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Katt Williams Arrest

Cops Say Gun Found Was


12/30/2012 5:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1230-katt-williams-tmz-gunKatt Williams has some explaining to do ... because cops now say one of the guns seized from the comedian's house during his most recent arrest was recently reported stolen.

TMZ broke the story ... Katt was arrested Friday on charges of child endangerment after an investigation from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services concluded there was a slew of guns and illegal drugs stashed in his house.

Now the LAPD is telling the LA Times​ that one of the firearms taken from Katt's crib was reported stolen.

Immediately following Katt's arrest, he told TMZ he kept his guns in a locked box and it was his right as an American to possess firearms to keep his kids safe.

Katt is due in court on January 25.


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He said in one of his comedy shows "what? I'm gonna shoot somebody with my gun" hmmm Katt you're tripping. If you managed your money right you wouldn't even need a gun. Could of hired security and your kids would of been better protected.

558 days ago

Monkey boy    

Throw the puke in jail and throw away the key. Useless member of society

558 days ago

Keyser Söze    

I cannot recall anyone, whether he is white, black, yellow or otherwise, getting in so much problems in so little time... I mean, even LiLo got to be watching this circus in total amazement!

You have been in trouble before, Katt, and somehow always managed to get always from it untouched, but, if you manage to pull this off for all the nonsense you have done in the last 4 weeks... you'll be a true Pimp Wizard.

... Not gonna happen, though.

558 days ago


Kat has 99 problems and the byatch ain't least at the moment!

558 days ago


Guns aren't the problem. ILLEGAL, STOLEN, UNREGISTERED guns are!

558 days ago


Again with this guy? How is he still walking on the streets? Lock him up already. Tired of hearing about him.

558 days ago


LMAO What a loser !

558 days ago


Hey azzhole...yes you can have a gun, but these guns were not registered and then to have a stolen gun in your possession is very go back to school before opening that vagina you call a mouth and follow the gun laws in effect...useless azzhole!

558 days ago



558 days ago


What a complete loser. Feel sorry for those kids because they should have a right to be brought up by a human.

558 days ago


****ing Katt needs a life! This **** ain't even funny no more .

558 days ago


Please forgive them father, for they know not what they do. Katt Williams hang in there. Some of us see what they are trying to do to you. They don't like the fact that God changed his plans for you. They hate that you've found The Lord and savior. They trying to destroy your reputation/credibility by calling you crazy and the sheeples are eating it up.

558 days ago


He must hav ben doin somthn ryte if he had all those kids for 14yrs....they need to quit fckn wit him!! !

558 days ago


Whoa he's imploding tryin to roll with suge is a train wreck waiting to happen again. An old saying goes if you roll in **** expect to attract flies.Get it together Kat

558 days ago


He doesn't break the law. If her did her would be in prison. Get real if he Brooke laws he would be in prison

558 days ago
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