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Kathy Griffin


Anderson Cooper's Junk

1/1/2013 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper's penis was on the run from Kathy Griffin last night on CNN ... as she repeatedly attempted to simulate oral sex on Anderson live on the air.

If you rang in 2013 watching Anderson and Kathy on CNN ... you couldn't have missed Kathy dropping to her knees multiple times in effort to kiss AC's "Christmas present" ... as she put it.

Kathy, who's been Anderson's NYE co-host for 6 years, did eventually explain her x-rated hijinx -- claiming David Letterman dared her to "see how close I could come to servicing you."

Anderson was a good sport, but seemed genuinely annoyed after her first few trips downtown.

Still, we give him props for the line of the night -- telling Kathy if she'd been successful "it would have been a first for me, and I'm just not ready to go there."

We contacted Anderson's rep to see if he's laughing about it today ... or pissed. So far, no word back.


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She is the most disgusting person. I cannot even understand why Anderson would even work with her and cannot understand why she can even get gigs. She is never funny, cannot act, she is just a pig.

627 days ago

tom slick    

SICK, he had green and Brown Vasalene on it the other night he saw Letterman Leno said as he licked his lips! She is a WHORE like the Kardashians who like Black SICK!!! He want a MAN to do that Kathy, not a woman...We heard Piers Morgan sucked his once!!! PIERS called it GUN CONTROL..ha ha ha

627 days ago


Two Bottoms look silly

627 days ago


That was Kathy Griffin? I thought Joan Rivers dyed her hair red!

627 days ago


she is turning into a joke as comedian,and just slut material just dont get it why .

627 days ago


Kathy is the best!!! i think the funniest moment was when Kathy said to PSY that he's printing money out of his butt. Psy's response was brilliant! sould YT this!

627 days ago


BOTH Kathy and Anderson are both idiots. He could have said NO to working with her again, but he didn't. So, I blame them both. Shes a disgusting, nasty, degrading pig and he's a sissy boy, afraid to speak up for himself. He should have put her in her place immediately. Now, they're both down on their knees. Cant stand CNN either. Never have, never will.

627 days ago


She ruined a good night.This was not a comedy.If I had been Cooper I would have walked off.I change channels.Pleasr don"t have that thrash on next year.

627 days ago


I am a fan of Anderson Cooper, but will not be watching him on NYE any longer if Kathy Griffin is co-hosting. She's a disgrace.

627 days ago


Kathy Griffin is such a pig.Why do peple hire these idiots....

627 days ago


Kathy Griffin or Ryan Seacrest...hmmmmmm...two incredible losers....Anderson, they gave you the Royal Screw

627 days ago


Kathy Griffin has the "Celebrity disease" where you become famous, your brains fall out, you name your child "Livingston" and basically just go slowly insane...we need a" Celebritys Anonymous" to help these people....Of course Kathy seems to have been born a slut to begin with....

627 days ago


Kathy Griffin...Kathy, Anderson is a best, you are one of the Flintstones......provided they had big mouthed insane sluts....Anderson....sorry man....

627 days ago


Poor Anderson. I watched the entire thing, and laughed, but then I started to feel sorry for him. If this had been a man savaging a woman like that, he would be fired, castrated by the media and public and arrested. Anderson seems like a genuinely nice guy. I know that being gross is party of Kathy's thing, but was she drinking or something? She needs to tone it DOWN and have some respect for her friend's (Gloria V) son.

626 days ago


Kathy Griffen is an absolute "pig" . Cooper deserves nothing less than an apology! Family's were watching! She is a s*** bag!

626 days ago
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