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Hillary Clinton

Hospitalized for Blood Clot

12/30/2012 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1230_hillary_clinton_gettySecretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized Sunday after doctors discovered a blood clot, this according to her spokesman.

The clot was discovered during a follow-up exam related to a concussion she suffered this month.

She is currently at New York Presbyterian Hospital where she will remain for the next two days so doctors can monitor her condition and treat her with anti-coagulants. Clinton's spokesman did not specify where the clot was discovered.

Clinton suffered a concussion earlier this month after she fainted due to dehydration.


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BB not bb    

Obama just got reelected and is about to start a second term and three of the major old politicians are gravely ill or dead. I think something is going on here. Maybe Obama is planning to suddenly unleash all of the disasters he put in place during the past term.

Obamacare is set to kick in, bankrupting small businesses and forcing everyone to submit their financial records so that their money can be taken for overpriced health insurance. There are Muslims in top positions all over who could start calling for more sharia type laws. He is trying to take away the guns and ban freedom of speech like over the Benghazi incident.

He is either going to succeed into making the USA the next Muslim Brotherhood nation, or there is going to be a massive civil war. Smart politicians with alot of experience would just be in the way. He has been subtly causing the downfall of America for the past for years by increasing the debt. When the debts default and China demands repayment, they will come for US territory.

I suppose the UN will assist and then goodbye America, especially if they no longer have guns to protect their property.

628 days ago

BB not bb    

What is also weird is they want to replace Hilary with John Kerry, saying Hilary is too sickly. Since when? This is like all of a sudden. John Kerry couldn't be elected president because of the testimoney of the swiftboat soldiers who said he abandonded them in battle as their leader. Now they are having a disloyal man like this as secretary of state.

We averted one reanimated corpse looking robot from Massachussetts when Romney was shut down. Now we are getting his replacement anyway in Massachussett's John Kerry. These guys are just self serving elitist types. The little guy means nothing to them.

If Obama is trying to turn the USA into a sharia society, I guess they can't have a powerful woman secretary of state either. Hilary must have been opposed to that. Shwartzkopf and Bush Sr. seem like they'd be opposed to that also.

If they say she has blood clots in her brain, they could say that they have to drill into her head and she could very easily die from that. Why is Mubarek suddenly so ill? They don't want him to ever try to regain control of Egypt, which is turning into Islamic hell on earth.

628 days ago

the truth    

What sickens me more than the arrogance and lack of knowledge of the liberal left is the double standard of the leftist thought police media and even worse yet is the fools that take liberal propaganda as Gospel If Hillary was a Republican the media would chew her ass off like they did oppertunitcally with bush and God forebid the mainstream media as Obama a tough question I mean after all he's our Furher

628 days ago


Get Well Hillary

628 days ago

BB not bb

Here is the hope and change that Obama helped bring to Egypt. All Egyptian Christians will be exterminated in a genocide if the Egyptian Muslims feel that they are against Islam. So this is inevitable, since to Christians there is only one way to heaven.

Now what is a blood clot but a contusion or a bruise? Now she is going to be on blood thinners like coumadin which has the same chemical make-up as rat poison. I think these pro-America politicians all need to stay out of hospitals before they get killed.

Obama helped overthrow Mubarek for this kind of a society. Since when have so many US politicians suddenly dropped like flies?

628 days ago

Ishpeming Michigan Guy    

I'm 110% certain she has a excellent health plan which would include dental care so why go out with looking so poorly? Bleach or replace the fangs.

628 days ago


1. she needs to whiten her teeth. 2. she's still got a nice face. 3. (most important) she's 65, this is not newsworthy.

628 days ago



628 days ago

What I Think    

I hope she dies so she can never become president. What a blessing that would be for the U.S.A.

628 days ago


Hope you feel better soon, Hillary, our next President of the United States.

628 days ago


So full of crap. She can pay the doctors to say anything. Don't trust her and she is a travesty to her position. Those people are dead and she has the nerve to fake her illnesses. She is a horrible woman. I don't believe her or trust her whatsoever!

628 days ago


The Enquirer says it is a brain tumor!! Who knows? They got the John Edwards baby scoop right, even when he denied.

628 days ago


E nqu irer this week says it is a brain tumor. Who
knows?. They did get the John Edwards mistress/baby scoop right way early even as he continually denied it.

628 days ago


my prayers goes out to the clinton family. hurry up and get well so you can get back at it. we love you hilary. you might be the first female president after obama turn is over

628 days ago


Somewhere a republican

627 days ago
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