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Kris and Bruce Jenner


At the Clippers Game

12/26/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris and Bruce Jenner
are positively getting a divorce -- how could they not be when they didn't even sit together to watch Lamar Odom and the Clippers beat the Nuggets?  Well, there's a really simple answer.

Check out the reports this AM ... claiming the seating arrangement is a clear splitsville signal, with Bruce sitting a row behind Kris and the rest of the Kardashian klan.

But here's the thing ... Kris and Bruce were sitting side-by-side, until Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed up and B.J. surrendered his seat so they could sit together and retreated to the row behind them.

We're told the divorce rumors are B.S., but hey, the one pic could have been pretty compelling proof to the contrary.   But sometimes when you look at just one pic ... you don't get the picture.


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Don't tease us TMZ lol! Bruce always does his own thing, so it wouldn't mean anything, anyway. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce does file for divorce ~ how can anyone live with a woman like that?

645 days ago


Is Kayne wearing that black leather skirt again?

645 days ago


Boy, do they look like they're having fun.

645 days ago


TMZ! Really?!?!? Go to Khloe's Instagram and you will see a pic of them sitting together. Kris was sitting with both of them off and on. I dont like the Kasdashians at all but seriously, get your ish straight!!!

645 days ago


Isn't this Kim's second Christmas as "Mrs. Kris Humphries" ??? Are they still driving the Ferrari he received as a wedding present?? Tramp.

645 days ago


No one cares! These people need to go away!

645 days ago


Sooooooooooooooo frigging sick of this whole lying, cheating bunch of skanks!!! Please Harvey, stop taking cash from them to promote every little thing they do and wear and say etc. Who gives a rat's frigging ass what they do .....

645 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Kris's under eye wrinkle proves that no matter how many plastic surgery a person may get you can't run from gravity. They all look so happy"sarcasm" Money will buy you materialistic things but money can not buy love, nor happiness. fact

645 days ago


Oh wow let's all get up first thing in the morning the day after Christmas to post meaningless comment about people we don't care on a gossip tabloid website! **** off. Maybe some of us enjoy these pointless news because otherwise I'd be elsewhere reading else things. Keep it up tmz!

645 days ago

Clay the don sippin Dom P daily like John.    

Bruce is a good dude, but he got low t lile a mf. bruce aint making enough $ too. sad.. y

645 days ago


I think Kim and Kanye are just two dick heads that wanted Bruce and Kris to be in different seats just so their PR stunt could continue maybe we will see another fake wedding. I think everyone has had enough of them Kim only got popular cause she was litterally star ****ing and she ****ed Ray-Jay a D-list star and not even the famous one in his family with his purple dick inside of Kim and then her also taking every single chance to Photobomb Paris Hilton just so someone would take her picture and notice her. We are sick of these people no one here would even care if they fell off the earth right now.

645 days ago


Bruce is as disfunctional as his wife, he has a mask instead of a face.

645 days ago


WOW, there's more make-up going on there than there is in a Maybelline/Covergirl Factory put together.

645 days ago


There are 138 posts on here now, at 2:15 est. I'm wondering how many will be here in 3 hours because I wrote a comment about that hideous a s s wipe kanye last week, and tmz took it down. Yeah, the k's don't own harvey

645 days ago


What did you write that was so bad Amy?

645 days ago
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