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Kathy Griffin


Anderson Cooper's Junk

1/1/2013 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper's penis was on the run from Kathy Griffin last night on CNN ... as she repeatedly attempted to simulate oral sex on Anderson live on the air.

If you rang in 2013 watching Anderson and Kathy on CNN ... you couldn't have missed Kathy dropping to her knees multiple times in effort to kiss AC's "Christmas present" ... as she put it.

Kathy, who's been Anderson's NYE co-host for 6 years, did eventually explain her x-rated hijinx -- claiming David Letterman dared her to "see how close I could come to servicing you."

Anderson was a good sport, but seemed genuinely annoyed after her first few trips downtown.

Still, we give him props for the line of the night -- telling Kathy if she'd been successful "it would have been a first for me, and I'm just not ready to go there."

We contacted Anderson's rep to see if he's laughing about it today ... or pissed. So far, no word back.


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I was laughing my a$$ off! I think Kathy Griffin is hysterical! Each to their own.

630 days ago


Poor Andy! Kathy's been getting too casual with this gig and it's clear that it's the only one she really banks on. I suspect that this was either Kathy's last NYE or may well be for CNN. There are a few comediennes or comic actresses who could team with Anderson and show a little restraint. What's Megan Mullally up to these days?

630 days ago


Real classy Kathy.............

630 days ago


Had this been the other way around, and a guy doing this to a girl, people would be outraged! He obviously was uncomfortable. It was unwanted & unsolicited sexual advances. She even touched him several times. It's uncomfortable as a woman to watch another woman sexually assault and humiliate a gay man like that. It's sick. On national TV we witnessed a sexual harassment at the very least. She should be sued for what she did. Although the class act Anderson Cooper won't. He's completely loaded compared to her!

630 days ago


Kathy Griffin and Anderson Copper are very good friends I doubt there a problem he knows her better then any of us.

630 days ago

Ruthie Rader    

I want to know why David Letterman is so interested in Anderson Cooper's wick? Does somebody want to light somebody else up?

630 days ago


Sexual harassment much Kathy? Damn. I give Anderson credit though. He handled it very well. If it was me, I would have slapped her.

630 days ago


I have always thought that Kathy Griffin was a trans. She looks and acts like a man

630 days ago


this was hilarious....get a sense of humor people....and if you were home watching tv to begin with...then we already you you are pretty boring and couldn't take a joke....

630 days ago


She is so totally trash. However, why would Anderson Cooper agree to try it again? He should re-define his contract or quit. She made a great newsman look like a pimp.
Trash Kathy immediately. We hate her, we love Anderson.

630 days ago

joe b    

she took advantage of his gayness

630 days ago


Omg kathy griffin makes me want to PUKE!!!! Why doesn't she go away already?

630 days ago


Hey, if she wants to blow the guy there's nothing wrong with that. Too bad he's a ***, he might have got some.
That was truly hilarious.

630 days ago


Kathy always crosses over the line. Even though she and Anderson are friends, she took way too much advantage of that friendship. It was not funny and I think Anderson Cooper was truly embarrassed. She owes him a public apology but for some reason that woman thinks she can do and say anything she wants without any repercussions. And it does not matter to her who she hurts. Kathy Griffith's needs to be taken down several notches.

630 days ago


I don't know what is wrong with you people! I LMFAO and thought it was hilarious!!!

630 days ago
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