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Lindsay vs. Charlie

... Who's Less Kissable?

12/21/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan might have good reason to think twice before kissing Charlie Sheen ... but the sword cuts both ways ... because Charlie's got good reason to think twice before kissing her too.

And, Ashton Kutcher finally files for divorce from Demi Moore -- a year after splitting up -- so what the hell took so long? We might have an idea. Plus, Madonna's cursing outburst at fans for smoking at her concert -- the same woman who glamorized cigarettes for YEARS in her heyday.

And the red-headed bully from "A Christmas Story" calls in -- you'll never guess what he has to say after all these years ...

0:00 - 'Twas the week before Christmas, and here in the 'Z, Ashton Kutcher finally filed for divorce from Demi.
3:30 - Charlie Sheen may have spotted Lindsay Lohan some much needed cash, but she's not willing to kiss the mouth that feeds her.
6:10 - Did LeAnn Rimes cost thirteen-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar the 'X Factor' title?
10:00 - Katt Williams is back in LA, and as you might've guessed, back in trouble with the police.
14:24 - Can it be? Has Mel Gibson turned a new leaf and gone from grinch to good guy?
18:03 - Indelible 'Christmas Story' bully Zack Ward calls in to explain how he's been bilked out of big bucks.
24:06 - Tisk, tisk... Madonna unleashes a mother's scorn on a Chilean audience for smoking before her concert.
28:02 - Wheel of Fortune isn't exactly in the givin' spirit for one contestant. Sorry, givING.
32:27 - With the not-exactly-the-end of the world nearing, Ted Turner and ex-wife Jane Fonda make amends.
35:59 - Speaking of bitter divorces, Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer have finally reached a settlement in theirs.
38:12 - We take your calls and comments!


No Avatar


Mel says what were all thinking .

650 days ago


Obviously, Harvey, you don't watch Wheel of Fortune. You either say it the way it's on the board...or you it's not correct. Happens all the time. People get excited and don't pronounce the answer correctly.

650 days ago


No that Wheel of Fortune Lady did not get screwed. It's in the rules the words have to be pronounced correctly. BS "because she's from the south".Thats not the first time it's happened.

650 days ago


...and there's a G

650 days ago


The g is silent like Harveys farts...

650 days ago


I'm gonna skip Fonda.................

650 days ago


Lindsay Lohan needs to get her head out of her ass. She's nastier than any of the hookers Charlie's slept with. If I were LeAnn Rimes, I would just tell everyone I was drunk. At least that would be a somewhat valid excuse for that bizarre performance. Saying that she actually did that sh_t sober is even more embarrassing. I'm glad Ashton is finally filing for divorce. Demi Moore is a mess. She needs to date a man her own age. I think Ashton and Mila seem genuinely happy together. I wish them nothing but the best.

650 days ago


I wouldn't kiss either! They both probably taste of shame and garbage!

650 days ago


Lyndsay munches on Sam Ronson, and has the nerve to talk about where Charlies mouth has been. This dude has more class in his little finger, then her whole family, including her. He ought to buy her whole family, and send them like to Iran.

650 days ago


Let's see, a sexy young bad girl actress or an old, ugly, lipless white man who pays for sex.

649 days ago


I think Harvey better pay attention, THREE PAGES? That has to be the worst count for a LIVE show.

648 days ago

Amalie Newvine    

I think of all people Harvey would understand the purpose of arming oneself and not limiting the right to bear arms. I mean are all his older relatives gone that he can't have a real conversation with them and find out what they went through with the gun laws of their time...I personally think that all lawful people should be able to bear arms freely and that alone would help minimize crime. I believe even though I am Christian that if the Jews were allowed to keep their guns for protection a lot less of them would of been put in the position they were.

646 days ago


About Sheen. I believe that the caller might have meant that the "N" word was always used as a mean word. The "F" word started out as a fun word . as in being silly. . my brother is gay. Now the "F" word is usdd as a mean word, but not always.

637 days ago
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