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Conrad Murray

Prosecutors Try to Block

Bid for Freedom

12/28/2012 4:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If prosecutors have their way ...Conrad Murray will stay locked up, even though an appeals court could reverse his manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

According to new court docs obtained by TMZ ... the California Attorney General is scoffing at Murray's bid for release pending appeal, arguing that he's totally unconvincing when he says he's not a flight risk.  Murray is claiming if he gets out he'll live with his GF/baby mama Nicole Alvarez in Santa Monica, but prosecutors are quick to point out ... he has 7 kids with 5 women, which does not exactly make him the poster child of stability.

And get this ... Murray argued that he can't flee because he's a celeb and therefore can't run and hide.  But prosecutors blanch at the doctor's argument, claiming it would be a travesty to reward him for becoming a celebrity by killing a true celebrity.

 Prosecutors also say the fact that Murray has shown no remorse is a red flag that he might continue to be a danger to the community if set free.


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if he did kill micheal he did the world afavor

629 days ago


Mr Conrad, respect is something you have to earn! And what did you do to earn this? Right..... nothing at all! You killed a person, a beloved father, son , brother, friend etc, a very special and gifted man who gave so much to the world. Somebody who started at a very young age, to entertain the world, somebody who gave a lot off love to his fans, and made them very happy. Because off you, Michael died, because your job was taking care off him, and you didn"t. Don"t expect us to forgive you, i think... 4 years is not long enough! So please stay where you are!! And btw you are not a celeb!

629 days ago


I know of a (HUGE) celebrity who actually knows how to "run and hide" :)

629 days ago


I know of another (HUGE) celebrity who know how to "run and hide" :)

629 days ago


Hey, I know of a HUGE celebrity who is very well able to "run and hide".

629 days ago


sorry for my spamming - I felt something went wrong with the TMZ system. really sorry.

629 days ago



To all those who keep saying he is a hero for killing Michael Jackson, father of 3 ....

This time, his victim was MJ. But, it could have been anyone. Would he be a hero if it was someone you loved?

I can respect people having a negative opinion of MJ, but he is dead - he has children who are innocent - please stop with the hate for their sake!

Yes his victim was MJ,
MJ was also the victim in 05 of a kangaroo court and a malicious prosecutor who was hell - bent on destroying MJ, any which way, with evidence so very weak the Jurors laughed those (Arvios) out of court...
So, I do not 'respect people’ still having a negative opinion of MJ, there is just no excuse anymore, the knowledge/truth is all over the net.
There are too many ignoramuses, haters/trolls and dare I say predators that are attracted to TMZ, their reason is all too obvious, now...

629 days ago

What I Think    

Let Dr. Murray go free. It's not like he caused any harm.

629 days ago


The world would be a better place without YOU UnWell.

That's for sure.....

628 days ago


When will his fellow inmates beat the **** out of this pompous assed mudering *****, in the name of MJ.

628 days ago


RIC, you truly are a dumb azz.......

628 days ago


It's funny that you actually think your "words on a screen" bothers anyone. LoL

Just stating it as I see it. And yes, you're still a dumb azz..

628 days ago


I do know one thing and that is that you RIC, are not the original ric. Either something drastic happened in the past year or so, or UnWell has hacked into your profile.

What's the matter? Your wife leave you or something? You used to be at times somewhat cordial and humorous towards the fans.

Now you're just stupid, rude and crude.......

628 days ago


Mimi - In all seriousness - I know OhWell says things to bait you, as you do to him. He does it because it gets a rise out of you and your comments are so ridiculously funny that I am sure the whole board is laughing at you.
The thing is, OhWell is actually one of the kindest, compassionate, empathetic and giving people you would ever want to meet. You know how they say don't judge a book by it's cover? Yes...he is like a literary masterpiece, a beautiful aria, a finely sculpted work of art. You have NO IDEA about the man who hides giddily behind the persona of OhWell because you have never looked to see him.
I think you are doing yourself a great disservice. And as for poor Francis, I hope you gave him a break over Christmas, maybe a manger scene? Oh...I meant mange....and I was talking about you.


Yeah, and he fights very hard for sex abuse victim boys, speaking on their behalf, condemning the pedo sicko wacko, an advocating for boys who don't have a voice and no rabid fans will hear them!

628 days ago
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