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Lindsay Lohan & Family


12/27/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her family celebrated an arrest-free Christmas in New York -- but one family member was conspicuously absent ... you get three guesses.

While Michael Lohan celebrated the holiday in Florida with his on-again-off-again-on-again GF (now fiancee) Kate Major, the rest of the Lohan family got festive at Dina's house in Long Island -- including Lindsay's grandma and siblings Ali, Cody, and Michael Jr.

We're told other family and friends were present as well ... and it was actually fun -- drama free, as they gorged themselves on a massive Italian feast.

As for the tree -- we're told money did NOT grow on it.



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Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

D-MAN - dead thread TMZ. - 8 HOURS AGO


SEAMUS - But it's all I have. We need a new Lohan story. - 8 HOURS AGO


One of the sadest and most honest admissions i've ever seen a LiLo H8turd make! lolols

564 days ago

It's Dave    

Poor dysfunctional family of knuckleheads.

Actually they do serve somewhat of a function... by comparison, most of our families seem relatively functional.

564 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Broke Lindsay Lohan to Appear on Million Dollar Decorators
byFree BritneyatDecember 28, 2012 6:43 am


Lindsay Lohan is broke or close to it, with bills piling up left and right, but why would she let that stop her from appearing on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators?

On a January 1 episode, the Liz & Dick star invites one of the show's decorators, Kathryn Ireland, to her new Hollywood Hills home for a consultation.

Want to get a look inside Lindsay Lohan's home, without risking your sanity, valuables and/or life by actually partying with her? You're in luck, people!

In a sneak peek, Lohan takes Ireland up to her bedroom. "Clearly, I need more space," she says, motioning to the designer handbags that line the room.

"I got bored so I started decorating with Chanel."

Wonder if the IRS can freeze those assets like they did her accounts.

"I want this to look like a very pretty, feminine room," she says. "Very princess-y, like Plaza Athenee," Lohan adds, referring to the luxury, five-star hotel.

Ireland's budget from Lohan, she reveals, is a whopping $250,000.

This is a clueless girl who can't even pay the bill on her storage locker, mind you. If she keeps going at this rate, she'll be out on the street by June.

One piece of furniture that must go is Lohan's bed, and not just because of all the filthy things that have no doubt taken place there over the years.

"This mirrored bed is so wrong for Lindsay's house," Ireland says. "It has got nothing to do with this charming, quaint, almost English, French cottage."

They also both agree, fortunately, on hardwood floors for the room.

"I hate carpet in bedrooms," Lohan says later in the episode.

Don't worry ... cell floors usually are straight up concrete.

564 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

WA-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Snow is on its way to New York !!

564 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Lindsay Lohan Turning “Porn Star”?

Truth rating: 0

Lindsay Lohan National Enquirer

10:25 am, December 27th, 2012

(National Enquirer)

“Lindsay Lohan: PORN STAR!” blares a headline from the National Enquirer, which reports that the “cash-strapped” actress is now considering an “X-rated” career.

The mag says “a porn company wants to help save her from a financial abyss by offering her a role in a X-rated film,” and Lohan just might be “desperate” enough to do it.

A so-called “source” for the tabloid reveals, “Her acting career is going south and it seems as if people are running scared from working with her,” explaining, “Some industry insiders think she’s uninsurable, unreliable and far too much trouble.”

Now, Lohan is supposedly “so desperate for money” that she “would consider starring in a ‘self-pleasuring’ porn video much like the one filmed by ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman,” alleges the mag’s “insider.”

The tabloid’s source claims, “Lindsay has had offers before, but one particular online porn company has put $2.5 million on the table,” adding, “If she says yes, the footage will be offered to pay-per-view subscribers.”

Well, unfortunately for those eager subscribers, Lohan is saying NO.

A source close to the “Liz & Dick” star tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true” that she’s considering any such offer.

564 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


A so-called “source” for the tabloid reveals, “Her acting career is going south and it seems as if people are running scared from working with her,” explaining, “Some industry insiders think she’s uninsurable, unreliable and far too much trouble.”

564 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LOL! TMZ used my comment...

564 days ago


Hey red cloud, no one has ever received an oscar for porn..
Now lielo is following in the footsteps as octomom.
next stop strip clubs

564 days ago


I was waiting for both Nikki & Andy to be on...think you missed when I posted this a few days back!! Join us?
____________________________________(tha Thanks to Danielle for the original inspiration for this and to Awards and FU for detail contributions….will repost this periodically…..and HAPPY HOLIDAZE to the awesome H8TERS gang here!!!!)

