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Demi Moore

I Wanted a Divorce

From the Day I Left Him

12/22/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1221_demi_moore_article_gettyDemi Moore planned to divorce Ashton Kutcher from the day she left him in November, 2011 ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.

As we first reported ... Ashton wanted to give Demi the chance to file herself -- a whole dignity thing since he's the one who was allegedly cheating on her -- but he finally got tired of waiting after a year and filed for divorce Friday.

But our sources say Demi was not stalling ... there was something going on with some sort of financial issues between the two of them that prevented her from filing ... something she was trying to resolve. We're told Demi never wavered in her resolve to get unhitched.

One final thing. Our sources say Demi is "genuinely happy" now and has no regrets about moving on.


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Its not the age factor that bothers me' what bothers me is that this couple just like millions of other couples have & are ruining the sanctity of marriage. I feel that we now live in a disposable society. Marriages get thrown away in the same fashion one would toss out a pair of shoes, mix this mindset with society looking for a quick fix versus rolling up your sleeves & working together as a family /team & you have another failed marriage. Its so sad for me to sit back & watch my fellow man/woman killing marriages & families with so little concern or care.

578 days ago


it's her PR team doing damage control for her. I don't buy it one bit. She probably just wanted to make life miserable for Ashton. Grow up Demi! Find yourself a man who is closer to your age. We all know the younger ones are good for one thing - never marry them!! Stop dating men who are closer in age to your daughters. Its embarrassing for all involved!! Makes you look desperate!

578 days ago


"Dignity thing." Ashton really is a funny guy.

578 days ago


Whatever! If you really wanted a divorce you would have filed. Period. Now Demi is trying to save face.

She needs to stop chasing little boys, spend some time alone and get her ish together. Take a break from being out in the public (and paparazzi's) eyes and get your life together. All Demi looks like right now is a hurt woman trying to make it seem that she's not hurt by her relationship ending.

578 days ago


It's definitely a dignity thing to do it 3 days before Christmas...right!

578 days ago


She is an older woman that needs to look in the mirror at her behavior. That doesn't mean shrivel up and die. It means acting like a lady not a school girl looking to go steady with a school boy. Her obsession with very cool younger boys/men is killing her literally.

578 days ago


I'm not a lawyer. But if ur separated during that time. Do u still get half the $ earned? IDK. Yes. Bad time of year but maybe something doing it b4 yr end?

578 days ago


She looks like Skeletor

578 days ago


Yeah Genuinely Happy??? NOT!!!

577 days ago


He left you.

577 days ago


COUGAR, MY ASS!!!! OLD FART is a JOKE.....did she Honestly think that he wanted anything to do with her.....THE OLD COW was just a stepping get past his LAME sitcom!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO - Grab some knitting needles & do what you do best you OLD FART!!!!!!!!! LMAO........THEY CAN TIGHTEN THAT SPREAD THAT COVERS YOUR EYES / NOSE & MOUTH........................BUT, the truth still HURTS...........your worn out AND OLD!!!!!!!!!!! BTW - THANKS for the HILARIOUS RIDE WATCHING YOU CLINGING TO SOMEONE THAT WAS USING YOU................WAS HILARIOUSSSSSS

577 days ago

Alan Carver    

Demi was just using Ashton to get more of a payout knowing that he was going to score a payday from him for his TAAHM stint. She is just a money whore like Lohan ... but not as skanky! CA is a mutual split community property state ... and lets face it Moore has no MORE traction in Hollywood anymore ... who wants her ... NO ONE!

577 days ago


Meltdown starts in 5, 4, 3,..

577 days ago


Nice try...then why didn't you divorce him ASAP ??

577 days ago


Dignity? Please. She wanted the divorce? Bigger Please! When you're truly done with a man you do whatever to get away.

577 days ago
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