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Kim K.

NO TV Deal

for Baby Kimye

1/1/2013 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already made a huge decision about their unborn child -- he or she will NOT be a reality TV star ... not as an infant, anyway, TMZ has learned.

While most of the Kardashians' lives are fodder for their hit reality show ... sources close to Kim tell us she and Kanye don't want their baby dragged into the family biz.

We're told K&K want to keep that part of their lives separate from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" ... so they can "ensure real privacy" for the baby.

Further, we're told Kim is saying the baby will NEVER be on the family's show or have its own spin-off -- nor will there be a 'Kim Gives Birth' TV special ... she and Kanye are nixing that idea too.

However, Kim will not be shy about her remaining months of pregnancy. We're told she intends to share that with reality cameras because she thinks being "pregnant is great and cute."

Call us when the cravings and stretch marks start.


No Avatar


I'll believe that when I see it.

628 days ago


My God, these people are repulsive.

628 days ago


Harvey must be on Kris Jenner's payroll like Daily Mail is. Shows like this contribute to the moral decline in America especially among our young women.

628 days ago

She's baaaack    

So why not take them up on it TMZ and drop every freaking story you have about this half-chimpanzee kumbucket human urinal and her short gay pathologically narcissistic soul mate and ignore them? WHO GIVES A FLYING FVCK THAT KIM GOT KNOCKED UP? EVEN PIGS HAVE OFFSPRING.

628 days ago

paul a.    

Not if Grandma Kris has her way. She would whore out her grandchild in a second for more fame and $.

628 days ago


sounds good. but i refuse to believe that. cheap trick to raise the prize for the exclusive right. and they will still have the baby on the show. wanna bet?

628 days ago

paul a.    

And by stating this they have just upped the value of the inevitable TV show starring the little baby....

This family doesnt know what the word "private" means....

628 days ago


I don't believe any of this hog wash. She might be saying this now, but just give it a year when the babies born, this train wreck releationship ends, and she realizes how much money she doesn't have she'll be singing a new tune. Kris will make sure this baby is all over the tv, Internet, and tabloids

628 days ago


Kourtney said same thing about Mason but when he got the money they wanted per episode suddenly he appeared on the show. The message these tramps are sending young girls is that it's cool not to be married.

628 days ago


Happy New Year! Wait a minute, no new stories?

628 days ago

No one cares about a celebrity baby after the baby photos are sold. The newborn will be on the cover of US Weekly or some other Kardashian favored magazine.

628 days ago


I'am so tierd of hearing about kim and kanye baby she is a WHORE that can't even stay married and she banges everything that walks so REALLY ENOUGH WHO GIVES A **** ABOUT THESE TWO DUM ASS PEOPLE KIM IS FAMOUSE BEACUSE SHE IS A WHORE AND HE IS A SINGER GET A LIFE....

628 days ago


All I can say is that I feel sorry for that poor child already. This slut knows what she was doing having a baby shes trapped him and he's too stupid to actually realise. Also she knows that her money will dry up soon so shes made sure she got pregnant by him so she will continue to live a luxury lifestyle and be made for life. This whores fame is ending so she got pregnant get her name in the media. She will not be a good mother shes way too self centred and about ME ME ME to care about anyone else and I bet this baby will be raised by hired nannies. Oh yeah how classy still married to one guy and having a baby by another.

628 days ago


Maybe because she isn't really pregnant. She fakes everything else so I wouldn't be surprised

628 days ago


Can anyone tell me how to cancel my account on TMZ. I went to edit profile but it doesn't tell you how to cancel. I love my TMZ but have finally been pushed over the edge - people need to cancel accounts to show Harvey our displeasure of K coverage.

628 days ago
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