the Carly loss on LeAnn is being ridiculous. The producer will probably change the format next year because of this BS. There are so many country music fans out there + when I heard Tate say the others WANT to win but he NEEDS to win, I figured that would get him more votes. They're both going to be rich.

671 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Guess what, sweetie...? Show business is tough! It's ruthless! Only the strong survive! You sound like a whiny little bitch. "Boo hoo, I want to be famous and rich without doing the work...." Typical loser attitude. Maybe Leann was wasted, maybe not... Either with it and move on. Oh by the way: you have no talent. Enjoy waiting on tables your whole life ha ha ha.

671 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Carly should have won! That Tate is just a Garth Brooks knock off. Be gone soon. Carly will be around for a loooong time :)

671 days ago

Timothy Jones    

I used to adore LeAnn Rimes, even despite all her mistakes, but I don't know, what she did was pretty low. She was definitely drunk or high OR she purposely flubbed it up. I think the reason the girl stopped was because she was looking at LeAnn like she was crazy...which right now could be.

671 days ago


I thought Carly done a great job LeAnn didnt seem to do as good she looked as if she was drunk Carly out shined LeAnn

671 days ago


much support to the Rose Family, what Rimes did is despicable i'll never listen to her crap again

671 days ago


Carley sang well but Le Ann totally blew it and seemed plastered!! She should have kept her mouth shut as Carley out sang her!! Leann has lost it in more ways than one and is not likeable !! She is going to crash and burn sooner than later.

671 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks it was extremely WEIRD AND CREEPY how much LeAnn was rubbing all over, hugging and hanging on Carly? Even Mario looked freaked out by it. LeAnn said "I want to wrap her up and just hold her" and Mario said "You're doing it!" Ewww, she was freaking stroking her hair and looked like she was about to throw Carly down right there. Perhaps LeAnn had taken Ecstasy? She was definitely on something! Her behavior and singing was beyond disgusting IMO!!!

671 days ago


leann does not need to be singing with anyone anymore

671 days ago


If that is true, that is more than sad. How NOT to be a star.

Anyway, Carly can have the last laugh by having a mega-career. She has the talent and from what you can see on the show, the drive.

Aside from that one song, I can't recall any of LeAnn's other hits...

671 days ago
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