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Matt Lauer

People Are Screaming

Bad Things At Me!!!

12/27/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is "freaked out" that people -- and lots of them -- have been screaming at him on the streets of Manhattan, calling him names and blaming him for the demise of Ann Curry.

Network sources tell TMZ ... Matt is "miserable" over what he believes are hateful and unfair tirades.  Matt says the harassment is constant, with people screaming things like "You're a bad guy,"and "You got Ann fired.  Does that make you happy?" 

Matt is telling people at NBC there have also been lots of sarcastic comments about his $25 million salary.  He feels "abused," insisting Ann's firing is not his fault.  But, as TMZ first reported, Matt made it clear when he re-signed -- he didn't want Ann in the picture.

One network source says, "It's driving him crazy.  He's so unhappy."

As for Matt's future at "Today," it's secure by default.  Aside from the fact that he has a contract, our network sources say NBC honchos are stuck.  They have no one who can step in and stop the bleeding.  As for Willie Geist, the new, 9 AM "Today" host, one very connected source says the sentiment is, "He's not ready.  He's not there yet." 


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Good....then posts on TMZ are worth the time if he gets the message. He has evolved into a Jerry Seinfeld, arrogant, ****y, jerk, condescending, spoiled like a teenage boy, disrespectful and of really bad character in my opinion.

Not much chance that you can change the overwhelming negative opinion of you Matt. Take your money and go...please!

634 days ago


I know hes human so cry , but for me 25million would dry my tears. sticks and stones may break my bones the 25,000,000 won't hurt me lol

634 days ago


Why? Does he felt hurt by it? Maybe he can have a good cry on Live TV. Remember to get Al Roker to pat on his back.

634 days ago

really! really?    

Matt is "miserable" over what he believes are hateful and unfair tirades.

Hey Matt! It's called karma. You talk down to everyone you interview and interact with. Public opinion is neither hateful nor unfair. You earned it, now own it, a$$wipe.

634 days ago


She had the personality of my smelly aunt Joanna and crying on TV has made her the martyr. Al Stomach Staple Roeker has egged the whole thing on and has become a loon. Please leave the poor white man alone. He only makes half mill a week and he is sad.

634 days ago


Karma's a bitch, huh Matt. Not to mention this story is obviously a failed publicity / sympathy grab. Matt is NOT "on the streets of Manhattan". This guy has security and body guards 24-7 and he is in a private car with a driver to go two blocks. On the streets… LOL

634 days ago


I guess I don't get what makes him so irreplaceable.

634 days ago



634 days ago


I quit watching years ago because I couldn't stand HIM! ABC Morning news is the best IMO.

634 days ago


Look how your body language and facial expressions have changed over the years. You are poised to ask questions that are clearly without regard or respect of the person you are interviewing. It's all about, "Look at me...I asked the questions that no one else has the guts to ask." Questions that the only appropriate answer would be, "It's none of your f_ _ king business dufus." You and Caty Couric were in competition for being tagged, "Biggest a-holes on TV." Every time that you started a question with, "Some people say" I hit the remote change channel button. No clear winner here. Both are a-holes.

You and Caty are clearly out classed by Ann Curry and for the part you played you deserve everything that happens to you.

I bet your wife could write a book on "jerkism."

634 days ago

Today watcher    

Has anyone noticed that Matt is rarely there on Friday? All that money for a part time job? Such a waste. Oh, I forgot a lot of people have stopped watching Today and so they probably haven't noticed. If you want to see Today without Matt, tune in on Frdays.

634 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This is some wonderful news. Good job New Yorkers. Keep up the good work. And how is he safe because of a contract? Ann had one of those twoo and they screwed her out of that guarenteed money. I have nothing but disdain for Today and will continue to boycott them.

634 days ago


Oh, Matty Matt!!! Karma is a bitch , isn't it ?

634 days ago


That's what you get for being a bully. And that's what the network gets for dumping a woman just because one of their "men" was jealous of her. Arrogant pigs all around.

634 days ago


When did he get so old and ugly looking? I don't watch the show he's on and haven't seen him in a while till this pic. Damn! He really turned the corner with the way he looks. WTF

634 days ago
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