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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

Nurse Who Killed Herself

History of Suicide

12/23/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Jacintha Saldanha
-- the London nurse who killed herself after answering a prank call from two Aussie DJs -- reportedly had a HISTORY of failed suicide attempts.

Saldanha tried to take her own life TWICE in the last year alone, according to The Daily Mail ... first by ODing on pills last December, then again nine days later by attempting to jump off a building.

According to the report, Saldanha spent several days in an intensive care unit to recover, underwent psychiatric treatment and got scripts for a slew of antidepressants.

It changes the complexion of the now-infamous DJ prank involving a pregnant and hospitalized Kate Middleton. Being the straw that broke the camel's back is way different than what everyone first thought after the nurse hanged herself.


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If I was a part of the Royals and the Station I would sue the Hospital. 2 suicied attempts and they let her work with people . She could have killed Katie in an mentaly unstable moment . 'the Kids are lucky bastats hopefully they give the money back or otherwise they shall root in hell because you don't take money you don't deserve .Their mom would kill herself anyway . I wonder what the Hopistal would pay Kate if she lost her baby because of this Nurse . That would be kind of something they wouldn't be able to explain . She could freak out and run and punsh Kate

670 days ago


The DJ's should have never done the prank, but most important the radio station should be held liable and not only pay their advertising profits for a month (they said the rest of the year) but the DJ's still committed a crime by impersonating a Royal official, I don't think the DJ's should be put to death, but unfortunately they were one of the causes. That's how legal systems are set up.

670 days ago


I never believed the phone call was enough to send her into to a suicidal state of mind. I lived with a mother who was suicidal her entire life, until she finally succeeded.

670 days ago


I dont believe it. I think she committed suicide because she spilled the beans on that royal girls condition and was afraid of the instead of being killed she decided to kill herself....makes sense, no?

670 days ago


Doesn't change anything. I said at the time that a prank phone call would be no reason for someone to kill themselves. Problem with anonymous prank phone calls is you never know who you are going to talk to and so if you cause harm because you play the prank on someone vulnerable it's still your responsibility...

670 days ago

Liz from Australia     

Those that continue to blame the Dj;s for being the cause of her suicide are plain stupid. while we are at it lets find out what was happening to her during the last 2 attempts and blame them as well. She was most probably going to attempt suicide again regardless of the prank call or not. Unfortunately for the DJs she succeeded this time. Lets now move on and let her family deal with her death and try to work out what their part in this was, as I am sure that her husband has more inside information he isn't sharing as so the blame doesn't lie with him but with the innocent DJ's.

670 days ago

Pete the Geek    

She was facing the loss of her nursing credentials and loss of her career as a direct result of the "prank". Her previous issues are not relevant; she died as a result of the stress of the situation. If she relapsed from prior mental health issues, the cause is still the prank. Clearly she had been well enough to return to her nursing duties.

670 days ago


I have said all along that this prank could not have been enough to cause a stable person to commit suicide. It's a tragic death, but the radio station and the DJs should not be held responsible.

670 days ago


Can't believe that they allowed this woman to be a nurse! I wouldn't want to be treated by someone with her background!

670 days ago


Umm, TMZ, she cannot have a history of SUICIDE. She can have a history of suicide ATTEMPTS, not suicide. Your headline makes no sense. Stop glorifying suicide.

670 days ago


OMG, so now I bet that's the DJ's problem too? Sue the ex-DJs b/c the aggravated her "condition?"

670 days ago


So she put a call through by accident. BFD!! It wasn't her fault she put the call through and she wasn't going to get fired for doing it. If she was THIS unstable, she was looking for another excuse to get out. It is not the DJ's fault and the prank wasn't that big of a deal. Everyone involved is just lucky she didn't take anyone else out when she went.

670 days ago

Darth Masturbater    

Yet they are trying to find a way to charge the DJ's. This mentally ill woman had no right to be working as a nurse in the hospital when she couldn't even care for herself. That is not the type of person that should be around helping or caring for patients.

670 days ago


So, now you're telling the world about her history of emotional problems. Well done, TMZ.

670 days ago


History of Suicide makes no sense

670 days ago
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