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Sandy Hook Massacre

CT Attorney Blames State

Wants to Sue for $100 Mil

12/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A Connecticut attorney blames the state for the brutal massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary -- claiming it FAILED to protect the children from harm's way -- and now he wants to sue for $100 million on behalf of one on the survivors.

According to the Hartford Courant, Irving Pinsky filed legal docs Thursday with the Claims Commissioner, asking permission to sue the state on behalf of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook student who survived the shootings (she was in another classroom at the time).

Pinsky claims the girl, only ID'd as "Jill Doe," suffered emotional and psychological trauma ... this according to local reports.

Pinsky believes the shooting was foreseeable, claiming a "fellow like Adam Lanza would have been known as a potential problem to the police."

The state is immune from most lawsuits, which is why Pinsky must ask for permission to even file the suit. No decision has been made whether or not the suit will go through.


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And so it starts,the race is on. The s***bag lawyers were stepping over each other to get to the victims families, the surviving kids famalies, and the teachers that made it out to sue. I stated about two days after the whole thing happened that lawyers were on their way to Newtown with papers in hand ready to file lawsuits. It's a race to be the first in order to get paid first, with of course the lawyers seeing most of any mobney awarded.This s***bag lawyer asking for $100million for someone that wasn't likked. Imagine what the lawyers that will be suing for the famalies of kids that actually died. Should total a billion or two.Pathetic.

601 days ago


How in the world is that gonna solve anything??? Everyone around the world is sending them tons of stuff.. the mother failed!!!

601 days ago


The child he is representing was not in another classroom away from the shooting. She is the only surviving child from her classroom. Just imagine what she witnessed.

601 days ago


I wish I had a dime for every time I was 'traumatized'. I feel for the children who went through this, but they if fact, MADE IT THROUGH it. There was 20 who didn't. Suing because you didn't get killed is just asinine.

601 days ago


Um...It's not the state's problem. The guy took the guns from his own mother, so she is partially to blame for this, but she's dead now and so is he...Just trying to make a quick buck off of a tragedy. Sick...The girl is alive and that's all that should matter.

601 days ago


I knew it was coming.

601 days ago


What a disgrace. This country is a joke

601 days ago


The emotional distress of being the child of money grubbing, greedy, profit off tragedy parents is probably greater than any distress from sounds the child heard on an intercom that day.

601 days ago


They need to focus on getting these surviving children the proper mental help, not financial.

601 days ago


And then lawyers, like car salesmen, wonder WHY they have the reputation that they do! What a S***BAG!

601 days ago


Hey TMZ, Why don't you go through Public Records and expose this POS FAMILY like you do everyone else???

601 days ago



601 days ago


F*cking Lawyers. Shakespeare was right. They Parasites who will do anything for money, and I am sure this piece of sh*t is not the last of the bloodsuckers that will stick their greedy heads up..

601 days ago


I can only wonder how the parents who had no child to pick up that day will feel when they hear of this. I am sure there are many places that are receiving donations to help any of the victims get medical care after the fact if that is what the child needs. 100 Million dollars will not make that day go away nor will it bring any of the children or teachers back. How sad for these people doing this at this time........................As bad as I feel for the child it is despicable of the parents and the attorney.

601 days ago


It's the crazy young man with GUNS that killed them. You cannot sue him because he is dead and you cannot sue the gun manufacturer because the republican congress many years ago passed a bill that forbids anyone ever of suing any gun manufacturer for the liability of any gun death in this country! have no where to go to get money so you sue the state that had NOTHING what so ever to do with this horrific killing spree. How disgusting!

601 days ago
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