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Carly Rose's Family

LeAnn Rimes Threw This

Little Girl Under the Bus!

12/21/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carly Rose Sonenclar's family is royally pissed off at LeAnn Rimes for -- as they put it -- trashing their daughter's "X Factor" performance Wednesday night.

Sources connected with the family tell us ... the 13-year-old girl's mother is livid that Rimes would dare say Carly Rose was "nervous and had trouble hitting the right notes" when she sang "How Do I Live."
As you know ... Carly Rose did a duet of the song with Rimes on the show. People on social media went crazy after the performance, claiming Rimes was drunk.

TMZ broke the story ... Rimes insists she was sober, but says if things were awkward, it was only because, "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."  Rimes later claimed she never gave a quote, but we can tell you ... her rep specifically gave us the quote and told us we could use it.

Carly Rose's mother and other relatives are telling people they can't believe LeAnn threw their daughter under the bus, and that it was clear -- Carly Rose was a pro and even out-performed LeAnn at her own song.


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I saw Carly's performance and I must say that I also thought that she was lacking the voice on the high notes even before Leann came out on stage singing. Sorry to say this but it is true Carly was having real trouble hitting those high notes and could never sing it like Leann used to sing it. She lost that contest on her own by picking a song that was nowhere within her vocal range period !

668 days ago

Lynn M    

Just watched the duet on You-tube. I did not watch X-Factor that fact made it easier to judge as I don't have an alligence to either singer. Here's my opinion. Carly had pitch problems out the gate. LeAnn has a deeper, more mature quality to her voice, and, when they were soloing, I wondered if they could blend. The pitch issue seemed to throw LeAnn. Carly was the one who had the issues making the duet blend. Carly was riffing too much and not listening to LeAnn. LeAnn really did seem to be trying to get her to listen and focus (the alleged figeting was this effort). It was a hot mess but I do not feel LeAnn deserves to get the blame. I'm sure the rehearsal when far better. Face it. Carly's nerves got the best of her. LeAnn was trying her best to save the sinking ship but when your partner isn't listening, it is hard to fix it during the performance.

On a different thread, I think the bullying of LeAnn Rimes needs to stop. It's water under the bridge and it only hurts the step-kids keeping this debate alive. Eddie and LeAnn made selfish choices to be sure but what's done is done. Please move on.

668 days ago


UG! LeAnn is an attention whore with no morals. This girl could have lived with out her singing in the duet. She's washed up, and needs to go to rehab for an extended period of time.

668 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

Welcome to entertainment bitches

668 days ago


Carly Rose can out sing LeAnne Rimes on any song they picked...she was either drunk or on something...........she really messed up that little girls preformance but Carly acted like a true preformer and a true sport about it.......It really made me angry when I watched the preformance ..Le Ann tried to make it her own like there was no one else on stage.Bit the biggest star was Carly

668 days ago


Get a life. 20 young innocent children were just murdered in Newtown, Ct. And your bitching that your daughter was thrown under the bus. Those children will never ride on a bus again!

668 days ago


A reply in return for the response to message #250:

She still has talent because I have heard two of her new songs and to me, they could not be anymore traditional country which is what is not be played enough of these days. I thank LeAnn for continuing to sing what is true country music.

God bless you and her always!!!

Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

668 days ago


The homewrecking whore appeared to be drunk and/or high!!!! She knows she sucked and now trying to blame it on little Carly! Face it homewrecker. You'll NEVER be adored again at the same level and STOP referring to Brandi's boys AS YOURS!

668 days ago


I believe Mario Lopes did the most disservice to Carly. He was always bipping her hat after every performance and generally acting like a teasing big brother in his embraces and comments. That kept Carly framed in as a "little girl" vs. us appreciating what a mature voice she had for her age.

668 days ago


Frankly, it was Mario Lopes who did Carly the most disservice. He was always thumping her hat forward and generally embracing her and making comments like a teasing older brother. It framed her in as "little girl" rather than a talented teen with a very mature voice.

668 days ago


Carly can't sing. Her little weak voice wasn't right for a big song like How Do I Live Without You.

668 days ago


LeAnn was terrible!!! Carly Rose is a remarkable singer. It looked like Carly was struggling to sing with her at her level and was not herself! What a terrrible match! Carly blew her away!!!!!!!!!!! I think LeAnn cost her the win!!!!! But I Truly believe Carly will be a Superstar!!!! Bad choice on the judges to have her sing with her.. Get LeAnn off the stage!!!!!Carly Rose is a natural!!!!!!!

668 days ago


Please don't embarras your beautiful daughter by being a sore loser. I was hoping she would win and voted for her and feel she was the BEST. She will indeed be a sucessful winner so try not to hold her back.

668 days ago


Some people should learn how to accept losing gracefully. It adds dignity and character. She is young and has a lifetime ahead. It is 12/23/12 by the way so the world didnt end.

668 days ago


She did throw my girl Carly Rose under the bus her performance was ****ty she have some nerve saying Carly had trouble no you had trouble LeAnn not ur fought Carly sings way better than you now she got talent or should i say shes got the X Factor and you dont i would have voted you off along time ago if u was a contestant on the show you messed my gurl Carly Rose up but shell still make it with out winning.

668 days ago
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