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"Chappelle's Show" Star

Blasts Spike Lee

CHILL! Django's Just a Film

12/28/2012 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee
needs to relax ... so says "Chappelle's Show" star Donnell Rawlings, who tells TMZ, the n-word-filled "Django Unchained" is a fun movie with a happy ending ... and THAT'S IT.

Rawlings was out in L.A. last night when he came to Quentin Tarantino's defense -- blasting Spike Lee for his criticism of Quentin's usage of the n-word in the film (110 times to be exact) ... which Spike called disrespectful to his ancestors.

Donnell said, "Spike Lee, I know you been talking a lot of sh*t. You don't like nobody's movies. You don't like Tyler Perry movies. You don't like Quentin movies. I don't even think you like YOUR movies."

Donnell added, "If you don't understand, Quentin's movie is a Quentin movie. It's not a real story ... It's only a damn movie."

By the way, Donnell's favorite part of the movie? "NO SLAVE VOICE!" You gotta see his explanation ... pretty damn funny.


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Wow, amazing how "you" people turn on one of your own when they actually make some sense. OK, all of the "low information voters" may now click on the HATE button.

662 days ago


Spike Lee thinks he's a hell of a lot more important than he is.

662 days ago


I hate Tarantino and Lee equally they're both horrible people and directors.

662 days ago



That chimpanzee illustrates why it seems black folks are forever taking four steps forward and 10 steps back.

Calling black folk Chimpanzees makes those four steps forward that much harder. I mean come on really!?

662 days ago


You would think he would have a bigger beef with Jamie Fox. I guess he doesn't want to appear too jealous of Jamie's ACADEMY AWARD.

662 days ago


Those white mother****ers just got the opportunity to use the n word as they've always wanted to.

662 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Ashy Larry

662 days ago


Its just a movie..people need to chill...more important things to focus on

662 days ago


If Spike didn't make the movie, it doesn't matter ACCORDING TO THAT LIL DUDE SPIKE LEE. He is just trying to stay relevant. He has that short man's mentality. Spike, it is only a movie. Black folk call each other the n word all day long and you use it too. I watched Roots nd Queen during the holiday and the n word was used all willy nilly. Watcha gonna do now Spike, call out the late Alex Haley?

662 days ago


F this movie we dont need a movie to tell everyone that racism still alive ive seen it on all ends the **** just need to stop period with everyone so stupid and spike lee the same one ive seen in a pic partying it up with a bunch of white girls he can go F himself

662 days ago


I'd be willing to bet that 90% of black people are only disturbed by the word "nìgger" because someone told them they should be. A name's to answer to.

You know how you can tell who's a nìgger and who isn't? Yell out "nìgger" in a crowd...see who turns around.

662 days ago


You all get can upset with Spike over the Tarantino comment but come on. Everything Spike said about the Tyler Perry movies are true. They do nothing for the African-American race except promote utter and disgusting coonery and that goes for both his movies and his television shows. That is the precise reason as to why I refuse to watch either. Spike Lee is a crazy one sometimes, but everything he said about Tyler Perry was spot on. I don't view that as "hating", I view that as simply speaking his mind and stating the truth. It's disgusting how when someone speaks their mind in today's society it is automatically labeled as "hating". The fact is, Tarantino makes a lot of "revenge" movies, some of which may be disrespectful to the people that actually went through it at the time as there was no option, back then, for revenge. It was obey, or be killed.

662 days ago


An interesting tie bit is that Dave Chappelle left his show, for one noted reason of the people working on the show seemed too "into" the racism jokes. Regardless, he's right. First, Q.T. has always loved the "black" movies of the 70s. So its only logical that he'd include the "n word".like h did with Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Second, it's a movie about slaves. Personally I love Q.T's movies and am looking forward to seeing it.

662 days ago


Spike Lee is a pain in the A$$ He should be banned from all NBA games and should stop making believe that the players on the Knicks like him.
He is nothing more than a garden gnome . When was the last time he did anything good?

662 days ago

ocean views    

Spike Lee need to sit his ass down somewhere, not trying to be funny because I really don't know the answer, BUT WHEN WAS HIS LAST MOVIE?!? Its petty to claim that a movie has insulted your ancestors. If Quintin was a black man and did this movie, same story lines, would Spike have anything to say about it then? I think not, stfu Spike.

662 days ago
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