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Kim Kardashian

Instagram's New Policy

Could DESTROY My Career

12/21/2012 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is afraid Instagram's new policies will torpedo the million-dollar empire she's spent years building -- and THAT'S why she's threatening to drop the photo-sharing app ... Kim tells TMZ.

Kim was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked about her tentative plans to bail on Instagram following a controversial change in the company's terms of service -- which seems to give the company power to sell user photos to outside companies without compensating the user.

Kim responded, "I just don't think they should have the right to sell [our photos] to advertising companies on our behalf. What if we don't want to advertise what they want?"

Kim's concern is pretty obvious -- she doesn't want her face promoting products that could damage her brand ... and if Instagram's got the power to use her face as it wishes, she wants no part of it.

She added, "I just hope they revise it."


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Shawn Kilgore    

Career? Oh, PLEASE!!!!! It is unfortunate in our society that your whole freakin family has their own reality show...Not that the public likes you or is in any way interested, but for the reason that we don't always have the opportunity to watch a train wreck happen! You want to impress the public? Stay out of the public viiew and find some clothes that fit! We're really tired of all the sprayed on skirts and pictures of you boyfriends with their hands up 'em!

671 days ago


I don't get why people hate on Kim so hard when the only difference between her and most woman are... 1) Your fathers aren't famous lawyers. 2) No one would pay big money to see your sextape with you and your boyfriend. 3) And if you were able to sell your sextape for a decent amount of money it certainly wouldn't be to the tune of 5million dollars. 4) And you most definitely wouldnt be able to parlay the sextape fame into mulit-million dollar business and still remain relevant in the news today. You cant tell me she's the only person runnin around here that's made a sextape with their significant other. Only difference is if it got out no one would really want to see your out of shape body it and you certainly wouldn't become famous for it...

671 days ago


Do you ever learn. How stupid can you be? If you don't want things to happen to you, then don't take unwanted photos. Also, you didn't from your past mistakes with this. You shouldn't worry about your career or what people think of you, if youconstanley do these things.

671 days ago

Joan K    

Career, yeah okay! Kimmie the world doesn't revolve around you and your Trashy family so just go away already.

671 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Your career, like you work at anythuing other than PANDERING. Your entire family does nothing except figure outr what cheap product manufacturer is stupid enough to pay you to promote their second rate products. The entire KRAP TRASHIAN clan is a disgrace. Your mom is simply your PIMP whoring all of you and your siblings out to teh highest bodder. You are fat, ugly talentless tramps. Your career is a joke and you are a laughing stock of anyone with the intelligence of a 10 year old. Back to the ghetto or better yet go visit your s***bag lawyer father.

671 days ago


Oh f*ck off. She's either already got a deal to be their new spokeswoman or is using this as leverage to get a deal to be their spokeswoman and tomorrow TMZ will have headlines pimping her as Instagram's new spokeswoman.

671 days ago


So, Kim, what's all the hoopla? If you want to leave Instagram, THEN LEAVE. But NO... you have to make yet another publicity stunt out of it, so you can keep trying to make yourself relevant, when in fact, your ratings (both on TV and personally) are falling, falling, falling. Read that as NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYMORE. GO AWAY, and take the rest of your KKLAN with you.

671 days ago


Good riddance! The only thing more pathetic than that worthless skank are the losers that follow her. Talk about a waste of perfectly good DNA, on both counts. With crap like her filling TV screens, is it any wonder the rest of the world despises us?

671 days ago


Career? Puleeeze. Read our comments Miss Kim.

671 days ago


Wow we just extended this whores 15 minutes of fame by commenting on this self hating non human being!

671 days ago


Hey now! Being a whore is hard work. You've got to think of new and amazing ways to entertain the booger eaters who follow you.

671 days ago


Oh here's another jack off for you. Stupid people with no dignity nor class.

671 days ago


Getting urinated on is a career now? Well I guess she could be considered a toilet lol.

671 days ago


Thanks TMZ for running something so funny today. We all need a good laugh now and then. Career! LOLOLOL

671 days ago


Just go make some more sex tapes with negros you dirty tainted pig!

671 days ago
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