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"Django Unchained"

N-Word Controversy

You Be the Judge

12/29/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-django-unchainedSpike Lee is boycotting Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" because the N-word is used 110 times. Interesting, since Spike has used the N-word in some of his flicks. So we gotta ask ...


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This is 2012, Spike get over it. This movie was entertaining and it was just a movie. Why r u so sensitive about "******". I'm quite sure if a black person directed this movie i wouldn't be sending this email. If this word is so awful then maybe our black people shouldn't call each other "******"

627 days ago


Come on....Quentin just copies all those old foreign movies he used to push when he worked at the video store in manhattan beach and adds violence ...and people call him a genius...really?? Overrated!!

627 days ago


"Blacks are too intolerant" is actually a question TMZ decided to post?? All blacks are intolerant because of what one black guy said (Spike Lee)?? You can't just generalize an entire race of people. Judging by the responses it's obvious not a lot of black people visit this site. You guys should have left that question out of your poll.

627 days ago


BELLACA..are you calling somebody out on racism..Read your own remarks and say you aren't guilty as well.

627 days ago


This poll is a huge indicator of the demographics of a TMZ reader. Think I'm finished.

627 days ago


I'm not going to apologize to anybody because of what race I am. Slavery was wrong on every level but that doesn't mean I have to keep apologizing for the past and i certainly will not bow down to ANY race because of what happened way before my time. Step up to the plate and earn what you want Demanding won't get you anything but misery.Everybody is equal as far as I'm concerned so if you have a problem , that's your problem and not mine.

627 days ago


LOL Tarantino would like to thank Spike, TMZ, Perez Hilton and all the other scandal happy twits for keeping this controversy going. He's making millions off all of you.

627 days ago


I prefer to use the term "Low information voter".

627 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, I understand the whole "taking ownership" of the word and neutralizing it's meaning perspective.
Still, I would not place that intentionally
degrading word on any child/Creation of God.
"Social-acceptance", -again- be damned.

The House of David 20Twelve Victory, is HERE:

627 days ago


There is much more to this then being still being a puppet for the white man. None of the black actors were nominated by the GG, yet the white ones where. How can a creepy white dude tell an honest story about a horrible black experience? How can these black actors azz kick rodeo these white people? Many of you don't and won't understand but this like West Hollywood actually being straight.

627 days ago

CriticXtreme, this would be an example of a black director making a movie about Jews being Jesus killers, snakes and money hunger folks who like starting wars. And instead of the N-Word being used, Jews would be called "you hooked nose Jew bastard..." You folks would then be up in arms. Like being up in arms about Sandy Hooks, yet not giving a damn about Chicago.

627 days ago


I hate it how rap music promotes the N word like it's a cool thing to say. Why isn't spike lee boycotting all these rap artists? actually why aren't the african american community boycotting all these rap artists? they are the ones promoting it like it's cool to say it. How many white people all around the world are now saying the N word because they heard it in a cool rap song?

627 days ago


As a black male, I do agree that the use of the N word has gotten out- of- hand regardless of who use it. Blacks typical used it against each other because of issues with self hate, self worth until it was so common among us that it didn't have the same effect anymore. Which ever the case tho, having a white man call me a N rather than a black man feels different mentally. Most blacks agree that using the word outside of the home in at the job or office is just plan ignorant. I don't have a problem with white people using the word because to put ownership on something as simple give it too much power. I haven't seen Django yet but I kind of wonder myself the need for using the word N word over 1100 times in 1 hour.

627 days ago


Who in the hell makes up these polls?They're a bunch of bullsh*t questions with b.s outcomes.

627 days ago


I think Spike Lee said he had a problem with how many times the n-word was used in the Django film, which was about 110 times. Not that he had a problem with the word being in the film, cause he said he uses it himself in his movies. I think Spike said Quentin is "off" for the *excessive* use in Jackie Brown and Django.

Either way, I don't think Quentin is racist or anything. He has a unique style for sure though.

627 days ago
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