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"Chappelle's Show" Star

Blasts Spike Lee

CHILL! Django's Just a Film

12/28/2012 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee
needs to relax ... so says "Chappelle's Show" star Donnell Rawlings, who tells TMZ, the n-word-filled "Django Unchained" is a fun movie with a happy ending ... and THAT'S IT.

Rawlings was out in L.A. last night when he came to Quentin Tarantino's defense -- blasting Spike Lee for his criticism of Quentin's usage of the n-word in the film (110 times to be exact) ... which Spike called disrespectful to his ancestors.

Donnell said, "Spike Lee, I know you been talking a lot of sh*t. You don't like nobody's movies. You don't like Tyler Perry movies. You don't like Quentin movies. I don't even think you like YOUR movies."

Donnell added, "If you don't understand, Quentin's movie is a Quentin movie. It's not a real story ... It's only a damn movie."

By the way, Donnell's favorite part of the movie? "NO SLAVE VOICE!" You gotta see his explanation ... pretty damn funny.


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tarantino`s whole act is to poss off as many people as he can.IF he had reversed the roles made the black actors slave owners and the white folk the NNNNNNN`s than maybe it would be funny and creative but tarantino IS`nt creavtive he shock marketing and plissy everybody off marketing his side show distractions tacicals which hide his lack of writting or creative skills he has nothing to offer fake his way in because he`ll kick the blacks and people of color for the right wing power club kichen cabinet`ss the FFC and film commission is currupt and is looseing it`s white old boy networks so thye kick.SPIKE should kickback with a bash trantinos worthless films is a cartoon verson of the fake nutjober tar ant tiny

629 days ago


re-edits via FOX sony mob~SS SPIKE shold make a cartoon verson of all of tarantinos smitty videos

629 days ago


This guy was alive 20 yrs ago when the same **** was happening w/ the same people. Not a damn thing has changed.

629 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

4. If all jack@sses had to correctly SPELL every word that comes out of dey ignorant moufs, the world would most certainly be less contentious..........

629 days ago


spike lee has always been a douche. A SPIKED DOUCHE

629 days ago


For one.. this movie (starring the moronic idiot "My lord and Savior I get to kill all the whities" Jamie Foxx) is a period piece were the N word would be used. For another thing... Spike Lee uses the word in his movies. If the word is so bad that you think others shouldn't use it... why do you? and your movies aren't period pieces where it is used in context to what would have actually been said at the time.

629 days ago


What dumbass black person would pay $12.50 to sit in a movie theater to be called a ****** over a hundred times. You say its just a movie, that word is used this day and by racist. Only the true ******s will pay to see the movie.

629 days ago


So slaves were hung, raped, castrated, beaten and considered barely human in this country Yet their slave masters and future generations of slave owners spoke to them in a civil manner...maybe spikes height deficit is creating brain farts...Great filmaker but Spike aka Jimminy Cricket is cray

629 days ago


Spike trying to be relevant in hollywood.He's more famous for the Knicks off court hijinx.

629 days ago


Spike is a has been the Glory days are over. He hasn't had a hit since teh Mars Blackman Nike commercials Get over your self and stop being a pain in the A$$ you are irrelevant stupid

629 days ago


So funny. Well said Ashy Larry.

629 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is this the guy who always did the robot on Chapelles show? If it is this guy was the best! No one could bust out a robot like him! I would like to see him get his own reality show with Ray J and Corey Feldman. It would be three guys who had it all and now are making their move back on top of the Hollywood scene. There would be laughs and a few setbacks but these guys would have eachother's backs through the whole reality series. It would be like Jersey Shore minus the dumb drunk Italians. Think of the laughs when this guy teaches the robot to Ray J and then Corey Feldman breaks out the pancake makeup again and goes full Jacko! The laughs will come fast and furious, this show should start filming right away!!! My title would be Two Men and a Robot

629 days ago


To the ignorant black chick on the TMZ tv show - I know a helluva a lot more ignorant black people in the south than white people. Have you ever even lived in the south you racist pig? Think before you speak because your comment was totally out of line!

629 days ago


Tarantino is a super trash white far right N throwing rocks at the first black president and the rise to power of the people of color and females whom now control the electorical college and thusly the country.Their anti counter pro good old white boyss in sheets dazes will put them also out of the markets soon.IF tarantino had made his white trash N race the slaves and the black people the masters and slave owners than maybe it would`nt seem so raceist.To dig up historys of hate is more hate and to market it as art is a bad joke and yelling fire to riot the white N`s to actions of hate.tarantino never wrote a script in his life other than bloody news reels and fake historicals into whimsical farsts of hate and murders.It was all of tarantinos right to videos should be placed right to the SS rallys at the capital in lincoln nebraska

629 days ago


he is a far right mudd slinger,I grew up right in the middle of the white power breadbox heartland but I always fought SS whites in sheets and dispatched by poopahs and networks even on my paper route as a child they tracked off radar and sound and thermal scan a 8 year old paper boy with pro hitman on him same old spit

629 days ago
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