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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant

I'll Solve the Puzzle ...


12/21/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1221_wheel_of_fortune_articleIt's time to play ...  "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"!!!!  Everybody ready? Great, the category is "Living Things"... now guess this phrase:

SE _EN  S_ _ NS    _ -S_ _ MM _ NG

Pretty easy right? Not if you were a contestant named Renee on Wednesday night's show -- who correctly solved the puzzle, but mispronounced "Seven Swans a-Swimming" ... as "Swimmin."

Turns out, no "g" ... meant no cash (which in Renee's case was thousands) -- because even though the letter was clearly on the board, Pat Sajak and the "Wheel" honchos quickly rejected the answer and moved on to the next player.

Not surprisingly, when the next contestant went to solve the game, she made sure to say "Swimming"
-- HARD G.

But ya gotta check out the tape, because during the EPIC rejection of an obviously correct answer ... Renee managed to grin and bear it, despite getting ROBBED ...

With a capital "R."


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641 days ago


It's wrong even with the letter G on the board? Somebody call Sesame Street!!!!

641 days ago


SO Robbed!!!! I would sue but they are gonna stick to that story so it would be a waste of time.

Pat and Vanna, You just lost my respect and a fan.

641 days ago


This show has only continued because of the lack of intelligence of its viewers.

641 days ago


I was on this show a couple of years ago, and the producers are very adamant that you correctly announce and enunciate each sound and to be very clear. Unfortunately being in front of tons of people and having lights in your face can make you a nervous wreck :(

641 days ago

Blue Lake    

Just because she's a hillbilly who can't talk right doesn't mean the show screwed up! The show was right!!

641 days ago


I am a southern girl,born and raised in Tennessee and living in Mississippi now so I feel that I am a good person to make a comment on this. Yes, we as southerners get a bit lazy with our southern accent. After finishing college and majoring in English, I learned how lazy we can be at times. Yes, from being in the south, I might have been tempted to say swimmin, but I can tell you right now, If I made it to Wheel of Fortune, it would have been me saying Seven Swans a SWIMMING, no swimmin. I would not let my lazy English slang cheat me out of winning thousands of dollars. Give it up chickie!!

641 days ago


If wheel of fortune was to be true to the swans -A- swimming...both contestants were wrong.

swimmin...a peech pattern of historicalsong, but so is the -A_. Both said uhh-swimmin, uhh swimming.

wheel would and could be sued because technically the next person should have wnet on to spin, because it would be al pronouced as seen. Which would be seven swan -A- as in ayyy, swimming?

Right Harvey the lawyer????

641 days ago


If it were swimmin' there would have been an apostrophe shown on the board instead of a blank letter...but it being the holidays and all...wouldn't it have been nice (vs. naughty) to just give it to her?? Idk...cute story, tho.....verrrrry different from most TMZ "scoop" lol

641 days ago


That was bull. If you agree put a post on their facebook page.

641 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Are they punishing her for a regional accent?

641 days ago


That's the way it goes. I'm sure that is drilled into the contestants about enunciating carefully so that there is no question. People on Jeopardy get it all the time.

641 days ago



641 days ago


There's an old expression, "Close only counts in horseshoes." The Wheel is a show in which a fundamental principle is that EVERY letter in a word counts. She was careless in her pronunciation and left off a letter and that error cost her a lot of money.

641 days ago


I actually thought she said 2 words wrong when I watched WoF the other day. I thought she said 7 Swans "of" swimmin'. The lady who won, Amy, is from Jenkin's Twp. Pa, about 2 miles from where I live. So her screwing that up gave Amy the overall win. I feel bad for her, but not as bad as when they had "Best Friends Week" many years ago. It was a before and after puzzle, and the one friend said the connecting word twice. They lost a lot of money(around 60 grand), and I bet their friendship tool a hit.

641 days ago
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