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Spike Lee


Movie Is 'Disrespectful to My Ancestors'

12/24/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Spike Lee says he REFUSES to see Quentin Tarantino's new flick, "Django Unchained" when it opens tomorrow ... claiming the slavery-revenge movie is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

Lee first went off on "Django" during an interview with Vibe Magazine ... when he was asked for his thoughts on the subject matter and gave the following response:

"I can't speak on it 'cause I'm not gonna see it ... All I'm going to say is that it's disrespectful to my ancestors. That's just me ... I'm not speaking on behalf of anybody else."

He later tweeted about the movie -- "American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western.It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves.Stolen From Africa.I Will Honor Them."

"Django" -- which stars Jamie Foxx as a slave who kills slave-owners in the Deep South -- has been drenched in controversy for weeks ... with some critics upset that the n-word is uttered more than 110 times during the movie.
Back in 1997,Lee told the media he had problem with Tarantino's "excessive use of the n-word" in the movie "Jackie Brown." Lee explained, "Let the record state that I never said that he cannot use that word -- I’ve used that word in many of my films -- but I think something is wrong with him."


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Poor out of date irrelevant Spike.

Does he even know for the most part who caught the slaves for all these white folks 300 years ago?
Other Africans.

672 days ago


God help us when Spike Lee becomes the leader of this gang

672 days ago

Chata Dumas    

If the critics gonna be trippin' over how many times the n-word was used in this movie, then someone should ask the critics to take a look at how many times the n-word has been used in the south, during slavery, in the last 400-500 years and how many times the n-word is being used today by people (including children) who shouldn't use the word period. Then , just maybe, they may have a reason to be upset.

672 days ago


Hey Spike Lee, worry about making good movies and not trying to be a racist activist.

672 days ago

Fat Matt    

Spike Lee's just pissed cuz he can never make a film as good as Tarantino does.

672 days ago

Fat Matt    

I don't give a f u c k who dislikes my comment, Spike Lee is a bitter old p r I c k and sometimes black folks are just as racist as the racist white folks they despise.

672 days ago


STOP IT!! in the SOUTH there are 2 kinds of people......rednecks and hillbilly's. the rednecks are the honey boo boo's and jerry springer wanna be's. i am a true southern lady that is proud to tell people i am a country girl and a real hill billy. what is the difference between rednecks and hill billy's? i have a EDUCATION, MANNERS AND RESPECT FOR ALL PEOPLE, I LOVE EVERYBODY, REDNECKS ARE JUST IGNORANT IDIOTS THAT LOVE ONLY THEM SELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

672 days ago


Hey Spike why don't you worry about how many times your own people yes Blacks not African Americans use the word everyday talking to each other... And why do you want to be called African Americans since I am not called a Cherokee American .. Blacks make up the majority of food stamp and welfare recipients in this country living off hard working people why don't you address this in one if your crappy movies? I will tell you why, cause you want to blame the whites just like you never received an Oscar.. it's not cause your black it's cause your movies SUCK !!!

672 days ago

mr gutz    

U have to be a dumb ass to be a slave

672 days ago


I am African American and we were degraded with the N word during that time period so why wouldn't they use it in the movie. Spike Lee in my opinion sounds like a "Bitter Old Grumpy Man".

672 days ago


Who cares what a ****** says.

671 days ago


Who cares what a n 1 g g 3 r says.

671 days ago


I'm a black person, and when Alex Hailey wrote roots, we like the fact of understanding our slavery roots, cause the movie gave us true knowledge of what it was like in those days, now!! It's somebody of a different race and it's negative talk stop crying over this, it's a movie and the n word was use in that time more than 110 times in a day to all black people, it's a word of ignorance and something that another race made up, stick and stone hurt,name don't, now if it's beating going on talk about that being beat, rape families torn apart. Get this no black people are in slavery today!! Just move on about it

671 days ago


spike who

671 days ago


My cousins grandmother is a polish woman, during the 1940's she was forced into slave labor by the Nazis, her whole family killed, and her home occupied and destroyed. She is still alive and that wound is a hell of a lot fresher than what ever Spike Lee feels. I have ancestors who were Hessian mercenaries during the American Revolution, should the Legend of Sleepy Hollow offend me?

671 days ago
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