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'Scary Movie 5'

Lindsay REFUSED to Kiss Charlie ... Because His Mouth Grossed Her Out

12/21/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who KNOWS where his mouth's been??? At least that's Lindsay Lohan's explanation for shutting down a "Scary Movie 5" kissing scene between her and Charlie Sheen -- saying she refused to lock lips with him in the movie because of his spotty history.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she was supposed to kiss Charlie three times during their "Scary Movie" bedroom scene, but she ultimately refused to do it because of Charlie's wild partying past.

It's unclear what Lindsay was so paranoid about -- but we're told BOTH parties had to sign releases that they didn't have cold sores.

Lindsay's telling friends she warned producers ahead of time that she had issues with kissing Charlie -- who's had considerable dental work done in the last couple years -- but they didn't change the script until it was time to shoot the scene.


We're told they used a body double for some of the kissing parts -- with moderate success -- but otherwise tried to write out the kissing entirely.

According to sources, Charlie was cool as a cucumber about the whole thing, and never voiced any concerns with the rewrite ... or Lindsay's objections.

In fact, as we first reported, Charlie eventually gave Lindsay $100,000 to help pay off her taxes.



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@magmax...Yeah, I think the same thing. Sheen helps her out with 100k, and she couldn't even say a simple thank you.

She claims she refused his offer yet had her hand out at the same time. She tried to pull she lost her phone and had no way to contact him. Pure BS. Lohan tripped over that lie as well.

Funny how a 7 year old girl with cancer had no problem thanking Sheen and she doesn't even watch his show.

C'mon, Lohan is just a jealous, mean, nasty, vindictive drunk and druggie.

616 days ago


I am glad he supports america and refuses to let those taliban sperm enter his mouth

616 days ago


And here's what are fav "iconic supermodel" is up to:

Aliana ‏@aliana
Watching @extremehome right now w/momzy-What these guys do for those families are the best!


Are she and "Momzy" gonna try to bamboozle that show for a makeover too?

616 days ago


Maybe she had a bunch of cold sores and was afraid to sign the waiver bc if she gave CS herpes the whole world would know!!!

616 days ago

its a Reggae friday,with SKA nation and Salt life

616 days ago


Look who's talking. Nasty bitch

616 days ago


alright bear,

616 days ago


So after allegedly refusing to kiss Charlie, she eats a busload of boy-band spunk and even takes some home in a canteen for when she's feeling nostalgic. Charlie is the winner on this one.

616 days ago


Another day another story to keep Lindsay in the news until TMZ can get the "exclusive" on her court date! ROL has Michael shouting about how he is going to get her into rehab.

616 days ago

Good riddance!    

What? Was Snorty afraid her crappy cover dentures would fall out and everyone would see the diseased, rotten meth mouth corn niblets the ho calls teeth?

615 days ago


Both of them have Meth mouth & cigarette breath, should have cancelled each other out. I'm amazed there is something Lohan wouldn't put her mouth on.

615 days ago


Yeah she refused to kiss ol Charlie, well let me tell you she did him a huge FAVOUR! Cause you have no idea where lilos tongue was the other night. Yes people it was brown I saw it on photographs online. You can only imagine...

615 days ago


She has room to talk, she has put her mouth on so many peckers and womens vaginas, who would want to kiss her slutty mouth, she didnt get the name fire crotch for nothing for spreading her legs out to anything that walks in front of her. What a skeezer she is.

615 days ago


Kissing Charlie wouldn't get Lindsay what she wanted, but I bet sucking his dick did? What kind of professional "actress" would even put this out there? I am sure actors face this sort of thing every day but they do their job. get paid, pay their taxes and move on.That is WORKING actors -between this insult and backing up toilets this should get Lindsay many job offers. Lindsay can you say "Would you like fries with that" No disrespect to fast food workers only to Lindsay.

615 days ago


never knew a tax debt,pissing off co workers,no place to live,going to court for crimes,sleeping with people for money, and aging in dog years is moving up a ladder...please explain that to me Red Cloud

615 days ago
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