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Kim K. Pregnant

Baby Conceived ...

Near Vatican

1/1/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's pregnancy was far from an immaculate conception -- but it did go down in the shadow of the Vatican ... TMZ has learned.

Our Kim K. sources -- which are immaculate -- tell us the deed was done back in October ... during Kim and Kanye's romantic trip to Italy to celebrate Kim's 32nd birthday.

The couple was photographed all over Rome as they toured the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and, of course ... the Pope's pad.

We're told Kim is about 12 weeks along ... so the math adds up.

One clue about how important that Italy trip is to Kim -- her blog lists it as #2 on her top 10 best moments of the year.

Our guess for #1 -- the night (or day) baby Kimye was created in Roma.


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Will we ever see the day when the Kardashians are not blasted all over TV?!? I mean, my goodness, a whole family becomes famous from one sex tape is insane, especially when there's so many talented people in the world trying to make it on television and have a hard time getting there. I will say that I do feel badly for least she's married and wants a child. The other two could care less about having children out of wedlock-and Kim is still legally marries which means that no matter which way you look at it, she's having an affair. It's not a done deal until those papers are signed. And don't even get me started on Kanye...where are his morals, messing with a married woman? I think Kris Jenner is behind a lot of this and wants Kim with Kanye. She probably told Kim to try and get pregnant. Can we say "dollar signs and publicity?" God why did someone give them a contract to be on TV another 3 years, whyyyyy????!!!??? Kim and Kanye will probably have their own show now (rolling eyes).

658 days ago


People should go through an application process to breed. We are slowly evolving to a country of stupid people. Its sad.

658 days ago


Maury is foaming at the mouth with the best man wood known to God and man to have KK and her angry Baby Daddy on his show around ratings sweeps time.

658 days ago


This is news? A slut gets preggo??? This happens all the time. Whores ****, then get pregnant. So what...

658 days ago


I cant dig it! I see kanye as a very egotistical person who has not released great music since Jesus walks and Diamonds are forever. He often times let his mouth open before his minds has had a chance to work out the negative angles.
I see kim as a nobody. Someone who pretty much is only famous because she is the attractive daughter of a once powerful attorney. Her morals are appalling considering she let Brandy's little brother poke the box and uploaded the footage for the world to see. Just another pail skin looser in my book.... I don't know how beyonce could sit next to her and Yeah at any ceremony but then again the entertainment world is run by the man down stairs.

658 days ago


WHO CARES???? This whore and this low life are having a bastard child - who cares where it was concieved not to mention being near a holy place can't clean up these sleeze bags. If people would stop supporting her by paying attention she would just go away since she has accomplished NOTHING in her useless life!

658 days ago


Name baby;

Vatican Rome Italy K-KW 2013 Baby West

658 days ago


She Conceived near the Vatican and swallowed near the Sistine Chapel,

658 days ago


The fun part will be when she drops this kid and not the weight. She is gonna blow up like the good year blimp. He will be gone quicker than ****z thru a goose. Watch!!

658 days ago


Surprised that he found the right h o l e.

658 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Can Narcissists fall in love?

658 days ago


All of these stories about this nasty coal burner? Who cares about her ba$tard offspring?

658 days ago


Who's the daddy?

658 days ago

BB not bb    

Hmmm. So is this an Illuminatti conspiracy? Did the power of the Vatican influence the pregnancy into existence? Do they feel Kim K and her TV are a threat to their quest for world dominion? Will her having a baby that can't even be on TV save them from all that?

The Jesuits could have been casting spells from there to cause this to happen. Kanye could have brought her there on purpose to get her in their spiritual dominion.

658 days ago


THIS KTrashian overload IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE :) I'm finding other sites that are way better than this. So many different stories!!!
Try Celebrity Dirty Laundry (whoever writes the articles is great)....also Radar Online....and Daily Mail.
Anyone else found some good ones??

658 days ago
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