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Simon Cowell's Mouth

Says LeAnn was Sober,

Face Says Otherwise

12/21/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

122112_simon_cowell_launchSimon Cowell -- who normally says exactly what's on his mind -- was holding back BIG TIME on the subject of LeAnn Rimes last night ... 'cause while he insisted the singer was sober, he DEFINITELY couldn't say it with a straight face.

Simon was outside Mixology at The Grove in L.A. last night, when we asked about LeAnn's bizarre duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on "X Factor" this week ... the one that left people thinking she was hammered.

Simon told us he thought the performance was "interesting" ... and he didn't believe LeAnn was on drugs or alcohol at the time. Buuut ... the giant poop-eating grin on his face makes it hard to believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Still, Simon says ... LeAnn is welcome back to the show any time she wants.


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ok i am laughing at what Simon said with a big smile and he knew that she was on something that was why he was smiling the way he was. Leann was a mess and to blame it on the child was low. really low what i do not understand is why lie just own it.. she was on something and its messed up that child's chances. Leann is a train wreck ..

635 days ago


joan k i am sorry my child hit the wrong button please forgive me.. Joan K is not to be reported ..
see i own what is done.. i didnt run away ,, why cant Leann do the same.. she is the Tanya Tucker of this age a mess

635 days ago


Of course she's welcome any time. People love watching a train wreck and Simon is thrilled that everyone is talking about the show! I think when he hired Britney he was hoping she would pull a "HeAnn" but she's normal now so what better way to create a buzz (pun intended) than to have that drunken mess perform. lol

635 days ago


"The H-Factor."

"The Hype Factor."

Might just be most-boring show I've ever seen.

Week after week of Mario Lopez:

"It's Time."

Week after week after merciless week?

One contestant after another after another:

"It means the world to me/us - I/we want it so bad."

These "stories" attached and "shot" - i.e. contestants holding young babies "they hope to feed better."

The winner/winning story: "I love my dang wife."

Ugh -

Thanked God for my Salvation - when it ended last night - (watched with the sound off).

Judges appearing (in Bentley's/Limo's) after they "arrived in grand style."

Judges AGAIN appearing as they entered the hyped up stage (they pipe in fan sound like they do in Seattle and for football).

Simon Cowell marvelling at his own wizardry time after time, year after year, boy group after boy group.

The Snooze Factor - and it's coming back again next year - and the year after that - and the year after that -

The one good thing:

Khloe Kardashian -

And they take the MIKE away from her - hire Mario Lopez - I'm like "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory -"

She's the only reason I watched, damnit!!!

635 days ago


Dear TMZ. Can you fix your new site?? It's terrible and frustrating. IDK who your new tech Pol r but ur site needs real technicians. People. I can't even correct a spell check. I don't have this prov w other sites. It's worrse than bad.can't even fix my spell ck cud ur site is all over the place. Arty.

635 days ago


Is it just me, or is LeAnn looking like Brandi Glanville? She's been a little cookoo lately, so it would not surprise me if she was trying to look like the woman she stole her husband from.

635 days ago


She was high or drunk or whatever she was... definitely NOT a sober person. Botox/face-lifted face. That was terrible. She needs help.

635 days ago


gotta be tuff Carly's mom in this biz, be the example and don't be a sore loser, it is what it is

635 days ago


He also claims Britney"hide behind a conservatorship"Spears is a wonderful judge.

635 days ago


I think it was more of low blood sugar from hunger.

635 days ago

Liar Liar    

Of course she was out of it. She sang from the side of her mouth, all crooked and sh*t...what a mess!

635 days ago


Did Leann's voice popped in the beginning? It sounded weird.

635 days ago


Why is Leann doing facelifts already? Is she that insecure? She would not live if it weren't for a man. Let me rephrase, women cannot live without a man, period!

635 days ago

big chief    

This is what happens when you abuse Botox, get pictured from the wrong angle, and under the wrong lighting: your facial features become distorted.

635 days ago


LeAnn sang poorly and Carley out shone her!! Rimes was on something and can't own up to it!! She has become a train wreck and is about to crash and burn!!

635 days ago
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