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Sandy Hook Massacre

CT Attorney Blames State

Wants to Sue for $100 Mil

12/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A Connecticut attorney blames the state for the brutal massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary -- claiming it FAILED to protect the children from harm's way -- and now he wants to sue for $100 million on behalf of one on the survivors.

According to the Hartford Courant, Irving Pinsky filed legal docs Thursday with the Claims Commissioner, asking permission to sue the state on behalf of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook student who survived the shootings (she was in another classroom at the time).

Pinsky claims the girl, only ID'd as "Jill Doe," suffered emotional and psychological trauma ... this according to local reports.

Pinsky believes the shooting was foreseeable, claiming a "fellow like Adam Lanza would have been known as a potential problem to the police."

The state is immune from most lawsuits, which is why Pinsky must ask for permission to even file the suit. No decision has been made whether or not the suit will go through.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

The article I read this morning says the girl's family is suing, TMZ's article seems like they're putting it on the lawyer. The family isn't suing against their will you know.

600 days ago


Shame on this ambulance chaser.

600 days ago


Is he going to give the entire judgment to all the families? That's the only reason it should be allowed to progress!

600 days ago


Sorry Mr. Pinksy, you are so out of line on this one.There is no way to keep anyone 100* safe any where. You and this Jill Doe are just being so money hungry and greedy. I pray you get a real smart judge and he throws this case out. This woman should be very thankful that her child came home alive and not in a body bag. Shame on you and her for taking advantage of this opportunity to grab money from this horrific tradgety. God is watching and don't forget Karma, it's a real BITCH!

600 days ago


Your typical Jewish Ambulance chasing S*** Bag Lawyer Did I just describe Harvey?

600 days ago


Sad to see some people will find an opportunity to line their pocket in any situation.
A hundred million for a family lucky enough to have their child in another classroom, when this carnage took place.

Who could have foreseen this?
The lawyer is trying to sue the state because it has money., and the mother and sons estate probably doesnt .

600 days ago


Another idiot lawyer making a frivolous lawsuit! The state is not responsible, the school is not responsible, the guns and gun manufacturers are not responsible, his mom isn't even responsible. It's the fault of the guy that did it.

600 days ago


do any lawyers have any code of ethics?

600 days ago


That's ridiculous

600 days ago


Sorry, but the people responsible for this are dead. We cannot control others actions, but his mother chose to arm and train a very mentally unbalanced person. She has to partially share the blame in this tragedy, but she paid the ultimate price for her mistake. Unfortunately, so did 26 others, their families, friends, etc. Also, several small children had to suffer and endure extreme emotional trauma that mostly only soldiers encounter. But, it wasn't the state, schools, or anyone elses other than the two dead people's faults. That's just a lawyer trying to make a buck off a traumatized young child, and that is disgusting.

600 days ago


Pathetic, instead of being happy your child is alive they instead think "hey let's make a buck off of the death of innocent children." These people should have to explain this Lawsuit to the surviving parents of the children lost in the school shooting.

600 days ago


Sad that ppl r trying to make money off of this...its nott the schools fault. The doors were locked. They couldn't have predicted this. And did these parents forget that it was the teachers who protected the kids including. The dead ones...go get ur child a counselor. How dare u blame the people who protected ur kid.

600 days ago


Wow, What a money grab. The peope of CT have been through enough now these parents want to sue them? That is who they are suing the tax payers. Sometimes horrific things happen, sometimes people suffer a truamatic event and there is no one to sue. In this case the estate of Adam Lanza would be sueable the real money isnt there so of course they go after the statel. How was the state or the school for the matter suppose to know about this? Last I heard the shcool was being praised for practing so many drills incase this happened. Those poor teachers who died protecting the kids did all they could to prevent deaths from happening.

These parents should be happy their child is alive. I read that they are suing for one houndred million dollars. That is insane.

600 days ago


Did these parents forget that the doors were locked n the killer forced his way in. The intercom was turned on so the teachers can protect the kids..this is a slap to the face to the ppl who gave their life to protect their child

600 days ago


Pathetic! Maybe they should be hugging that child and giving thanks she is still alive! Instead - let's sue for millions!!! This is what is wrong with society!!! Pathetic parents!!!

600 days ago
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