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Lindsay Lohan

PROOF I'm Paying Taxes

... With Charlie Sheen's $$$

12/26/2012 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
has successfully paid off one of her enormous tax bills ... using Charlie Sheen's $100,000 check -- and TMZ has obtained official proof.

According to the official IRS document, Lindsay has paid her outstanding 2009 tax bill for $93,701 in full.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she used Charlie's generous check to cover the tab -- and has already applied the remaining $6,300 to her 2010 tax bill for $140,203 (only $133,000 to go!!!).

According to sources, Lindsay's still on the hook for her 2011 taxes too -- but she's actively trying to raise the money to get herself out of the red as soon as possible.

As we reported, Charlie gave Lindsay the six-figure donation after Lindsay told him about her dire financial situation ... and also because he probably would have just spent the money on hookers anyway.


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No one holds a grudge like Suge Knight.
West coast PerpWalk v37.0 is when?
Good times coming in Los Angeles, eh Linds?

629 days ago


Did the probation violation happen after the movie was filmed?

629 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

Saw a pic over the holiday that had her at a dinner table with her poor poor sibs and their psycho "mom".

She was wearing a ball cap....probs on the rooftop there Lohan? Issues with glue and extensions showing scalp. Who wears a ball cap in a restaurant at a birthday celebration at night....homeless spent all her money then stole her friends money skank ho that's who

629 days ago


Dimension Films just offered Amanda Bynes $250,000.00 to shoot one scene with Charlie Sheen. The original takes had to be scrapped due to massive public scorn after they aired the trailer for SM5. Amanda quacked, peed on the check and said she doesn't work for "...table scraps. I'm a star, I don't do charity roles. Let 'em get that lady who cleans the offices. I seen (sic) that part. A 2-year-old could do it. A stupid one. I'm going shopping".

629 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maybe Charlie is boycotting Dimension Films too?

Guess what La Loca? Charlie can get away with it, you can't.............................

629 days ago


@grandma....exactly, Sheen has made a ton of money being himself and most importantly makeing fun of himself. Sheen has a dead pan wit.

Sheen as wasted and coked out and nuts he can get, he has more talent comedic and dramatic in his coked out pinky than Lohan will ever have in her wildest dreams.

Lohan has already nailed her coffin shut. How many more nails does she need.

629 days ago


Get ready to throw up a little:

Celebrity Craze ‏@CelebrityOnFire
Lindsay Lohan Takes Us Into Her Home on Million Dollar Decorators—Watch the Video!

629 days ago


Huffington Post has named Lindsay as the #1 Celebrity Meltdown of 2012:

629 days ago


Oh how quite the Enablers have become since the stories of the last 2 weeks.......didn't have the BIG comeback she was hoping for, doesn't own the BH home, causing trouble on the set (trailer), drinkin but not drinking liquor, not paying the taxes that "were already paid"........
I think I would sh*t myself if there was EVER a positive story about Liho!!!!

629 days ago


@JC...even if Lohan actually told the truth no one would believe her. Too many years of crying wolf, tripping over her own lies she can never back up. And nobody would ever feel sorry for her.

629 days ago


Scary Movie 5 is still on Lindsay Lohan's page at Look under Self, it's still there. Probably the same for Charlie's too, haven't looked yet.

629 days ago


"Despite the many actresses who usurped Lohan in fame and film roles, there was hope that she would have a comeback. Something would click during one of her numerous stays in rehab and she would slowly find her way. In the tradition of Robert Downey Jr. and Drew Barrymore she would rise from the ashes and reclaim her niche as the adorable All-American redhead next door. However it has been years and frankly I will now add my voice to others who no longer care. Besides, we now have Emma Stone.

The turning point for me was the allegation that she trashed a trailer that had been Elizabeth Taylor’s when Taylor was making Cleopatra. I have no idea how it survived the decades but apparently it did and was purchased by a private collector who reportedly had hopes of turning it into a museum. Because of a contract with the previous owner the trailer was used as a set piece for the Lifetime movie. Later it was returned to the owner in a trashed condition which included smashed vanity mirrors and broken furniture along with stolen items that were described as one of a kind. It was reported that Lohan and a gaggle of her friends hanger-ons had access to the trailer and partied there after hours. She denies the charges but if we have discovered anything about Ms. Lohan through the years it is that she is never to blame for anything.

Maybe Lohan didn’t do it, but the accusation followed that of a theft committed during a sleepover house party of some rich dude. He later dropped the charges although the L.A. police may continue to pursue the case. Before that there was a car wreck mixed with allegations of a mysterious pink bag. And least one forgets the unpaid hotel bill of over forty thousand. It seems to be a never ending whirlpool of trouble with Lohan and I’m done. BTW, when I write I’m done, I’m not writing as a Lohan fan scorned, but as a fan of pop culture. The trailer episode, if true, just shows that she is at heart not a nice person ergo not worth the passing hopes of strangers who at one time wished she would get it together. It’s one thing to steal jewelry from some indulged millionaire who doesn’t have the sense to lock up his valuables when he knows Lohan is spending spends the night, but to trash a Hollywood artifact that a woman used her lifesavings to purchase is beyond redemption.

And there lies the truth about stunt casting in regards to Lindsay Lohan, it isn’t about giving her a second, third, or the four hundred thirteenth chance to make a comeback, it is all about do***enting her steady slide to oblivion. If producers are willing to pay the high premiums insuring her costs then she is theirs for a fraction of her asking price from when she was on top of her game as teen movie queen. You can tell Lohan is desperate to find the right project to claim redemption when that’s not why these offers are made to her. It is about a long ago Disney darling posing nude. It is about being selected to play an iconic screen goddess in a made-for-TV movie because her never ending antics and misdeeds are the advertisement campaign for the film. It is about sharing screen time with another troubled (but perpetually winning) actor because everyone will get the joke.

The best case scenario for Lohan is if she simply left the entertainment industry to pursue a life where she can’t force herself to be the center of attention 24/7. Not just for her sake, but for ours as well.

Besides, I’m sure Amanda Bynes is waiting in the wings to make a Lifetime Network film about Princess Grace of Monaco."
"Stunt Casting and Lindsay Lohan" by Lisa Westerfield

629 days ago

help this young woman    

Stupid hater losers SM5 is still on Charlie and Lindsay's IMDb pages. Look under self as in both are playing themselves in the movie.

629 days ago

help this young woman    

Andrew Payans is NOT Suge Knight's son.
Larry Thompson has already stated that Lindsay did NOT have access to the Elizabeth Taylor trailer except when they were filming.

629 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Have you flagged a FCUKTARD today?

629 days ago
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