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Sued for $10 Million

Over Kidnapping Ordeal

12/22/2012 6:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_nasThe concert promoter who says he was taken hostage at gunpoint and held for ransom -- all because Nas was a no-show for a gig -- is now suing the rapper for $10 MILLION. 

As TMZ first reported, Patrick Allocco says he was kidnapped in December 2011 in Angola because Nas failed to show up for a New Year's Eve concert after taking a $300,000 pay day.

Allocco says he was held as ransom by Angolan promoters and their "henchmen" because they wanted their cash back. He was finally released in February 2012.

According to a new federal lawsuit filed Friday, Allocco wants the rapper to pay for what happened to him. Specifically, he claims he was held captive for 50 days -- during which time he says he was beaten and threatened constantly. 

Allocco is suing Nas for $10 million, claiming he suffered psychologically, physically and financially. He claims that while stuck in Angola, he was unable to do business ... and as a result lost his home and his company.

We reached out to Nas, but so far no word back.


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The whole deal seems real shady

607 days ago


Not even Jane Goodall could help these primates.

607 days ago


Harvey here's your chance to explain contracts, remedies for breach of contract ( including calculations and estopping breaching part from claiming no K), and basic civ pro/ personal jurisdiction, to your readers whose comments evidence a complete lack of understanding of how **** works. Also, more facts on the contracts issue please.

607 days ago


another african scammer lookin to make a buck! so what he got kidnapped nas wont have topay anything more than what ever was paid to him up front and thats if the promoter adhered to his end of the contract otherwise so what that he got kidnapped? in angola thats like going to 7/11.....

607 days ago

Josef Joestar    

1) Nas did pay him back
2) Where is Jemiah Jai in all of this?
3) Where is your supposed marks of being beating? You had access to the internet and failed to post up pics?
4) 10M? lol..gtfo
5) Nas should counter sue for defamation of character

607 days ago


I remember this story. Nas is a prick - good for this gy I hope he wins.

607 days ago


I wonder if Nas loses if he will have the money Illmaticly transferred to this guy.

607 days ago


I am 100% behind the promoter. That piece of sh1t thought he'd rip those Africans off and the promoter got caught in the crossfire and NAS (whoever the hell he is) didn't give a crap. You're damn right he owes him pay up

He's filing a federal lawsuit--he might have a tab better chance of getting a fair trail and results than if he was going through the California Celebrity Courts or one of its consortium affiliates.

607 days ago


Woke up this morning .... N I didn't get kidnapped.

607 days ago


This lawsuit sounds bogus as ****. Sounds like this "promoter" was doing some shady business with some gangsters in Angola and trying to pocket some extra cash to cover his debts. I can understand suing for the $360...,000 that he paid Nas to show up, but $10 million in damages, he would have to prove to the courts that his "emotional suffering was actually worth $10 million, and usually people held liable for those damages are the ones who caused the damages which would be the "henchmen" that kidnapped him. And if Nas already paid him back the money he was owed, then he clearly has no case.

Common sense is lacking here, who pays somebody before they are to do an event??? that right there was stupid because you don't know if they are guaranteed to show up.

607 days ago


If there is any truth to this NAS might be in HOT WATER.

607 days ago


10 million because of 300,000 which ended up being paid back? How could he have known that the guy would have been kidnapped due to his no-show? that is not a normal response to a no-show, I really struggle to see how he is 100% responsible for how the Angola people reacted, let alone it being worth 10 million dollars...He is supposed to now pay 10 million dollars because some idiot got caught up in dealing with some shadey characters? And he's just going to let the actual people that did it go about their lives as usual without punishment? pfft...good luck with that one! I guess the Angola kidnapper's pocket's aren't deep enough for the amount of *ahem* "suffering" he went through...

606 days ago


I hope he's not stupid enough to think the little thug has that much.

606 days ago


That sonds made up.

606 days ago


that's ****ed up nas how you going to diss him like that.

606 days ago
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