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Matt Lauer

People Are Screaming

Bad Things At Me!!!

12/27/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is "freaked out" that people -- and lots of them -- have been screaming at him on the streets of Manhattan, calling him names and blaming him for the demise of Ann Curry.

Network sources tell TMZ ... Matt is "miserable" over what he believes are hateful and unfair tirades.  Matt says the harassment is constant, with people screaming things like "You're a bad guy,"and "You got Ann fired.  Does that make you happy?" 

Matt is telling people at NBC there have also been lots of sarcastic comments about his $25 million salary.  He feels "abused," insisting Ann's firing is not his fault.  But, as TMZ first reported, Matt made it clear when he re-signed -- he didn't want Ann in the picture.

One network source says, "It's driving him crazy.  He's so unhappy."

As for Matt's future at "Today," it's secure by default.  Aside from the fact that he has a contract, our network sources say NBC honchos are stuck.  They have no one who can step in and stop the bleeding.  As for Willie Geist, the new, 9 AM "Today" host, one very connected source says the sentiment is, "He's not ready.  He's not there yet." 


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Please, I happen to know Matt very well personally and he TRULY is one of the nicest and thoughtful persons you could EVER meet! Ann is feeding the media through her allies with all her spiteful lies. Matt had NOTHING to do with her firing, end of story.
Please stop the bullying!

631 days ago


Irreplaceable? How about Lester Holt, the best in the business IMO. Fair, professional and doesn't plaster his personal views all over every story he does.

631 days ago


I, too, liked Matt Lauer at one time, but today it is a different story. He's lost his connection to his audience. He acts entitled and desperate. Today needs to cut their losses and get rid of him. Move on, Matt, there's always barber college.

631 days ago


25m a year to host a mediocre morning news show that also employs Cathy Lee? Come on. Do you people realize how much money Matt is taking home??? And the woman who replaced Ann ,I don't even recall her name but Ann was WAY better!

631 days ago


There are billions of people in this world.
Please find a replacement for this unpopular, pompous, arrogant a@@hole!

631 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What a shock. He deserves exactly what he gets. First he conspired ( like the Big a hole that he has become) to get Ann Curry fired ( no matter what NBC execs say), then they piss on the American public by not honoring the lives of our brave Americans lost on 9/11 by putting an interview with a KRAP TRASHIAN on instead, then most recently they canned Lynn Berry on early today for the horrible MARA Sciavacampo, whocannot speak properly and is terrible. They have lost their #1 rating in the morning and while Matt takes the brunt of the blame ( rightly so) his bosses that approved all of this and didn't stand up to Matt and tell him NO, are also to blame. The suits at NBC are killing the morning news and the TODAY show. Matt is a jerk and deserves what he gets. Its time for executives with honor and integirty to stop pandering to these high paid stars..

631 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Boo effing hoo! You chose to be in the limelight, you chose to be a douche and people are going to be mad at you. Suck it up, ass wipe.

631 days ago


It's a shame that fame and fortune can change someone so much. Hopefully, people will stop watching for a week or two to send a message.

631 days ago


Karma is a b***h

631 days ago


Wah, wah, wah, I make 25 million and I'm so unhappy, and people call me names. What a tool!

631 days ago


What a weak and childish loser. If you can't take it, leave.

631 days ago

Ernie Willis    

Blow out Matt and re-hire Ann Curry! THEN I will want the Today show again.

631 days ago


Matt, your not the same person you used to be....somewhere along the way you allowed yourself to believe all the hype.....
I don't think it was so much Ann's firing as it was the way you and the others handled was cruel and painful to watch...everyone came across cold hearted and mean and she seemed to be a broken one like to see someone bullied, especially on national television....
Karma is hard to take but a lesson should be learned.....

631 days ago

Just The Fax    

Oh Please
Yeah here in NY we're yelling
"You're a bad guy" sounds about right
and poor MATTY MATT "feels abused"
For 25 million someone anyone ABUSE ME

631 days ago


Can't replace Matt.......Now I gotta say that if you put Lester Holt in that seat, I'd come back and watch but you'd have to replace those two air headed women that sit with you every day.....they drive me crazy.......

631 days ago
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