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Lindsay Lohan

I Am NOT Doing

'Celebrity Big Brother'

12/30/2012 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230-lindsay-lohan-ffnCameras follow Lindsay Lohan everywhere she goes, but she's not about to live with them ... telling friends she has no interest in doing "Celebrity Big Brother."

With LiLo arriving in London yesterday (see above), the rumor mill spun into overdrive ... saying Lindsay was in town to film the super-popular British show.

But according to our sources, the idea is "completely untrue" and total "nonsense." As one source pointed out ... how could she lock herself in a home for a few months when she has a court date next month?

If anyone locks up Lindsay Lohan, it won't be TV producers ... it'll be a judge.


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Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay knows that Heidi and Spencer are bigger stars than she is. Can't take the heat..............

661 days ago


Please do not do anything more at all.
You had your chance and blew it.

661 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Jan. 7, 2013


661 days ago

jackfilms up close footage of katt williams running scared

661 days ago


Nice fukcing coat hag. I wish someone would throw paint on her.. I wonder who she stole it from

661 days ago

delusional much LL?    

you can bet lowhan has never felt an ounce of remorse for any of the people she's f-ed over.
with all the cr*ppy things she has done and what she's now facing because of it.
still smiles as only a true narcissist/ borderline sociopath can.

661 days ago


Don't know about anyone else. Who the hell want's the IRS breathing down your back. Now she's messing with Federal. They don't slap you on the wrist. They don't go away.

Doesn't matter if she pays all her back and current owed taxes. She is so RED FLAGGED that flag is on fire.

Lawsuites, civil suites against her and no work. It's all catching up with her. Couldn't happen to a nastier person.

661 days ago


She must be holding out for a better Liz and Dick 2.

661 days ago


Thanks Charlie Sheen !! Since you paid part of her tax bill, she's off to London, smiling, wearing a dead animals, and ready to party for New Years

Now I know why SO MANY Americans hate her guts. She throws it in our faces.

I want this woman LOCKED UP for a long time, as we're all Mad as Hell and we're not going To Take Her Anymore !!!!!!!

661 days ago


People, people, Allred has NOTHING to do with Blohans court date in NY on the 7th. That is criminal, Allred is civil. Allred will most likely be a spectator and assist the DA in advising her client, thats it!

661 days ago


Most of Lohans 200k for SM5 cameo was taken back for all her damages and her other BS she caused.

Wonder how her talking to "her people" about her breach of contract against the producers is going. She did not give them her permission. She's is such a friggin moron.

C'mon, Lohan is nothing more than a jealous, vindictive, lier, thief drunk and druggie and no talent.

Lohans biggest fear is Lindsay who? Oh yeah, that idiot, is she still alive. She will do whatever to stay in the tabloids. It's all she has left.

No one feels sorry for her whatsoever. She did this all to herself. Lohans only enabler has always been Lohan herself. She knows it.

661 days ago


Why do you hate Lindsay Lohan?
She's such a great actress.. Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Georgia Rule, Just my luck, all good don't tell me she can't act
and she can sing well too, Listen to her live here
Just because she sings teen-pop songs doesn't necessary make her a bad singer, she's got a nice voice. You wanna laugh at ppl that can't sing, watch american idol audition.

Honestly Opinion i think just because she's got all the fame and money than most people can't earn in their life time does not make her a bad person. Considering she's been acting since she's little girl. It's not like she's one of those youtube stars like lonelygirl15.
I think it's the tabloids and all the magazines that give Lindsay a bad rep for doing things that anyone young girl would do esp. with all the money on her lap. Why judge her based on what she does unless you don't have a life or wishing you can do what she does. Does being a celebrity have to necessary bear the responsibility of being a role model to everyone because you are in the spotlight? Would you be ok if your life is in the spotlight and everything you do get criticized?
4 years ago Report Abuse

661 days ago


Thank you Lilo. Seems you can do the right thing once in a while.

661 days ago

Suzy Q     

That coat looks like she stole all of Dan'l Boone's coonskin hats from the 50's and had them sewn into a coat by squirrels.

661 days ago


TMZ Lindsay isn't cooperating and Katt Williams is destroying this thread. He's way ahead in comments.

661 days ago
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