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Sarah Silverman

DEFENDS 'Django'

... Let the N-Word Flow!

12/26/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee is breaking a sacred rule by criticizing "Django Unchained" for its pervasive use of the n-word -- so says Sarah Silverman ... who tells TMZ, art is art ... and "you can't tell art what to do."

Sarah was out in L.A. when we asked about Spike's refusal to watch the new Quentin Tarantino flick, which features the n-word roughly 110 times. Spike criticized the film, claiming it mocks slavery and is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

But last night, Sarah shot back, "Doesn't it take place like during slavery? Wouldn't it be odd if they didn't have that horrific word in it?"

Sarah -- a self-professed Spike Lee fan -- said, "[Spike's] got a lot of mishegas with a lot of art. I think you can't really tell art what to do."

Or can you ...


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horseshoe sindy hacking a drunk about is about nothing nothing at all

635 days ago


encampments by the hollywood monopoly are about as dumb as dumber&dumber as it gets

635 days ago


soundscanning the REAL talents is crimes on humanity and stealing from and killing off and dupin is murder ONE and mob actives the only way the weak can beat the real artistes is by poxy in a age of satelite sound scans and thermal scans plus fully synratronical 3D scans and projection maybe just maybe you can start one more war for all the old war for profits from wars for your stockholders

635 days ago


I just don't get it. Black people call each other that all the time. White's aren't allowed to say it...what? As far as I'm concerned, it's a free country..freedom of speech..ya don't want it in our vocabulary...then hold the black community to the same friggin standards. It's getting a lot old and I'm tired of paying for what people did 100 years ago...get over it already, the black community today aren't slaves stop playing it out like you are a constant victim GETTING OLD....

634 days ago


The "n" word, really? you can say it, every "african-american" says it. IT'S A WORD and used liberally in the "music" today. Is there a word that a white person can use that a black person isn't "allowed" without the OMG factor? really is sooooo stupid I can't even believe this is still an issue....

634 days ago

david 183    


634 days ago

mr gutz    

Slavery was real and everyone knows that there is different views of it as well as experiences meaning every slave has a story some were beat some taught to read depending on its owner as for the black community they should not feel offended because they will not be who they are today without the slavery era for example they would never have been brought to the u.s and become kanye west its a movie not based on a true story cause if it was I don't think slaves spoke good English

634 days ago


Shout-Out to Tanjareen being on TMZ with Sarah Silverman! I see you, Reen!

634 days ago


i saw the move, didnt like it. i found that all in all it was disrespectful to history. there are some things that cant be made light of. theres a way to do current and relevant yet artistic portrayals of slavery and this was not it. let alone the historical inaccuracy in a movie depicting a historical time period is annoying

634 days ago

alan brickman    

One of smarter comediennes for sure!!

633 days ago


I would bang Sarah Silverman

632 days ago


Who is the woman with Sarah Silverman? Tis all i care of knowing

631 days ago


Just got back from seeing "Django Unchained". All I can say is WOW!!! Fascinating movie. I have always had a hard time watching movies that dealt with slavery, however Quentin Tarentino manage to do it in good taste without taking any of the harshness away from that time in our history. The acting is suberb, especially Leonardo Dicaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, and of course Jamie Fox. There are some very funny scenes in the movie, especially the ones that showed the silliness of some whites in that time period. The N-word is used a lot, but not out of context, and not used in an iniquitous manner. I have heard the N-word used more in other movies. I do not like the word, but in an historical manner I can accept it. I mean historically we were called that name. And if you are a fan of Quentin Tarentino you know there is a lot of violence. I can not believe people were taking little kids into the movie. DON'T. Not for kids.!!! Anyway, loved the movie!!!

631 days ago
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