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'Justified' Producers

Accused of Ripping Off

Western Artist

12/30/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Justified" producers are under fire from an artist who claims they ripped off one of his paintings for their promotional art ... and now, he's demanding they ditch the ads -- OR ELSE.

Attorney Keith Davidson fired off a cease and desist letter on behalf of artist Gabe Leonard ... accusing FX Networks -- which produces the hit show -- of copying his original piece "Double Fist" in its ads for the new season.

The letter cites several similarities -- rugged U.S. Marshals, pistols drawn, hats tipped, color schemes -- and concludes its a clear case of copyright infringement.

FYI -- "Double Fist" had been posted on Leonard's website 3 year prior to the unveiling of FX's promotional art.

FX says "no comment"-- but we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


This pose has been in several old western flicks, so if they owe anyone it would be Clint Eastwood.

599 days ago


Maybe they ripped it off or maybe this artist is just trying to get notoriety. I think this is where the saying, "It's all been done" comes into play.

599 days ago


If anyone is a rip off, it would be Gabe Leonard ripping off Ernie Barnes

599 days ago


Love the way you cover the lead with text.

599 days ago


So let me get this're gonna sue FX for putting out a poster of one of the most iconic poses for gunslingers in history because you happened to have drew a pretty picture in the same pose? That you obviously stole from someone else? That makes sense. Idiot.

599 days ago

Reality Check    

I agree that I have seen this stance in plenty of westerns before. It is going to be hard to get the judge to agree that this is a copyright infringement.

599 days ago


It may have been an inspiration, but the original art was obviously an inspiration of a very common pose also. Even if it was a copy, shouldn't he just be flattered? Greedy greedy greedy!

599 days ago


That's not a unique or even very creative image. They need to get over it and STFU.

599 days ago

Rolf Yngve    

Probably can't get paid, but it's clearly inspired by Davidson's image.

599 days ago


I did a quickie image search and found maybe five other images in the same pose and with a hat - that pose has obviously occurred to other people. Also, the color schemes are not the same (at least in the images shown) - one is mostly a duotone, while the other uses a bunch of colors. The only really similar thing is that they're both US Marshals using that pose.

599 days ago


Kill all lawyers!

599 days ago


This is pointless. That image bears almost no resemblance. Colour palette? No. Shape of man? No. Style of man? No. Type of guns? No. Ok so... The only similarity is that it's a close up of a man pointing two guns? Yeah well, that might be hard to copyright. Let's hope no one copyrights sitting on the toilet to take a dump or we're all in trouble. AT MOST the image is an homage. In that case, be flattered chuckles. Lawyers are the living worst.

599 days ago


In the art world, this is called intellectual property theft, i.e., theft of concept & structure.

he has a case.

599 days ago


So I see this ad on a bus and I'm like that is Gabe Leonard's work. I know this because I own one of his pieces and have been a fan sense I first saw him at Venice beach. The people that voted no, you are DEAD wrong. This is no question a rip off. Go to his site and look for yourself, he has been around for years and as usual Hollywood thinks they can do whatever they want.

599 days ago


Really? Somebody holding two guns out is that original that no one can do it now? I think every shoot em up movie has a scene like that. Thomas Jane as Punisher in the building with the money launderers springs to mind.

599 days ago
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