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Spike Lee


Movie Is 'Disrespectful to My Ancestors'

12/24/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Spike Lee says he REFUSES to see Quentin Tarantino's new flick, "Django Unchained" when it opens tomorrow ... claiming the slavery-revenge movie is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

Lee first went off on "Django" during an interview with Vibe Magazine ... when he was asked for his thoughts on the subject matter and gave the following response:

"I can't speak on it 'cause I'm not gonna see it ... All I'm going to say is that it's disrespectful to my ancestors. That's just me ... I'm not speaking on behalf of anybody else."

He later tweeted about the movie -- "American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western.It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves.Stolen From Africa.I Will Honor Them."

"Django" -- which stars Jamie Foxx as a slave who kills slave-owners in the Deep South -- has been drenched in controversy for weeks ... with some critics upset that the n-word is uttered more than 110 times during the movie.
Back in 1997,Lee told the media he had problem with Tarantino's "excessive use of the n-word" in the movie "Jackie Brown." Lee explained, "Let the record state that I never said that he cannot use that word -- I’ve used that word in many of my films -- but I think something is wrong with him."


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Spike Who? He has done more to degrade his "people" than any director.

634 days ago


Quentin is weird. Spike is weird. Spike envies a really awful basketball team (and I'm from ny). Quentin talks like he's from the hood but is really white. I hate Quentin's movies. They are always so weird and awkward. Both are of them are turds.

634 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't like violent movies very much and I am not so into this topic right now, but becuase of the hype, I am tempted to go see this movie.

If you go see Anna Karenina it has one death in it but I heard someone sniffing back sobs the whole time near the end. It depends on what you are in the mood to handle.

You have to suspend alot of disbelief to watch a Spke Lee movie. Maybe he should offer other directors the same courtesy and just try to understand what they are doing. Somehow I feel this is a personal attack though and has nothing to do with the quality of Quentin's movie at all.

634 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Any rap album has more curse words and the N word more than everyone of spike lees @ Quentin's movies combined. I guess because of Spike Lee's movies got attention for using the N word he's going to make sure that Quentin's movie get attention for using it.
O Lee, put a spike in it! The only racist is you.
Phishie from Philly

634 days ago


That makes a lot of sense..condemning it before you see it?

634 days ago


Spike is mad because, a white boy made a better movie, then him, and people went to see it more, than his movies, spike grow up, stop acting like a child and be a man....

634 days ago


I guess Spike's ancestry is vastly different than Jaime Foxx's.......

634 days ago


Make a movie worth seeing u bag of ****. Shut the **** up.

634 days ago


It is neither shocking or appalling to see the level of ignorance from white people commenting on this article.To think that all African slaves were just sold into the hands of American slaveholders is downright ignorant and unacceptable.It points to the deficiency of the American education system,which is riddled with lies and falsehoods.If the comments made by these individuals doesn't cause one to question and flat out refute the notion of white supremacy then I don't know what else will.Black people,white supremacy is a myth created to inferiorize an entire race of people only to superiorize a race of people who know that they are,in fact,a minority amongst the world's population..It's up to us as a people to educate and gain a knowledge of self so we can sort through these lies and falsehoods that has been used to brainwash and inferiorize our people for centuries.It took me to open a book for me to open my eyes and see the lies perpetuated throughout American history books.It is because of this new-found knowledge of Self that I no longer accept or acknowledge the myth of Columbus "discovering' America.Columbus actually invaded a country already inhabited by the natives.Furthermore,Columbus was not the first foreigner to step foot on American soil.If you do your research,you will find that an African civilization known as the Olmecs was here centuries before Columbus made his ill-fated journey to america.And as far as white supremacy is concerned you can get an indepth understanding of the dynamics of it by reading 'Isis papers':The keys to the colors by Sister Frances Cress Welsing.This book will give you the much needed insight into the psyche of those claiming to be white supremacists and why they feel the need to embrace this mentality.I guarantee you you will never see white people the same once you read this book.The pieces will all fall into place:White Supremacy is a myth!

634 days ago

BB not bb    

It is like you have two very nerdy guys. One is black and one is Italian. The Italian one is even named Quentin. Now they are both competing for the edgy hip audiences. I think Spike feels he can't keep up and so is going to lash out at Quentin.

I think it is so funny that an Italian guy is named Quentin to begin with. It makes you wonder if he really is tough having to go around with a name like that.

634 days ago


It is a movie!!! Get the **** over it!! I hear nobody complaining about stupid songs with just one line it - that is insulting to ppls intelligence! I hear nobody complaining about two black guys dressing up as white "chicks" for a movie! I hear nobody complaining about women being raped in movies. GET THE **** OVER IT

634 days ago


Translation: "I haven't had any media coverage in a while, and this seemed like a good opportunity to stir up some controversy, where none really exists." - Spike Lee
1. If he hasn't seen it/doesn't plan to see it, then he has no right to comment.
2. This is as ridiculous as when he tried to sue 'Spike TV', as if he & he alone has a lock on the word 'Spike'. Not! lol

634 days ago


spike, i bet you hated roots, its kinda funny that one of the most resent top pro football / tv personality african american on tv micheal strahan said he loved the movie live on his morning show with kelly. you say your people were stolen when infact they were sold by their own family. times are different so grow up and have an open mind. this movie actually depicts an african american as a hero. when was the last time you made a movie that wasnt racist and actually depicted a white man as a hero. you and D L hughley should jump on a raft and swim back to africa to get back to your roots and leave this country that is home of the free. and the land of equal oppertunity. if not you wouldnt be so rich. GROW THE HELL UP.

634 days ago


This ancestors stuff is still happening?? Did you know any of your family when they were slaves, no. Did you know any of them personally? Bad **** happend, key word : HAPPENED. Quit recycling old news, as no one cares anymore. Racist card is unusable now,....for the fact that we have a black president! Can't everyone realize we're all equal..tsk tsk.

634 days ago


Spike is just mad he messed up MJ's "25 years BAD" special.

634 days ago
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