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Rihanna & Chris Brown


at the Lakers Game

12/26/2012 5:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1226_chris_brown_rihanna_lakers_games_together_launchFor the first time in YEARS, Chris Brown and Rihanna arrived at a public event TOGETHER -- sitting side-by-side at the Lakers vs. Knicks game at Staples Center.

The two arrived to the arena in the same car earlier today, but got out of the vehicle separately. They eventually met up inside and sat down together in their courtside seats.

Chris and Rihanna haven't officially announced they're back on -- but it sure as hell seems like it ... especially with Chris dumping his old GF Karrueche Tran over his undying "love" for RiRi.

Of course, Rihanna dumped Chris back in 2009 after he beat the crap out of her. Brown eventually pled guilty to assault and is still on probation stemming from that incident.

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Chris should sand her forehead next time it's like a mountain is growing out of her own head.

577 days ago


Some girls just have Mom's who teach their daughters to take a mans fist to make him happy. It's a bit O'Skoll but hey, she likes to get fisted.

577 days ago


A terrible role model to young girls everywhere!! Just tells them that it's ok to stay with someone who beats you as long as they "love" you. It sickens me that someone with her power would do this and let little girls think its ok to be in this kind of a relationship!! SHAME on you Rihanna!!!!

577 days ago


I saw them together live on tv and my family bursted into a domestic violence debate. She will get a lot of crap for pulling this one. Its her life and her choice. I wouldn't be with a man who hit me, in fact no man I've ever been with has ever hit me. Its a topic i normally discuss early and have let anyone Im dating know, if you hit me you're history. Its just a deal breaker. I also don't want men around that have beat the women in my family. Im sorry but if you beat my sisters ass, I don't want to see you at xmas or ever really.

577 days ago


Why ?!?!?!?

She could do so much better, & he seems like the type that would need someone around to simply be there for him like his ex/current GF. The short.. I think I'm a model.

I could not believe that he attacked her.. no matter what she did to him. He was always so sure of himself & protective of his mother who has gone through the same thing.

I hope this is just her EGO needing a bump.. & she gets over it soon !! I don't trust him at all !!

577 days ago


Chipmunk Brown out on the town with his punching back. He sits were all the girls sit, so no dudes will hit him.

577 days ago


Chris is not aging well. He's starting to look like an anorexic Dennis Rodman. Who exactly is his publicist because he needs to be told to dye his hair back ASAP. And, he needs to eat something. Gross! He used to be cute.

577 days ago


I liked the old Chris Brown with the argyle sweaters, pink Oxford shirts and bow ties much better. He at least tried to have a clean cut image.
Things changed after he met this gutter rat. He looks like he's got a terminal illness, all skinny and weak looking.

577 days ago


Why is it that people who society deems"famous" have to be a role model gtfoh RAISE your own kids and stop thinking those on tv play sports movies are obligated to raise your kids because you by their s***

577 days ago

BB not bb    

She looks like she is in love with him and he looks like he is thinking, I can't believe I am getting away with this, I'm such a gangster. I wonder when the cat is going to jump out of the bag.

Has Rihanna finally learned to accept cheating and violence, has Chris really learned to control himself, or is Rihanna just ignoring what bothers he so that Chris doesn't filp out?

This is probably why people shouldn't obsesss over stars so much. They are just as weak and frail as the next person. They will make catastrophic mistakes also. I would think of them as entertainers, not stars, not above anyone else.

I reallly think that he is seeing Kerreuche on the side and telling her that he is only using Rihanna. Sometimes women take back horrible men and make them seem halfway normal, but you wonder how long it will last. Maybe her patience will wear out at some point and hell will break loose again.

577 days ago


He is a ***, **** sucker. Didn't you see the pic?!! I mean, really! He is a wanna be at its worst. The whole rhianna got beat thing was a hollywood publicity stunt! She was never beat and chris has always been a ***. PS Who gives a **** about these *******s?! Let's steal their ****ing money and give it to those who REALLY need it! NO ONE NEEDS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, NO ONE! Especially *******s in hollywood.

577 days ago


Repulsive both of them.

577 days ago


he will never beat her again
his career can't handle it
and he knows it

577 days ago


Wow seems like some five years old got a hold to their parents computers. Ya sound like some cry babies. Chris and rihanna r grown nobody told ya to worry about their life. If they want to be friend or whatever then find it will not affect u. Nobody tell u to make celebs role model that ur choice. Chris and rihanna wasn't famous ya would have gave to whit about them.

577 days ago


She must really love abusive men.. You make your young fans so proud..

577 days ago
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