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Kim & Kanye

We Don't Want Any

Sex Surprises

1/1/2013 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Mini-Kanye rockin' the mic, or mini-Kim rockin' the ... whatever ... point is -- are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having a baby boy or a baby girl?

The answer is they don't know yet, but TMZ has learned ... as soon as it's medically possible -- around week 16 -- Kim and Kanye intend to learn the sex of their unborn child.

Sources close to Kim tell us the couple already decided to pass on the old fashioned, wait and see route -- and are anxious to know what she's got in there, but don't read too much into that.

We're told, like most parents (say, anyway) ... K & K don't have a preference if it's a boy or a girl.

What do you think?


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OMG! I guess TMZ is going to turn into the Kim & Kanye site. Give it a rest TMZ we know she's pregnant. I guess you think we all need a play by play.

667 days ago


Well, TMZ ... I use to dig you but now that it looks like we're going to be flooded with news about these twits nonstop, I'm just not that into you.

667 days ago


can you please post us some info if crystal is pregnant on her honeymoon with hugh hefners baby yet.. or any honeymoon pics of the newlyweds on a beach so we can look at hughs legs compared to his wifes or dont you have anything to post on other people

how about some britney news of jason ending the engagement or her fired by simon or som crazy bald umbrella pics from 2006?
this k k story is gross

667 days ago


im sure you got some dirt on ashton kutchers new years or demi moore acting nuts with lenny kravitz.. you must have some other paparatzo pics of someone else in transit at the air[port

667 days ago


I wonder how many 'mini-hers' she aborted before deciding to keep this one - and the ONLY difference between them would be the fact she Wanted this child and not the others. So do you understand now that it isn't the child/the fetus/the human DNA/all the chromosomes there from the moment of conception that changes, deserves to be aborted or not, it's the mom's attitude and only that toward the child itself that determines whether the baby is a baby or is worthy of being killed. Think before you abort.

667 days ago


Who care that's all you can think about is if she's having a boy or girl you have no life everybody on here please get a life

667 days ago


Dear TMZ - please PLEASE GOD do not subject us, yr loyal readers, to 9 months of this awful nonsense. We aren't interested what gender it is, we dont care if the name starts with a K, we hope it's a healthy baby like any other couple but please dont bore us senseless with this breathless minute-by-minute coverage or we will STOP READING and WATCHING yr show! Seriously.

667 days ago


option #3,,,NONE, abort.

667 days ago


Will the kid have his Temper and her Low Intelligence?

667 days ago


Kardashians and West are already pimping this unborn baby out.

Ain't nothing but money. It's not their baby, it's nothing more than an unborn commidity.

667 days ago


Surprised that he found the right h o l e.

667 days ago


When will TMZ be changing the name to TKZ,..."The Kardashian Zone?

667 days ago


what these two idiots should have is compassion on this poor child and adopt it out then NEVER procreate again

667 days ago


You are some sick people regardless of Fame how do dare you tell someone to abort a life. I don't care who you are you sick f**** . I'm extremely happy for them

667 days ago


Expect nothing but Kim K news on TMZ now for the next year or so. A little known fact is Kris Jenner has a deal with Harvey to promote Kim and to not publish any negative stories about Kim. So basically it is going to be Kardashian news non-stop interrupted only by the occasional story about somebody who used a gay slang term. Because for whatever reason Harvey and the crew at TMZ think that is the most horrendous crime in the world.

667 days ago
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