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Lindsay Lohan

PROOF I'm Paying Taxes

... With Charlie Sheen's $$$

12/26/2012 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
has successfully paid off one of her enormous tax bills ... using Charlie Sheen's $100,000 check -- and TMZ has obtained official proof.

According to the official IRS document, Lindsay has paid her outstanding 2009 tax bill for $93,701 in full.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she used Charlie's generous check to cover the tab -- and has already applied the remaining $6,300 to her 2010 tax bill for $140,203 (only $133,000 to go!!!).

According to sources, Lindsay's still on the hook for her 2011 taxes too -- but she's actively trying to raise the money to get herself out of the red as soon as possible.

As we reported, Charlie gave Lindsay the six-figure donation after Lindsay told him about her dire financial situation ... and also because he probably would have just spent the money on hookers anyway.


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Where Are All The Real Celebrities    


Where Are All The Real Celebrities

Oh, I forgot to mention it's National FLAG all FCUKTARDS Day.

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644 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

As far back as 2009? What was hermom doing? She didn't ask her about them once in a while? She's the manager. I still blame these parents. They love the fame and money but they don't scrutinize her finances? If nobody ever taught this woman how to conduct herself in society she wasn't going to learn through osmosis. She might have been a quick study in acting but not in anything else. Didn't her mother know that? Also, why move a young girl out here like that? Why not relocate the entire family to LA 15 years ago.? I think her mom made a lot of poor decisions. LL lacked guidance at an early age. Some kids can live away and work very young. She was not one of them. I'm not an enabler. Just trying to wrap my head around the history leading up to the present.

644 days ago

Pony Princess    

1) TMZ hated going a whole Christmas Day without a 'new' LL story.

2) This lien release only says that it (filed JAN of this year) was finally satisfied. It doesn't say that Sheen's money was used to satisfy it. Perhaps in freezing her assets. the IRS managed to scrape up the cash money to get 2009's tax liability done. Maybe her accounts did have 100,000 in them. Perhaps she had banked Sheen's money -- not intending to have it go to the IRS --- but the IRS got it anyhow. They do things by the earliest ones. So, now they have to work on 2010, then 2011, then 2012. I believe that she earned her playboy million in 2011, but whether she was paid in 2011 for that or 2012, who knows? I want to see the tax lien paid for the other years. Preferably after she's in jail.

644 days ago


How is she not dead tet? It's so nice to know that people are struggling to find work and pay bills and Lindsay Lohan keeps getting bailed iut by her dealer, Charlie Hseen. What a sad, sad world!

644 days ago


So much for bragging Lohan time make sure the cover the date when the debt was payed.....When did she receive that money ? it was back while they did the Scarey Movie thing in late Oct or first of Nov somewhere around there which leaves a awful long time tor that check to be floating around somewhere didn't it..... Yet the payment wasn't made till Dec 12 ??? ......which was two weeks ago...and they are now touting out the fact and proof of payment...hell this is just a drop in the bucket of what she owes...doesn't do a thing to get her ass off the hook with the IRS she still owes for 2 and now 3 more yrs coming up and every day penaties and arrears are adding to the amount so the payment was like paying a penny on a dollar debt.... ....
And you know this report came straight from Lohna Inc because the would be the only one who could have a copy of this doc just can't just get one like buying candy at the store.....
You are right about the off shore accounts.....she would have at least one funded by the money coming in from her blackmail victems....that keeps her in hotel money and drinking money......after all she learn Grifting from the master...Micheal Lohan.....

644 days ago


@SAM... I am not in any way, shape or form an enabler of Crackie or anyone else for that matter. I believe that people should pay All of their bills including their taxes as well as obey all laws-because the FREEDOM we all have in the USA rests upon it. Whether or not Crackie OWNS her past, present and future mistakes is none of my business. But what I have a problem with is when she makes PUBLIC EXCUSES that are LIES where she blames others for her crimes. If you can't tell the truth and own up, then SHUT THE FVCK UP and don't insult us with LIES. And that, Sam, is the problem. She has never learned to just shut the fvck up. And even though she has mental problems exacerbated by etoh/drug addictions, she is still able to tell right from wrong. And as such, she should be held accountable for her crimes in a Court of Law. She doesn't get a get out of jail free card from me even though I have empathy for her mental issues caused by her POS mother. So no, Sam, I'm not a enabler. We h8turds, for the most part, don't wish her harm or death-only what she has coming to her for her crimes, which is jail. And just maybe after she is forced to sober up in jail, she get the clarity she needs to tackle the personality d/o she's been tortured with for the past 10 years. She is in no way "LINNING" as you have said. On the contrary, she's been running from her demons for years and although the trip has been a lavish hedonistic trip we have all been privy to, it has now spiralled down into a horrific nightmare. Her career is in ruins, the IRS is hounding her, and she's facing jail time in 2 states. We h8turds simply state the truth. It's the enablers that can't handle the truth.

644 days ago


I'm so tired of Lohan "news". For gods sake, TMZ, stop reporting this crap. She's a nobody with all sorts of personal issues and a train wreck family who just begs for any kind of attention and you keep obliging. STOP!

644 days ago


Good Morning everyone,

Lindsay loves to look like famous actresses that have come before her. In the picture above she looks like she is trying to channel Lucial Ball. It 's not working. The lipstick, way out of the lines of her mouth is not a good look.

644 days ago


This paperwork shows the lien was filed in JANUARY -- how did TMZ miss that for 11 months??? (So much for TMZ being on top of Lindsay Lohan news, unless it's spin from Lilo's camp of course).

644 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

This is my last post for the day. She is one big cautionary tale. Save your money for the future. It's ok to celebrate but only occasionally. Balance and mindfulness. Also doesn't hurt to look at yourself

644 days ago


she filed a 1040??
I thought she had to file a 1099..
something about the doc. is not right

644 days ago


it says tax period ending 2009..
guess what?
these taxes are from 2008

644 days ago

Just The Fax    

Wow A feel good story that includes our little starlet
She paid off a 3 year old tax bill
with someone Else's money
Our little drunkard is growing up
Don't you feel so proud

644 days ago


"Sam" sounds like our old friend, "Puckett"

644 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

just giving her money to pay her bills is not helping her in the longrun

644 days ago
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