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Kim & Kanye

Our Fetus Was

Ballin' on NYE!!

1/1/2013 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0101_kimye_launch_getty2Kim Kardashian, Kanye West rang in 2013 at 1 Oak in Las Vegas.

Kim, Kanye and the fetus were all smiles (well, maybe not the fetus ... it probably looked kinda smushy) ... and who wouldn't be.  Kim raked in 6 figures for the appearance at the club inside the Mirage.

John Legend, his fiance Chrissy Teigen and Lance Bass joined the party. 

Kim is approximately 3 months pregnant.  Even with morning sickness, it would be hard to pass up this kind of payday.

Do ya think this whole thing was timed?


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It must be a slow news day in California? Can you focus on more than Kim, her big ass and Kayne's big mouth? She really put a muzzle on him... Who cares if Kim is pregnant? Big ass, big belly and big mouth. The trifecta of bigness...

606 days ago


Well...if we and this baby are lucky she'll miscarry and this child will never see the light of day. Otherwise I feel sorry for it. This stupid whore will pimp out her kid just like her mother did her. How the hell did they become famous again? Oh yeah...for being no talent morons with a nack for public stupidity.

606 days ago


The fact is if TMZ didnt post 50 stories about Kim getting pregnant they wouldnt have anything else to post this week. If the stories were boring people would be on TMZ for 5 minutes and leave. But by posting all this irritating Kim and Kanye junk they are getting 100 times the page views they would with any other article. Every time you read the 1500 hate comments on one article you are going through 50 pages and TMZ gets more money for each page you go through.

Its all about the money.

606 days ago


She is going to get FAT FAT FAT. Hideous dress. wtf was her mother doing there? Another Dina Lohan...

606 days ago


come on you guys Kim owns TMZ so it's only right to cover this hooker. All I can say is Kanye you know you can't turn a hoe into a housewife and think about how it came you guys got here and this chick is still legally married....c'mon son Kim is going to be the reason TMZ is going to end soon you wait and see

606 days ago


I wouldn't be the slightist bit surprised if any of these thoughts become facts: She has a "miscarriage" before she even shows. She has the baby and passes it off to Chloe because the baby is really Lamar's.

606 days ago


Enough already TMZ!!!!!! You are going to lose alot of fans if you continue to write about these 2. She got famous because of a sex tape and he can't sing. I made the mistake of partially listening to his song the other night. He does not have a voice and it was autotuned. I wish you had a blocking feature that would allow us to block any articles we wanted to. I would guarantee EVERYTHING about the Kardashian's would be blocked. How convenient that this baby was conceived just a couple of weeks AFTER Reggie Bush announced his GF's pregnancy. The fact that this Family calls themselves God loving people sickens me. 2 Daughters that have had/are having children out of wedlock.

606 days ago


What? are you going to keep shoving these fakes in my face all the way to when she spits out the baby? It's sickening the way TMZ asskisses these nobodies. He may be a successful rapper when you throw in his designing style in clothes his stock goes way down....then throw in the dead parents boohoo and kanye's fantasty that Kim's his "beyonce" and what? i'm expected to cry in my food? please. stop with the fakery. they'll have their ugly baby and he'll find a newer version of her and that'll be that.

606 days ago


Aw. That's nice. Two ugly dwarves found love with each other. Her, with those fat legs/cankles and sloppy fat a$$. Nothing can make an extremely short, fat woman good looking. And we won't discuss his giant mule teeth.

606 days ago


Ok, if This is what tmz is going to look like for the next 9 months(aka THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE FILLED WITH MOTHING BUT KIM KARDASHIAN ****) I'm blocking this website from my browser. I feel like I lose IQ points everytime I come here and see all these retarded "headlines" about the worlds biggest attention whores

606 days ago


Please STOP with Kantrashian stories!!! I wish I could like so many of the comments here; but, for some reason (once again) that is not an option for me on TMZ.

606 days ago


TMZ, WTF!! Shut up!

Another celebrity having a baby, out of wedlock as usual, is not that interesting. Who is making the decision to post one story after another about these people? Does this person have a fetish about Kim and her latest?

Harvey, if it is you, get a life. If it is an employee, you need to put your boss pants on and teach them a few things about what is worth posting, how often to post it, and quite acting like a fan girl.

606 days ago


On another note...what the hell is that fat skank wearing? Looks like a black tablecloth!

606 days ago


Anyone know a "trick" to enable liking or hating comments? I have refreshed my browser, gone to page 2 and commented; nothing has worked so far. This has happens umpteen times in the past; but, this time none of the old tricks work. Thanx in advance for your help!

606 days ago


First of all no pregnant woman should be at a club regardless of the pay day. She shouldn't have never said she would do it. She's not thinking about what's best for her child. Second she's not he only woman to ever get pregnant! Give it a rest!

606 days ago
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