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Lindsay Lohan

I Am NOT Doing

'Celebrity Big Brother'

12/30/2012 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230-lindsay-lohan-ffnCameras follow Lindsay Lohan everywhere she goes, but she's not about to live with them ... telling friends she has no interest in doing "Celebrity Big Brother."

With LiLo arriving in London yesterday (see above), the rumor mill spun into overdrive ... saying Lindsay was in town to film the super-popular British show.

But according to our sources, the idea is "completely untrue" and total "nonsense." As one source pointed out ... how could she lock herself in a home for a few months when she has a court date next month?

If anyone locks up Lindsay Lohan, it won't be TV producers ... it'll be a judge.


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Ivan in Phoenix    

Then it would only be a matter of a couple of episodes that LiLo would be caught doing some drugs or getting drunk. But she'll be begging to get on the show when she is completely broke.

625 days ago


They wouldnt let her do the show because she would clog all the toilets with her monster turds!

625 days ago


**pouring Lemon Drops**
for Maddy, Nikki and others.
CHEERS!! Rooting for Maddy's Team!!

625 days ago


Why doesn't she sell her mink and apply it to her tax lien?

625 days ago

Tim Thomas    

I love all you PETA idiots. If you spill paint on that fur coat. You will just being killing more animals cause she will have another one made.

625 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

That coat isnt real, its faux fur.

625 days ago


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625 days ago


I think DWTS would be better for her. Allow her to appreciate her health

625 days ago


You don't screw around with Bob and Harvey Weinstein and not expect to get any backlash from that. She messed with the big boys on SM5 and not good.

Lohans horrible reputation is going to follow her anywhere. Europe or the states doesn't matter.

Doesn't change the fact she is a no talent washed up has been at the ripe old age of pushing 27. Too much of a liability and not an ounce of an asset.

In addition to lier, thief, mean, nasty drunk and druggie and convict. Yeah, that always screams hire me.

625 days ago


Is that stupid bitch wearing A FUR COAT ???????

Now I despise her even MORE !!!

How would she like to be raised then skinned for some low life creature to wear her ?? Your going to hell, LIndsay, soyou can wipe that smirk off your face !

625 days ago


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625 days ago

Suzy Q     

This is one of the stupidest rumors she's ever started about herself. What's next?

I'm NOT going to get rid of my side boobs?
I'm NOT going to stop brushing my teeth?
I'm NOT going to sneeze into the cocaine?

625 days ago


She better get her butt back to NY for her court date she must show up for and not pull a 3rd never lost or stolen passport BS.

I still think Lohan is scared and she should be. There is a good chance Judge Godfrey can uphold Sautners ruling.

Everyone knows Lohan thinks she's above the law and has done nothing but laugh at the court. Lohan has always counted on jail overcrowding, 5 rehab jokes to avoid jail and so on.

Maybe this time the court will have the last laugh.

625 days ago


Seriously. Who really gives a ****!

625 days ago


Why do people hate celebrities?................Entertainment & Music > Celebrities > Resolved Question

Resolved QuestionShow me another »
Why do people hate celebrities ?
why do people juj sum1 if they r bad cuz they work so much for us like paris hilton [ i m not her fan but i dont juj her ] she works her best to make us happy not only her every celeb / its not like evri1 is perfect sumtym celebs also make mistakes / if sum1 is ugly will u hate her for that ?? no just dont pick her in your fave celeb list is that hard ??? nooo
3 years ago Report Abuse

Shadow Kisa♥~
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

What Katie said.
And sometimes, like for Paris Hilton, she gets her money handed to her and doesn't have to work for anything. Or for actors/actresses, sometimes they don't care about their fans. And the media also focus on celebrity mistakes so THEY can get money, as well.
3 years ago Report Abuse
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Some people just hate them because they think they're too "diva-ish" and have a rude attitude. Or that they are inappropiate. But it's hard growing up in the limelight, just take a look at what happened to B.Spears. Such a young, beautiful woman and during the one period, media caused chaos with her life (TV, Newspapers, Magazines) They just inflare the hate/disgust and it's sickening. No, not everyone is perfect, but all the media wants is $$$ so they'll bash celebrities, invade their personal lives and people who get ahold of their media develop a certain "emotion" towards them, It's how the human mind works. Sometimes people will hate on certain people because they're successful (i.e. Justin Beiber, twilight) without understanding what the targeted audience is. But they a re a lot of celebrities that do several amounts of charity work and aren'r usually on the front cover of a magazine, it's what sells that's on the cover: __________ cheated on __________.
3 years ago Report Abuse
14% 1 Vote

i guess their jealous, but maybe it's because their stuck personalities. I think they think that celebrities are all stuck up because they have a lot of money. I wouldn't say they hate celebrities but the dislike celebrities. But you know that when you go crazy over them you know that they are normal people just like us.
3 years ago Report Abuse
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Mandi V
People hate them because they are jealous(not all the time) or they hate them

625 days ago
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