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George Zimmerman

Sued Over Bill

To Protect His Ass

12/27/2012 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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It cost roughly $67,000 to keep Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman safe after his release from jail this summer -- and now, the security company that protected him from angry mobs and vigilante killers is suing him for a huge chunk of that bill.

Associated Investigative Services filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, claiming they hired the firm in June to provide security "in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman's release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges."

According to Associated, Zimmerman's lawyer faithfully paid $40,000 while the company continued to provide security services ... but then payments stopped and the bills piled up.

According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman's attorney told Associated his client could no longer afford the protection services -- partially because he still needs to pay for his defense in the upcoming second degree murder trial.

Associated wants the $27,027 it claims Zimmerman still owes.


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How sick to think he lied about hindreds of thousands in his account ( orange salesman) Lunatics actually gave this embarrasment to men over $200 g's!!!! You got out of the car after you were instructed to let the real cops do their job!! Any azz beating that took place was deserved but being a big vagina, he couldnt actually fight like a man, he pulls out a gun on a scared teen!! I hope he gets 15 years repeated beatings and random colon invasion

673 days ago



673 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

His lawyers are more concern in getting pay, then worry that George may be killed. If he is killed, then there be no trial. I agree with JOAO.

673 days ago

Suzy Q     

George is just a big wus. And he's Guilty, guilty, Guilty. M2 with a gun enhancement. Life in prison.

He'll be fine. Lying, s*** sociopaths always do well in prison.

673 days ago

Suzy Q     

George and who else used that stupid "I didn't think he was dead because he sat up with his hands in the air and said "You got me!"

Betty Broderick, narcissistic killer of her ex husband and his new wife. Only she waited until her 20-year parole hearing in 2010 (denied). I bet that's where he got it from. George and Betty. Two psychos claiming "I hear dead people".

See for yourself at 1:05:

673 days ago

Cheeseburger Jones     

Wow you're not even allowed to defend yourself from a street thug anymore without criminals harassing you can threatening your life. Martin got what he deserved.

673 days ago


How can people say 17 yr old boy got what he deserved?????? How can you say he was a thug??????? Because he had a hoodie on, is that what made him a thug , so I guess people who jog with hoodies on is thug. That was someone son no one deserves to die for anything. Forget color, this was a boy who didn't even make it to see his 18th birthday. All because someone profiled him as a threat, and instead of just calling the cops and waiting he had the nerve to try and subdue him as if he gets paid tax dollars to do that, that's the cop job. Not someone who was voted neighborhood watchman. Stand your ground law wth was he standing his ground against he shouldnt tried to fight if his fat ass didn't know how, he should have stayed in the truck and ate some twinkies. But instead the Martin stood his ground got the best of Zimmerman and the punk shot him

673 days ago


He wasnt an innocent kid. He was a thief. He robbed women's jewelry that was found and he robbed the skittles he had in his pocket that night. He was suspended from school for his problems. He wasnt an alter boy serving a Sunday mass and killed. He got in a fight that ended badly. That's all

673 days ago



673 days ago


he looks like those reptile monsters from Super Mario Brothers movie

673 days ago


On July 1, 2006, a new law went into effect that makes personal identifying information pertaining to a Concealed Weapon or Firearm license confidential and exempt from Section 119.07(1), Florida Statutes and Section 24(a), Article 1 of the State Constitution. Learned Friday that the state may indeed have a REFUND RECEIPT for GZ CCW license. If this is true, it explains why Omara hasn't accepted Judge Nelson offer to have the SYG hearing that Omara claimed to want so much. Further, it means GZ was illegally in possession of his wife Shellie's gun that he used to kill Trayvon with. While Omara cries about the prosecution not handing over discovery fast enough, Omara has yet to provide the prosecution with reciprocal discovery. Notice the prosecution lack of concern? A little birdie told me it is because there is in fact a refund receipt from the state of Florida. It also explains why nothing was ever said about the revocation of GZ CCW, once he was arrested and charged with this crime. Something that would be required under Florida law. No need to revoke a license that was already revoked prior to this crime. Easily explains why the prosecution went for murder in the 2nd right off the bat of getting this case without calling for a grand jury.

670 days ago



669 days ago

maria ward    

I be dam he we go again with this murderal what he expect that everything gonna be free for him Mr. martin is gone gone and now they concern about him having to pay for security , he should never have had that type of security no one was able to protect Mr. martin from him.

668 days ago


Use some of that slush fund money you got from the public. You're no celeb so get off you ass and work. All the many looks you in those photos of yours, no one will recognize you. sleezeball. Or you beg for more money. You don't want to work or anything but live the life of Reilly and think your **** don't stink.

663 days ago


The Karma begins

475 days ago
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