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Matt Lauer

People Are Screaming

Bad Things At Me!!!

12/27/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is "freaked out" that people -- and lots of them -- have been screaming at him on the streets of Manhattan, calling him names and blaming him for the demise of Ann Curry.

Network sources tell TMZ ... Matt is "miserable" over what he believes are hateful and unfair tirades.  Matt says the harassment is constant, with people screaming things like "You're a bad guy,"and "You got Ann fired.  Does that make you happy?" 

Matt is telling people at NBC there have also been lots of sarcastic comments about his $25 million salary.  He feels "abused," insisting Ann's firing is not his fault.  But, as TMZ first reported, Matt made it clear when he re-signed -- he didn't want Ann in the picture.

One network source says, "It's driving him crazy.  He's so unhappy."

As for Matt's future at "Today," it's secure by default.  Aside from the fact that he has a contract, our network sources say NBC honchos are stuck.  They have no one who can step in and stop the bleeding.  As for Willie Geist, the new, 9 AM "Today" host, one very connected source says the sentiment is, "He's not ready.  He's not there yet." 


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Hot Chocolate    

No disrespect intended because I don't know the cir***stances, but I do know the media does awful things to people spreading speculation all the time. He's just feeling it on the other side of the coin. Journalists never like it when they get what they do to others dumped on them. They think they can say and do anything to other people but don't fair so well when its hurled at them the same.

It's a wake up call.

636 days ago

Joe the Plumber    

Wow, really? This is what people care about? This is what is bothering so many people today? Society has become a very sad sad place to live in, priorities people... stuff like this shouldn't even matter.

636 days ago


This shot happens in corporate America everyday. Big deal they're all rich old douche bags

636 days ago


Matt now looks like Nosferatu, with his balding head, pointy ears and ill fitting petite suit jackets.
He's will be NBC's vampire that they can't kill. He hates his job but loves the $, so even though he whines, he's not going to leave.

636 days ago


I haven't watch the show in a while, since ol Katie left. Not that she was the draw...just worked out that way. I wonder if its true that he asked for her to go if he stays. Underhanded and unjustified, unworthy ****iness if true. The only time I hear about that show is when there is drama coming from the hosts. 25 million!! That's alot of dough for Matt. He must bring a lot of entertainment and joy to his followers, none of which are in my circle of friends and family. Get that money Matt!

636 days ago


Truth sucks..huh egotistical bastard..........

636 days ago


Mr. 25 million a year is bitching because someone is calling him names- poor baby - glad he's catching hell - karma at it's best.

636 days ago


I will not watch "Today" as long a Matt is on that show !!!

636 days ago


i watch GMA know. They seem like a nice group and have good chemistry. They genuinely seem to like each other. You definitely can't say that of Lauer and his group - and it's because he's a calculating cold fish.

636 days ago


I wonder what would happen to the ratings if NBC gave Matt a one-week break and brought back Ann Curry, just as a little test.

I think we all know the answer to that.

Matt's an obvious douche and a pretty rude person, I don't know why ANYONE would want to wake up to his arrogant face and nasty attitude every day.

636 days ago


Unfortunately it all goes with the territory. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have been a faithful follower of the Today show since Bryant Gumbel; however the uncivilized dumping of Ann Curry has caused me to tune into ABC instead. They gave the biggest sendoff I have ever witnessed to Meredith Viera but basically sent Ann out in the middle of the night. Disgusting. They should be embarrassed. Who would have guessed that Tom Cruise was prophetic to describe Matt as glib - that's the least of the things he turned out to be!

636 days ago


Should have been fired years ago .... god he has gotten ugly!

636 days ago


WTH happened to Matt Lauer?? At one time he looked good.... Age sure DOESNT agree with him!! How Dare he put someone out of a job and throw them under the bus to boot!! One of the many reasons I NEVER watched the Today show!! GMA All The Way!! Those people know how to play nice!! Pfffft on Lauer!

636 days ago


Can't stand the guy...won't watch the show till he gets fired.

636 days ago


Sniff, sniff. I feel so sorry for hi......KARMA'S A BITCH

636 days ago
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