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"Django Unchained"

N-Word Controversy

You Be the Judge

12/29/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-django-unchainedSpike Lee is boycotting Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" because the N-word is used 110 times. Interesting, since Spike has used the N-word in some of his flicks. So we gotta ask ...


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I agree with Terrell, the poll questions are DUMB. Especially cause TMZ knows Spike's exact quote about the film and could have come up with better questions for the poll.

661 days ago


This makes me nervous. I teach 11th grade American literature in a public school. Huck Finn is on our curriculum. Is Spike going to come after me?

661 days ago


Why not show a movie with wanton killing of white people?? We're a [bleeper] nation now...a majority of Obama voters and the numbers are growing.

God help us.

661 days ago


Spike is Irrelevant and he should put a lid in his fat mouth. He makes an ass out of himself at the NBA games and he looks like a lawn jockey when he stands up

661 days ago


Just a thought – would it be possible that Spike and Quentin cooked this up to increase movie attendance? It wouldn’t be the first time a controversy was started to get media attention. I think Mel Gibson did this right before The Passion was released. Any press is good press. I bet Quentin is saying thanks to Spike whether it was intentional or not.

661 days ago


I think it probably would have been better to have this movie made by a black director (although NOT Tyler Perry) but at the end of the day, it is a work of fiction. If Spike Lee wants to make a movie about slavery and real life slaves, then he needs to get on it and quit insulting a movie he has yet to see.

661 days ago


this word was used then..and well through later times. i am so tired of people being offended by the use of words or behaviors in historically accurate films.
get over it Spike...put on your big boy pants and realize that it IS RELEVANT TO THE MOVIE.

661 days ago

the truth is    

I'm a black woman who loved the movie. I sat at the blackjack table full of white people that seemed to be uncomfortable about discussing it. I'm sorry. Most white people that I encounter seemed to have a complex. If my skin bothers you, don't look. If you dislike black people because of stereotype...hell, I don't care. That is your evil. I'm automatically blessed. lol Same goes for the self-hating black people. No one is exempt. lol

661 days ago


Gratuitious IS NOT A WORD but gratuitous IS. Sorry but not proof readings is a pet peeve...

661 days ago


This is a fantasy film that blacks love. Jamie Foxx is a closet racist as are so many blacks and whites. When are we going to see a film about who sold slaves to whom? When are blacks going to be blamed for selling slaves? No, it is too easy to whine about what the whites did and how they owe everyone.

661 days ago


You poll is made up of mostly whites as indicated by the poll results. We still have a long way to go.

661 days ago


Here's a about no one, regardless of race, uses that word? Then we won't have to deal with a constant uproar about the word and then have people of all races pointing at another calling them racist. And I'll add that Spike Lee is a hypocrite. If he can't see a movie because it has that word in it, then I guess he never watched any of his either...

661 days ago


Every ethnic group was a ******/slave at one time or another during their history. Blacks (some) just like to use this as an excuse to stay on welfare and for their laziness. John Lennon said it best "Women are the ******s of the world", used and abused...

661 days ago


Boycott Spike Lee's future films for being such a hypocrite.

661 days ago


Fisrt off let me say this Unless you are black you shouldnt be using that word unless its in a movie and that movie is in the era where thats what they used it should also be rated R just for that reason alot of people of color feel disrespected because of the past use of the word by whites of all cultures.fact is this country can never pay its debt to the over 200 milllion murderd by whites in america forced to build this country and never compensated as the country has done others including people who call themselves jews America has never Murderd you or any other race and theres no comparison except that of japan and china yet niether had to endure the viscious Nasty sick things that our people had to so No on the st in Rapp songs or any other venue do whites have a pass to use it accept to tell a story in the time that it was used and preferably a true story. For the record im fine with the movie but i dont wanna see a return to those types of movies and as for the people calling people crack heads look in the mirror and most of your stars are drug users they just dont get the attention when they get caught as our people get its ignorant of you as well as a slick way of saying we all do that type of stuff grow up little boys.

661 days ago
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