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'Scary Movie 5'

Lindsay REFUSED to Kiss Charlie ... Because His Mouth Grossed Her Out

12/21/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who KNOWS where his mouth's been??? At least that's Lindsay Lohan's explanation for shutting down a "Scary Movie 5" kissing scene between her and Charlie Sheen -- saying she refused to lock lips with him in the movie because of his spotty history.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she was supposed to kiss Charlie three times during their "Scary Movie" bedroom scene, but she ultimately refused to do it because of Charlie's wild partying past.

It's unclear what Lindsay was so paranoid about -- but we're told BOTH parties had to sign releases that they didn't have cold sores.

Lindsay's telling friends she warned producers ahead of time that she had issues with kissing Charlie -- who's had considerable dental work done in the last couple years -- but they didn't change the script until it was time to shoot the scene.


We're told they used a body double for some of the kissing parts -- with moderate success -- but otherwise tried to write out the kissing entirely.

According to sources, Charlie was cool as a cucumber about the whole thing, and never voiced any concerns with the rewrite ... or Lindsay's objections.

In fact, as we first reported, Charlie eventually gave Lindsay $100,000 to help pay off her taxes.



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Grandma Cracker    

I like Sam

673 days ago


Charlie could have said the same about Lindsey. If I were him, I would be asking for my money back after she pulled that crap.

673 days ago


Is Marvin really that dumb? A Gone With The Wind remake? Seriously?

673 days ago


Good Morning.....Like my new Avi ? ......Its a snow cat.........We have snow BEFORE Christmas !!!! .....
Let's see Marvin (LOLOL) love that name....LOL ....... sorry personal humor here.!!!
any way Lindsay wouldn't be far off as Scarlett O'hara.....considering that the original roll of Scarlett was suppose to go to another famous actress and Vivien Leigh who was a Nymphomaniac. and a Alcoholic and was crazy at a bat so much so that her husband had to keep her locked up at times......She decided she wanted the role and flew into LA and visited the Producer late one night which last a whole weekend and on Monday it was announced that she had the part......much to Margaret Mitchell fact when Robert Mitchell who was also suppose to star in it found out he quit.....and Clark Gable who owed one more movie to the studio had to take the part...... If you ever watch the movie you will note that the movie was good Not because of Vivien Leigh ...yes she was beautiful but she couldn't act ..she over acted every scene in the movie.....but because of the performance of the other actors in the movie..... and that,s what won the Oscar.....

673 days ago


You know if you want to read about old Hollywood nasty secrets try Vivian Leigh ...that was one nasty ...crazy sex manic...who was a alcoholic , and drug addict, a sex addict and had severe mental problems .....Sounds familar doesn't it.....She used her beautiful face and her body to get want she wanted and she wanted EVERYTHING according her her husband 's autobiography.....and read Margaret Mitchell's book on the making of Gone with the Wind.....interesting you a inside of real Hollywood and the players......
Lindsay Lohan in not Unqiue in any way....She is just the latest in a long line of Nasty Assed Mean women who use and used their beauty and body to feed their own need for attention...and most of them couldn't act their way out of a paper bag.......

673 days ago

Jason White    

Hell, where has here mouth been, obviously, she's done her share of "partying",lol she has a record that's probably not much better than his........f*&k her, I would have just got another actress.......

673 days ago


He's fcuking disgusting, plain and dimples. Partying or no partying, his mouth is trife and nasty.

672 days ago


marvin sounds uneducated and creepy. probly dumb as a rock too.

672 days ago

Hannah Bakk    

LL has the disease

672 days ago

Mr ED    

You know your game is sad when a drunken whore like LiLo refuses to kiss you...if she'd has as many decks coming out of her as she's had going in her, she'd look like a porcupine!

672 days ago


I suppose a blow job would have worked

671 days ago


Seeing as how she has photos of her mouth full of penis and she dated a girl, we(including Charlie!) already KNOW where her nasty mouth has been. Maybe the $100,000 was for services rendered and the BS was to take attention off her and put it on him!

671 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

I would not want to kiss either one of them. They both may have aids.

671 days ago

Mr. G    

She had a problem kissing Charlie but she sure didn't have a problem accepting $100,000 from him. Bit*h!

670 days ago
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