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Lindsay Lohan

PROOF I'm Paying Taxes

... With Charlie Sheen's $$$

12/26/2012 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
has successfully paid off one of her enormous tax bills ... using Charlie Sheen's $100,000 check -- and TMZ has obtained official proof.

According to the official IRS document, Lindsay has paid her outstanding 2009 tax bill for $93,701 in full.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she used Charlie's generous check to cover the tab -- and has already applied the remaining $6,300 to her 2010 tax bill for $140,203 (only $133,000 to go!!!).

According to sources, Lindsay's still on the hook for her 2011 taxes too -- but she's actively trying to raise the money to get herself out of the red as soon as possible.

As we reported, Charlie gave Lindsay the six-figure donation after Lindsay told him about her dire financial situation ... and also because he probably would have just spent the money on hookers anyway.


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I got a "Craig" 7 inch touch screen tablet...does any one know what it does?

633 days ago


Ha! Lindsays camp (small camp) is heavy on the dislike button today huh? Well I'm glad they at least read how everyone views that p.o.s....

633 days ago


Oh yes they tax owed and tax liens are public record and can be found by anyone.......but...............................................that is not a what that do***ent is....that it it paper you get when something is payed off at the office....and it is NOT on public access only the Tax man and the payee get nobody's business but yours and the tax man's.....Bought a property one time that had taxes agains it...and didn't know it till my name ended up in the papers as owing property taxes to the country on it....So I had to go to the tax office to pay it and the penalites attached to it.....and that was NOT for the public....all for 67.54 cents ......
That came from Lohan Inc for running money for the week.....unless California has different laws. on public access......
The problem with Lohan Inc is they got to keep her name in the news its their income....
You all are projecting your own feelings of shame and embassement onto them and that's were you are going wrong ....People like the Lohan have no conscience or regret so they have no level of shame..or embarrassment to doesn't bother them....they are immune to it......

633 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

There seems to be quite a few questions about whether or not Lohan owes taxes for Charlie Sheen's gift of $100,000. Here is some info:
Annual Exclusion
In 2012, the first $13,000 of gifts to any individual are not subject to gift taxes.
Qualified Transfers for Educational or Medical Expenses are also excluded from taxation.
The taxable rate for gifts is 35%, so it seems that Lohan will owe 35% of $87,000 = $30,450
I wonder how LoBlo will manage to pay that? She'll probably call Sheen up and demand that he give her money under the table to cover the tax bill for his gift.
Here's more info:

633 days ago


going to Ybor City in 2 weeks...nice place to sit back and watch people.

633 days ago


Okay, I don't know about all this IRS stuff, I'm sure it's the same in Canada, but since I've never had this problem I hope someone can answer my question.
The title on this form says "RELEASE of Tax Lien" does that mean there is no longer a Lien on assets, bank or personal items? Will she now be able to cash any more checks without the IRS seizing it right away?

633 days ago

delusional much LL?    

can you imagine sitting at a table and this delusional a-hole comes over demands you give it up to her cause you're a "nobody" ?

if you are a waitress just doing your job and this skank starts flicking cigarettes at you cause she deems you beneath you are garbage.

or she nails you in the head with a glass.

someone stealing your property then when caught starting a public smear campaign against you.

can you imagine having your time and money wasted by an ungrateful,nasty person who couldn't care less about you despite being given an opportunity she doesn't deserve at all.

man...i so hope lowhan gets what's coming to her in 2013. it's time.

633 days ago


@KETJO... My fellow GRITS... You are absolutely right that Crackie Inc. lacks a conscience. That's why they shouldn't have any qualms about maximizing their financial potential by filming their own reality show. And by doing so, Crackie Inc. could actually pay their taxes, mortgages, and reimburse their crime victims' losses/injuries. In a sense, a tax cheat is living off of OUR DIME, and it's high time they started paying their own way. Charlie suggested, and Crackie agreed, that a weekly television series would get her out of debt. What better format than a reality show. It could even be interactive-where we could phone in advice/insults to the "stars". I'd watch it solely for the psychological insights I could gain in viewing people with no conscience and how they interact with each other. Can anyone imagine what the limo driver heard/saw during Crackie's infamous fight with the POS Dina? The Kartrashians are amateurs compared to the Lohans. I say, let them finally "shine" at something and give them their own reality show.

633 days ago


summer is not coming soon enough

633 days ago


This is only a tax bill imagine how many other judgements she must have against her. The IRS comes first the rest of her victims will just have to wait.

633 days ago


Is this for real?

633 days ago


off to ruby my lunch..and being Tax free

633 days ago


Have both Blo & Charlie been axed from SM5?

It's gone from both of their IMDB prob for Charlie, but Blo?....Ah, that elusive big screen.

633 days ago


Charlie, think first. If you want to give a $100,000 away maybe try a few poor families who have nothing or abused womans shelter but why her? All she did was party with her money, why the rest off the world lives month to month trying to save $100.00 and pay taxes on time.

633 days ago


Too bad Charlie didn't give all that money to a charity instead of a "charity case" like LL. My hubby and I make like 1/20th of what she does a year, yet our taxes are paid yearly, we only owe one small house loan for $255 a month, and I'm the same age as her and he's younger. Such insane irresponsibility.

633 days ago
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