WHEN: January 25-27 2013

THEME: “Living without regrets and consequences!”

WHY: To celebrate Blo's incarceration OR, A "Bamboozle The Judge and Get Out Of Jail Free Again" Party

ACCOMMODATIONS: Choice of: a.)the Bev Hills "Mansion"
b.)a grifted CM suite c.) Maddy's place d.) L.A. Native's place--- [options C or D are highly recommended]

AGENDA: jewelry heists, vintage-lingerie shoplifting, club-hopping (VIP sections only!), egging the Downtown Women's Shelter, fist-bumping and humiliating judges, for the chicks:FU mani-pedis

Keynote Speaker:Judge Marcia Revel

SIDE TRIPS: Screww Disneyland!!
These trips will encompass THE FULL LINDSAY H8turd Tour Of Grief---clamming in Venice, robbing dealers, wrecking Porsches, harassing movie producers, whacking gypsies, filing lawsuits, making porn, launching dubious Energy Drinks, trailer trashing……& more….TBA

STALKING TARGETS: Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Arab Sugar Daddies, casting agents, the Weinstein brothers

MODE OF TRANSPORT: The TMZ company stretch-jet will fly all participants to LAX where they will be met by the TMZ company stretch-tour bus…..just rewards for being such loyal posters!

COST: r u dum r wot? This is Blohan! All attendees will pretend to have walking pneumonia in order for all costs and fees to be comped.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Scarecrow wigs are mandatory….the rest will be grifted from storage lockers scattered across So Cal. (note:NO black leggings allowed!!)

ROLL CALL: Danielle, LLsez, Awards, FUTMZ, Maddy, Ketjo, Suge King, GC, LA Native and Janet have already expressed interest……..(note:multiple account holders are each welcome!!!) H8TERS ONLY!!! Mark your calendars!

564 days ago


Lindsay Lohan ‏@lindsaylohan
It makes me so happy when the miami housewives get along a/each other! I'm such a sap! Watching finale. lol- don't judge me on this!

^^From last night....LOL that THIS is what Blo is afraid people will judge her on!

564 days ago


with a holiday hangover you are suppose to eat something greasy right?
I guess Kate Major has never had a hangover in years.
milo is as greasy as they come

564 days ago


has anyone seen the previews for #Movie43?
it looks great

563 days ago


I see our favorite black checker is on this morning ....but really 2 black checks on something that really didn't say anything about Lindsay Lohan or Lohan Inc at alll ....Really or is it a black check in principal cause if you want something to black check I can ablige you really good but I have trying to be nice to Lindsay not Lohan Inc l lately seeing as how they are so bad off and all that they are selling anything to make a buck....I mean the next will have the kiddies on the street corners with cups and signs collecting penny's for the poor (themselves).....
What can you say when there is nothing else left to say......she's been called it all......
but I wonder what she was thinking when see see "Her friend " Lady GAGA running around Hollywood cozying up to her former drug supplier/photographer of the trashy and mindless " Terry Richardson" and supposedly making a do***entory on Lady Ga Gags life...and getting all the attention she use to get.... LOL.....must piss her off big time.....She's stuck in NYC and Gag Gag's out in Hollywood playing with all her old toys........But don't worry Lindsay just move over Ga Gags star is falling fast and she will be down in the gutter cesspool with you in not to long.....You really need to find you a nice stupid rich closet gay man and marry him. for his money to keep you in botox and vodka....give him a kid by artificial insemination and you would be set for life....think about it....

563 days ago


Now you have something to black check...and only 4 must only be one Lohan up at this time.......
Nasty cold day here....hell if its going be this cold might as well get some snow out of it.....but ain't none on the horizon.......but the boys are off from school and sprawled all over the house with their cludder ...and the General is sick with the flu and my bones are aching so this is not a happy household today.....I have threatened mayham three times already with the same results.....NONE ! they keep on keeping on. !!!! the Den smells like airplane glue which I ahorr because it makes me sick ...the oldest is putting together a flying fortress model plane on the work I can"t even go in there ....I'm stuck in the kitchen with the laptop hiding from the mess in the Family room and still they find me. !!!! ....and the little one just pranced in with the General's dental pick. he uses to clean the small spots on circuit boards....Ohh Please ! don't let it be broke....I don't want to face him with something broken while he is sick...You would hear the explosion clear to the west coast............later.

563 days ago


you just knew she would have a Mirrored Bed..
wondr how much residue is left all over that thing.

563 days ago
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