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Ne-Yo's Ex-Baby Mama

Threatens Legal Action ...

You Blabbed, Time to Pay!

12/23/2012 11:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_neyo_tmzNe-Yo's former baby mama (we'll explain) is FUMING after the singer went on VH1 and blabbed about their baby drama -- and now she's hired mega attorney Gloria Allred to make him pay.

It's a pretty complicated story ... Ne-Yo used to have a relationship with a woman named Jesseca White. During their time together, Jesseca had a baby which Ne-Yo thought was his ... turns out, it wasn't.

The couple reached a settlement agreement in 2009 in which Ne-Yo coughed up $575,000 to Jesseca, who in turn officially said the kid wasn't his. Ne-Yo was originally listed on the birth certificate as the father, but his name was later removed.

As part of the deal, both sides agreed to a confidentiality clause, promising to never go public with the info. Fast forward to September 2012 ... Ne-Yo did an interview with VH1's "Behind the Music" and spilled the beans on the whole sordid ordeal.

Now, Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to Ne-Yo accusing him of breaking the agreement. Allred claims that because Ne-Yo falsely painted Jesseca as a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished ... Jesseca has been defamed, ridiculed and harassed.

According to the letter, Jesseca has been unable to work, was forced to file for state aid, suffers from mental anguish and is "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss" thanks to Ne-Yo's remarks.

Jesseca is asking Ne-Yo to settle the matter amicably out of court (cough, cough $$$$) ... otherwise she'll be forced to pursue more serious legal options.

We reached out to Ne-Yo's rep -- so far, no word back.


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Tide Fan    

Hold up, let me get this straight: You date a well known and well paid singer, get pregant, have the baby and his name is listed as the father on the birth certificate. Later, he finds out the baby is NOT his, pays you $575,000 for the care of a child that is NOT his anyway, has his name removed from the birth certificate and you both sign a confidentialty agreement. NOW the singer is being filmd for a "Behind the Music" episode and you threaten to sue him for breaking the confidentialty agreement claiming he falsely painted you as a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished and that you have been "defamed, ridiculed and harassed". You also claim you have been unable to work, were "forced" to file for state aid, suffer from mental anguish and are "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss" thanks to his remarks and the only thing that will make it better is if he coughs up MORE cash or you will sue...I'm gonna let that you marinate on that for a minute folks....

SO, in a nutshell, you were a "ho" who tried to pull a "it's your baby" scam, got caught, busted and exposed. This man gave you money for a child that is not his and did not tell the world you were a gold digging "ho" even though he COULD have and did not have to LEGALLY give you one thin dime! You spent the $575,000 and NOW want to come back to this man for MORE money using this as your grounds...You my dear are a world class whore, liar, gold digger and give even the most professional gold digger a bad name. If I were Neyo, I would do everything I could legally to shut you DOWN! He will most likely still provide for the child since you have spent the half a mil he gave you FOR the child but this time put it in trust but you have got to have the biggest nerve of ANYONE! SMDH at this female!

608 days ago


Let me get this straight:
She tricked him into believing a child was his when it wasn't. He paid her $575k and she officially said it wasn't his. Now that he has publicly said he it is not his child, she is suing him?

608 days ago


Hehe Lady Sing the blues with "real" Baby Broke Azz Baby Daddy! You get nothing! Your making an enemy of guy who probably would have help you and yours for old time's sake if he had "seen y'all doing bad". Honey Boo Whoo "Sit Down"!

608 days ago

Carlos Harris    

She might want to be careful, rich black men are finally getting justice, she just might lose custody, like the others; afterall, he is the one with the money, not her...Jesus is Alive....

608 days ago


This is what happens when you date nasty a s s strippers

608 days ago


How did TMZ get this story? Alred's PR team? From what I read here, I'm wondering if this contract is enforceable to begin with as I have read nothing that would lead me to believe it was supported by adequate consideration ( don't say that removing his name from he b.c. Of a child that was never his was the consideration). This woman sounds like a piece of work and Neyo has seemingly acted in good faith at every turn of their relationship. Someone needs to sit her down and explain that she cannot afford to litigate this. I bet she loses, which will likely mean she'll end up having to pay Alred AND Neyo's legal team (assuming they claim attorneys fees).

608 days ago


She burnt threw 600k in 3 years and is now getting state assistance. Sounds like a habit that needs to be financed to me.

608 days ago


Ne-Yo can avoid all this and similar drama by GETTING MARRIED AND SETTLING DOWN., instead of trying to be a playa. He's not even that attractive, Jeez!!!

608 days ago


What is sounds like to me is that she burned through that $600k and is hard up for cash

608 days ago


you can tell by the way he wears his hat he is a real thinker

608 days ago


She is a hoe. Why hide it out? Ne Yo leave the low class chicks alone.

608 days ago

Curious One    

Oh yippee! Another free-loader making headlines! Guess he should have told her to "beat it" once it was discovered the child wasn't his. Niceness gets you no where with these types of people. Sad!

608 days ago


Insane! Pay when you're not thefather!?

608 days ago


She looks really stupid...her hair is falling out becuz of that raggedy weave...and she's nauseated becuz she's making herself sick with this non-sense! Plz go away hood rat!

608 days ago


Haven't these people ever heard of birth control if they want to have lots of sex? Or do they have to act like some kind of animal just popping out as many little thugs as they can to prove their manhood?

608 days ago
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