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Lindsay Lohan & Family


12/27/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her family celebrated an arrest-free Christmas in New York -- but one family member was conspicuously absent ... you get three guesses.

While Michael Lohan celebrated the holiday in Florida with his on-again-off-again-on-again GF (now fiancee) Kate Major, the rest of the Lohan family got festive at Dina's house in Long Island -- including Lindsay's grandma and siblings Ali, Cody, and Michael Jr.

We're told other family and friends were present as well ... and it was actually fun -- drama free, as they gorged themselves on a massive Italian feast.

As for the tree -- we're told money did NOT grow on it.



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Ellie G    

Looks like one hell of a hungover family Christmas.

667 days ago


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a good week, and a Happy New Year. My new year's resolution is not to get angry with people. It really doesn't do any good, and I end up only hurting them or myself. I hope everyone here is doing well.

667 days ago


@madi...The beauty of that is the court couldn't care less how she gets there. Mandatory, Lohan has to be in court.

If that means Holly has to fly to NY and grab Lohan by the scruff of her hair extensions and physically put her on a plane, bus, train, car whatever. Lohan has to be in court. IRS has nothing to do with anything.

667 days ago


Jersey trash family.

667 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    


"Is a "lolos" anything like a "prolly"? Ask your teacher and get back to me. I actually want to see your answer. I know it's still Christmas break. I can wait.




OK, you asked for it. No it isn't the same. As any English teacher will tell you one is an an acronym (like FUTMZ) while the other is a literary colloquialism.

LOL is a widely known acronym that stands for "Laughing Out Loud"

LOLOL is a widely known acronym that stands for "Lots of Laughing Out Loud"

LOLOLS - Variant meaning lots of LOLs

Prolly on the other hand is not an acronym. It's a literary colloquialism first used before lazy spelling internet idiots that you might associate it with even knew of the internet.

PROLLY - Literary colloquialism for "probably", most likely first used in print in John Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces, (1980), in the speech of one of the book's characters, the mother of the protagonist, Ignatius J. Reilly. The use of the word is meant to reflect the speech typical of white working-class residents of New Orleans, Louisiana.

And BTW if you thought Prolly is made-up lazy internet slang that an English teacher would want to smack someone for even suggesting is a word... think again.

Oxford English Dictionary defines it as...

Syllabification: (prol·ly)
Pronunciation: /ˈprälē/
Definition of prolly

probably: you prolly know this already ; I am prolly the last person he should be asking for advice

Origin: 1940s: representing an informal pronunciation of probably

Now f*ck off, retard. Class is dismissed. lolols

667 days ago


Just after they were sitting around the table fluffing up the Cocaine,,,How sweet.

667 days ago


Let the insults and vulgarities begin so those lacking self esteem and make themselves feel superior.

667 days ago


Pimp Mama Dina and her ugly azz brood...damnnis that lil bitchbAli one ugly lil whore...and no worry lindsay willnbe in jail soon...pity that old azz grandma in the pic.....thyd sell her for a profit...wouldnt be surprised i Dina wasnt stealing her ssi check!

667 days ago


So who did, Lindsay "She's Not A Very Considerate Or Courteous Person"** Lohan, lawyer up with on the East Coast?
**direct quote in court by Shawn Holley, defending Blo on her theft charges

667 days ago



Laudable news years resolution but i fear you are still hanging around with all the wrong peeps (childish haters) if you are still here in the Lohan comments, and the resolution won't last long. :-(

What makes you so different? You are here EVERY day, just about every hour, hanging in the Lindsay comment section also. The only difference is you add nothing to the conversation. Your sole (admitted) purpose is to harrass people.

You are such a hypocrite!

667 days ago


All of them are on crack, except for the grandma. I like the grandma

667 days ago


Pee-wee Sam, the little acne encrusted, spunk-eating monkey, likes to come here feigning superiority but doing exactly what he accuses others of doing. The only difference is Pee-wee Sam approves of his own choice of target.
To quote little Sam, “lolols” (in his Pee-wee voice).
I’m going to save you the effort of replying, little Pee-wee Sam, and use one of your own previous replies so you don’t have to burn any more brain cells:
“What’s your mother’s excuse?”.
Powerful stuff Pee-wee Sam. Really powerful stuff.

667 days ago


Lindsay, GIVE CHARLIE HIS MONEY BACK!!! And Dina, give Lindsay's money to a rehabilitation center and help your damn daughter!! Ugh

667 days ago


Scary !!

thay look like ghost *_*

667 days ago


FFS!!....Nana has "Virgin" ( wink, wink) Strawberry Margarita With A Salted Rim written all over her face, doesn't she?

667 days ago
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