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Adam Lanza

Mutant DNA Might Explain

Sandy Hook Massacre

12/27/2012 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

What drove Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza to murder 26 people in cold blood? The answer could lie in his DNA ... and now, geneticists are trying to uncover the microscopic mystery.

The study will take place at the University of Connecticut, where a team of geneticists is reportedly set to examine Lanza's DNA. The team is expected to investigate whether a special mutation is responsible for setting off the troubled 20-year-old on December 14.

UConn's department of genetics is working hand-in-hand with CT's Chief Medical Examiner during the study -- though a rep for the medical examiner's office admits ... they're not really sure what they're looking for.

Results are expected to take several weeks.


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What? Mutant DNA? I thought it was guns.

630 days ago


There is no doubt that this boy was evil, but I do see some scientific merit in this research.

630 days ago


this is a dangerous theory; if they some how prove he had a "special mutant gene" then anyone who commits a crime and also has this gene won't be accountable for their actions ever again. this is incredibly dangerous and hopefully nothing will come from this otherwise we are in trouble.

630 days ago


Seriously TMZ, I honestly wish you would stop getting involved in stories of this nature. This is something that doesn't need your tabloidesque sensationalism. Stick to celebrities, or put Harvey back outside of People's Court asking people their opinions on TV court cases.

630 days ago


people on the entertainment sites are always so uninformed.

630 days ago


C'mon. You can't expect dupes that voted for Obama to know what an "automatic weapon" actually is. Then they would learn that weapons that shoot more than once every time the trigger is pulled (automatic) are already banned for sale to the public.

630 days ago


Stop showing this kids F'NG face

630 days ago


Sounds like a waste of lab space and my tax dollars! Also, sounds like the kind of project that only gets approved because someone knows someone. Anyone else could objectively determine this is a crap research project....after all, THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING FOR.

630 days ago


Is a X-men!!! Lol

630 days ago

BB not bb    

Why do they keep showing a little kids' picture instead of his adult picture? They are just trying to make him look like a freak. They don't need to study his DNA, he is a human being. How did he kill so many people? You can ask the man in army gear found running up the hill or the man lurking outside while the machine gun that would be needed to cause so much damage was in the trunk of Adam's car.

This is all a set up. This is like OJ saying he hopes they find the killers to throw people off the trail. The CT police threatened people with jail for contradicting their official statements.

America is being taken advantage of by criminals right now, not lonely junior high school aged autistic children. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

630 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh and they are going to test his DNA? Is there something wrong with Italian DNA then? This is absurd. Are they going to lock up Italians for having the wrong gene marker or whatever else some lab alleges to see?

Guess what? There isn't even any physical proof for mental illness, now they are going to find physical proof for violence? People are people.

If anyone has mutant DNA it is the crazy people behind these psy ops.

630 days ago


Maybe whipping your chillrens asses will save us all...white people STOP BEING SCARED OF DISCIPLINING LIL BECKY

630 days ago

BB not bb

Check out this video. This guy is fake as hell, this mourning parent. I hadn't even been watching the news coverage cause I didn't want to see all the crying.

630 days ago


Too many influences on unstable people...human race has to stop selling their soles...dont make money off the weak...stop putting fear into people...this is the best country in the world...too many shows like doomsday preppers and news media brainwashing ignorant and weak minds

630 days ago

BB not bb

LOOK at this video on all of the weird and fake things about the Sandy Hook Massacre. There seems to be a link with Sunday Night Football no less. Maybe they figure that people who watch that are so mind numbed that they will buy all of this anti-gun, anti-second ammendment propaganda.

630 days ago
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